One Soldier, One Gunman Confirmed Dead in Canadian Parliament Shooting

Security and law enforcement officials hold press conference to discuss developing events.
10:43 | 10/22/14

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Transcript for One Soldier, One Gunman Confirmed Dead in Canadian Parliament Shooting
First have a statement. By auto police chief Charles portable. Good afternoon of athletes in. At that 9:52. AM this morning. We are we service received multiple 911 calls regarding a shooting at the national war memorial. Thank them the shooting is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces these injuries were critical. Our thoughts and prayers are with remember his loved ones and other members of the forces. His identity and age won't be confirmed at this time as we in the process of contacting his family. What followed was and other incidents on parliament hill. What I can tell you is that a male suspect just analyses. Together win here simply. All available resources have been deployed. To this ongoing police operation. Our priority is a seeking security of our community. Additional resources are on standby should they be required and all measures have been taken to ensure the safety and security of our presence. We are very aware of a large presence of military personnel in our community. I want to know that we are committed to their safety. As I say this is an ongoing operation. We're asking members of the public to stay away from a downtown core. People in downtown core are us to follow the instructions. Their building's management. The auto insurance is looking for witnesses coming forward with information regarding the incident took place this morning. Witnesses can contact her major crime section and 6132361222. Extension 5493. You're seeing his senator he now I picture actress Republicans. We continue to can begin working actively with our partners including those Everett jurisdictions. Whenever you're easy. Semis and cabinet are saying don't do. This isolated thunderstorms you to send ended up our costs on that she's Seattle. Or. Who and that's an attack. Defeats in any sadness enthusiasm. All that it also make an as yet it suggests an argument that. New piano parts is authentic some also believe seeing caution in Vietnam they possibly can it's yet. So he got these on our do this all of our process that we see design that position that conflict is that I mean. Six. History sugar which dangled from his parents and net earnings of zero man I suspect. In this city. Sorry that you have seen to kill thousands but they want to deeply poor spoke decent over Joan because nurses home. Okay Jay SEC pistol Pete and I couldn't okay. It has no Zetsche announced that deep pool I spent on standby she's ordering tea into the Missouri don't give people some seriously treated as a student at community. This of course now that that cal has sounds mom resident Gittens these data that American don't think. Asia grass ceiling was something doubtful that security. Comes easy to no rational keep our core. Don't know him almost two days. The sound something is. He hit Boston's lead America has some it is so the moneyed you can't. No response that goes out buses. Yes it. Thank you. Next to his commanding officer of arson international division assistant commissioner Jim Mitchell. Good afternoon. Assistants are certainly shall commanding officer of nursing p.'s national mission. Here now. Firms. Our thoughts and prayers go up in low ones. Of all those who are affecting by today's events. As you can appreciate this is a dynamic. And unfolding situation. I understand that people have many questions. And we are committed to providing some answers as soon as we are able. What I can tell you. Great now is that all available and and necessary resources. Were activated and deployed immediately. When we became aware of the incidence. There will continue to be here for as long as they're needed. The only service is leading investigation for all incidents. That have taken place outside parliament hill. Garrison he asked conduct an investigation. On earned him. These are situations. That we asked police officers trained for. We train our own members and we train went under police agencies. We conduct scenario based training to cover off all kinds of traps including what we've seen in Ottawa today. It's important for all Canadians to be vigilant. And her or anything anything suspicious. In your local police sort of can be assessed and Paul upon. We are going to lead assessing and monitoring the situation. As we move forward. And sharing information when law enforcement and security community. In order to ensure we have what is necessary to our jobs and keeping Canadian say. But it amazing. Just Sierens how to join Jeanne. We shall come on that is unless and I still don't. From him no crossing over the Vaughn pursuits are perfectly. Polished face down Hosni. Come through candidacy. To distressed counties that make. He said he did you know done. Call but I Jim Belushi I will kiss you know. They all turned out credit markets don't purpose in. Screw museum. Committee's debt amount since it took two missiles spun and pointy need unless you don't. You know he did Kuwaiti bourse told Kennedy's senate and mountain Georgia coffee. So do my whole Wall Street I was showing Jason Kidd eyewitness. December is always that is no on his part supplemented our. Please that in mind they say can bring a long time. She does Jesse zone has also visit and also look and Angela. Sister saw this dress young came on whiskey. Knows I want to formats you know the first half points and no mom. So far me to call Saturday deputies are going eighty miles an old fox Wednesday. New men are missing that you. He called Gonzales done tensions in Google's VCR no. It is an all time completely unintended and if you know. He's got a whole thing to chase down whoever she continues shoes. Please because. To their death penalty are caught when he stuck. Cause you know prohibited us on this mess you know. Seems I don't calls me up opposite him for myself won't feel and is due to use it wasn't. About Arafat must also think she's a fassel wants me I'm not an ages old problem what is it is always ethos of this and GT. This is a necessity. Domain name. See you table putting ads message. Thank you. Major general Christopher Coates. I am finishing. A major general Christopher Coates deputy commander continental a Canadian jet operations command. There are forces member was shot by an unknown person at the national war memorial today. Content and remember cannot be released for privacy reasons. Our thoughts are with the number of members found this time. We're working closely with her law enforcement partners in response to this ongoing situation. As a precautionary measure and until such time as the situation is considered under control. Military and civilian personnel working in this garden tools remained in their buildings until further notice. Can usually necessary credentials are being provided access. Pay our forces and bases establishments are currently taking precautions. Appropriating their environments. To ensure the safety and security personnel and infrastructure. Thank you grab what Jim Watson thank you. Today is a sad and tragic day for a city our country. I'm sure a speak for all residents personally when I spent my heartfelt condolences and profoundly of the individual. Lost his life this morning while standing guard and the national war memorial in the heart of downtown auto. I also want to be made sure those who were injured today the boss of your city. And the neighbors are with you and Paul saving hero who always say is being sold their hero. There's no pain greater than losing a loved ones. I haven't happened in such circumstances is this morning is beyond expression. And underlined by a side anger when my arms. I will not let that anger role. Our city auto Lawler how low our country has seen and lived through tragedy. We're doing is always here today. Different sort of tragedy. Origins is getting awfully Nall. Causes not yet fully understood it. We all want answers none more so let me. Social to a venerable us. Those answers will come from are dedicated to policing forces Garcia music don't say oh please services and no no other forces as new construction. This tragic course of events. It's a very murderers all my fellow residents the fate of the individuals standing on guard this morning. More him. Remember how about that one person's life has been taken from us profoundly from friends from the future that was beat us. Go the whole memo I'm while sales are his reasons were vulnerable citizens presidency. I want to thank the great use men and women are first responders. RC MP. House of commons security police and paramedics for their compassion professionalism. And dedication. Nelson.

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{"duration":"10:43","description":"Security and law enforcement officials hold press conference to discuss developing events.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"26380633","title":"One Soldier, One Gunman Confirmed Dead in Canadian Parliament Shooting","url":"/International/video/soldier-gunman-confirmed-dead-canadian-parliament-shooting-26380633"}