Shooting reported near Moscow security headquarters

A fatal shooting has been reported after Russia's president held his annual press conference.
3:33 | 12/19/19

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Transcript for Shooting reported near Moscow security headquarters
And some breaking news you guys overseas Russian media reporting a shooting incident in Moscow outside the headquarters. Of Russia's main security service this after Russian president. Vladimir Putin held his annual ended the year press conference speaking for more than four hours are in panel joins us on the phone right now. In Moscow with more. Yeah I won't won't won't we won't blow up or out or move you to think. The statement in the last couple minutes form but yet that these Russell. Intelligence Saturday. Since the couple couldn't Gordon then all while playing with what are known for. Chronicle will comply with well when she won't need puts me in writing that we're able. Won't play this I want purchases while I think we're making hundred students aren't we cute multiple emergency. To support its vehicle onto the direction of model to one mark wheat vehicles. Emergency response vehicles as well I didn't heading towards one among full figured now feeling among social media which led some to suggest that what I'm not works odd. The Republican George Carlin. Opens on the press conference today that the question that what we're dimensional it's our. I accept what he flew into that we are all but completely you can call to all you shoot for -- and that we don't want warden of the bag with what what was definitely. It will bring reflected in the statement he makes eight. Celebrate Clinton Clinton is incredible bills Russia argued that walker are pretty similar in particular records without food policy talk accident taken quite so will Moscow itself apartments need to make it close to quote quality so phone records it is a conflict but so far enough like many other nations Russia concluded that a big contributor. The ranks of consciousness that typically within woman who promoted walls would focus in the information McClellan has forced to have these rebels whose election in accordance at least it's very important. Uncle. We neutralized. Opt out of its former baggage and. Yes me and you you kind of studded but can you just talk about the significance of this happening on the same day as him as him giving in this presser. Yes hadn't gotten my god when prone to release. Corbin kitchens song story a year -- it can hold formal student. Foreign parade options awarded these most were traffic quickly my stick and their international policy it's okay. Our curriculum in the dark about all the number of issues of problem completely black and cynical about the Asian community and you touched on questioned. Each month in back room but Republican. Talking point about confidence and murmured for a boom salute until with the expansion of the cracks. The national media area are a bit colts own political topic because everyone you know. Already released to us it is already reporting bit about what I want to get purple or Pittsburgh quickly current established. Who also took on our war promotions won't so is crucially. The fiscal outside the welts all whose purpose. It's on the Russians about it I mean wouldn't we are. I'm so there won't let lot reports didn't it's important influence students. I write EN panel right there on the ground. In Moscow. With that shooting incident thank you for the updates.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"A fatal shooting has been reported after Russia's president held his annual press conference.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67828935","title":"Shooting reported near Moscow security headquarters","url":"/International/video/shooting-reported-moscow-security-headquarters-67828935"}