At Least 78 Dead in Spain Train Derailment, Worst in 4 Decades

Five Americans are among those injured in deadly train derailment in Spain.
4:32 | 07/25/13

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Transcript for At Least 78 Dead in Spain Train Derailment, Worst in 4 Decades
This is a special report from ABC news. I'm Dan -- in New York with -- ABC news digital special report on that deadly train derailment in Spain. The train was traveling at high speed last night when it tried to make a sharp turn. And that car sort of flying off the tracks it happened in the town of Santiago -- -- -- in the western part of -- north of Portugal. The -- well it's now at 78. BC's on us on -- -- London bureau with more -- I'm -- what Nutting that among the 141. Injured are at least five Americans. And what is now -- described as Spain's worst train disaster in fourteen years at least 78 people were killed. Witnesses described the train cars flipping and bursting into flames also coming off the tracks. One car ripped apart by the force of the crash now the train was traveling from Madrid is and it derailed in northwestern Spain which has. A tourist destination -- was preparing to celebrate a popular some -- possible. That attracts Christians from all over the world the festivities are being counseled now. The there are reports this morning saying that the -- carriage train carrying a 218. Passengers. Was traveling at navy three times the speed limit on a sharp curve. Because it was reportedly behind schedule. Now we do you know that once found is -- list and said that the driver was driving to floss at the time of the accidents. Traveling -- 118. Miles Iowa and a sixty mile -- hours and so you can just imagine how falls to -- the driver was going. Now we are just down the BS state rail company says the train did not have any technical problems it was checked. Why before it was on the tracks. An investigation has now been -- And -- I understand obviously that they've been looking at obvious to speed of the train the possibility -- the condition of the track. Any word on potentially about Vick and doctor about any nearby stations. The rail stations that -- -- the traffic between the trains or even the weather conditions. -- any kind of a factor into this. Not at the moment as I just said an investigation is under way. We understand that there was no technical problem. So far we understand that one of the main contributing factors -- the speed that the driver was driving at the time. Of the impact so again we will have to wait until. We get the investigation and results from the investigation. Why don't think weather had anything to do benefits. What about have -- been hearing anything about obviously this video is just so horrific. Told watch. And shortly thereafter. Do we know of any witnesses. Any accounts that came rushing then to the scene there to help try. To help those people that were involved in that crash. -- -- Even -- this morning you know this this train crash happenings Nate lost -- Spain time. And even this morning there were police officers forensic offices on the site rescue -- such and rescuers. Almost like -- while trying to find -- some of the survivors because some of them was still strapped into their seats on the train. So even earlier this morning they were trying to get to the survivors. But as of now we understand that at least a 141. Have been -- and of course. The investigation will most likely. Give us an insight into what happened. All right ABC's -- assignment in London with the latest on that investigation -- thank you for that. Of course we have a complete report on On that deadly. Spanish train derailment. 78 people were killed including five Americans and as -- -- -- -- reporting at least a 141. Passengers injured. From that accident last -- speed seems to be. The major cause for that accident of course as that investigation continues we will update you as those developments are released. For now I'm Dan -- -- or with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":19771239,"title":"At Least 78 Dead in Spain Train Derailment, Worst in 4 Decades","duration":"4:32","description":"Five Americans are among those injured in deadly train derailment in Spain.","url":"/International/video/spain-train-derailment-video-2013-accident-worst-nations-19771239","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}