Snake Hitches a Ride on Australian Plane

Passengers saw the snake clinging to the wing of a Qantas plane during flight.
1:03 | 01/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snake Hitches a Ride on Australian Plane
And passengers taking off from Australia yesterday could have used a little help for from. Samuel Jackson. Given. I. How do you he got when the Oscar -- -- that -- I have a twenty minutes into a Qantas flight passengers noticed a huge snake dangling from the wing of the plane to turn out to -- -- ten foot long scrub. I found the longest species of snake in Australia even in single digit Temps the segment just -- On for the entire two hour trip. But it did not survive the ordeal the snake had apparently -- into the landing today they're known for hiding in confined spaces a lying in wait. -- break. Action saying that out of your window that. Baghdad outlet and -- all already know didn't it still was mayor Brady Law Lou I get -- and that is burning any precedent that. Is pretty impressive so that we that this gives Daniel Jackson -- -- -- -- haven't clearly handled it didn't know exactly.

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{"duration":"1:03","description":"Passengers saw the snake clinging to the wing of a Qantas plane during flight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"18188870","title":"Snake Hitches a Ride on Australian Plane","url":"/International/video/snake-hitches-ride-australian-plane-18188870"}