Sri Lanka church bombings investigation underway

Nearly 300 people were killed on Easter Sunday after coordinated bombings ripped through churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka.
6:28 | 04/22/19

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Transcript for Sri Lanka church bombings investigation underway
A right we begin with and married tragic news out of Sri Lanka it's hard to imagine but 290. People were killed. And a series of coordinated bombings on Easter Sunday that ripped through Sri Lankan churches and luxury hotels by sending a suicide bombers I wanna go to. James Longman who is live in Colombo with the latest. James just a start what was it like when you arrived into all of this chaos. While committee said it it was absolutely Cahill take we. I headed straight into the Centre of Colombo in to saint Anthony's church which is one of the places that was targeted. Something like 24 people on nine to have been killed that but that was a number from yesterday and has united these numbers have been going off. Times it was extraordinary. Chaotic there with thousands of people in the street we soul men and women screaming with pennies and there will obviously very very distressed possibly some of them have relatives inside they didn't know who to attend safe but not just sit along there we arrived. Not place about an hour all sent off with an enormous explosion rang through the buildings around us it was. Pretty scary being that some of the windows near us shot that in fact no one knew really what was going on. It turned out just a 150 yards away from where we withstanding. I controlled explosion took place on of fine. Which is thought to be booby trapped have a number of explosives and slides and gas canisters. And it still looked at as police were trying to perform controlled explosion and a bomb went off and it was. Very very loud and I think on the school's. The fact that hate tonight in Colombo people on North Shore if all the bombs stop this terror groups seems to have flaunted. Have been found wearing reports of more controlled explosions going on. Into the evening that is a real sense of unrest and uncertainty I think because what as we were then we kind of have the feeling that while all the locations have been secure all of the emergency services have been moved how. Had moved Dane and had secured the area but really now tonight. There's a sense that this might not be and people on shall what the bombs might be coming next. So yet it's it's absolutely terrifying. I want to know if you can give us any thing any information about on some of the victims. Well tonight we were asked where outside the building we Hud at a few stories. From some of the people nearby aspect of one mind actually you as soon as. The explosion rang out he lives opposite the church and he ran down across the right into the chest to to help. As much as he couldn't he told us of one story a woman heavily pregnant. He helped out of not judge he describes that being blocked all over the floor he said he was getting people into vans. And away seek to sit by the help. In the nearby hospitals. They we are also hearing about those have been killed and one of the first names. So nice one of the first foreign names. Is. From Denver he had just arrived in the country. On a work trip. Is working full pace and and it's thought that as he was lining up for breakfast in the morning. One of the bombs went to for the hotel way he was staying on as just one name of the 290. People who have been killed hey we're gonna hit. Many many more going forward on shall. Very very incredibly sad. What do we know about the investigation. There was word that officials knew about this before hand so this is sort of a delayed response responding all of these. Attacks. Yes I do the moment the authorities are saying that they believe a group another cold jihadist group. Local Jihad it straight colds. Rush radical Muslim group called national tell leafs Gemma. And is responsible but that's such a small group that it sold the day they possibly can. You know they they would have had help from outside of the country. Possibly from an international terror network so that is what the the government is saying here at the moment and that interestingly there wasn't just one warning that ban. Might have been a terror attack they won't multiple warnings and I think we've got some sound lined up from someone who was nearby. That there were solution that its MacBook choose it means and I thought the fullest laden. I thank it is caught it's an out its don't want to rule law. Dot C and sicken asked its lawyers and it is to gloat saying that I would look outset and still be both so yeah. Who mowed into our CEO what's happening but you'd on the and we'll be. Gone in back lords. It out and go seek going to be. So that's when I decided that Dulles something's not right then notes I might marriages that Abbas who. Is technically back to me. The emergencies illnesses had done east the oh. Of annual in the macro two minutes by the in my court downstairs I Gollapudi CEO eat Boudin. A deacon in ambulances stood nearby prostitutes and I speak ought to go into all those laws though. Nearly hate us that. He's an entree and at that Barnett has ordered to get at spotted BS awesome on the includes I. Ones shuttled to the needs of the explosion. I just on achievement I'm BC. So we're hearing that they have wasn't just one warning that was one of the things that I've been. Quite surprised about tonight about suitable multiple warnings we go to timeline of those mornings April 4. Apparently a government official says that they first from international intelligence agencies to them might be a group in the country planning attacks April 9. The defense ministry case spoke to the police April 11 the police spoke to the heads of security at the history and the diplomatic security division it still. And no one told the prime minister all the cabinet and none of those people lead agencies acted so I think they're all going to be a lot of questions about how. All of this and information all of this intelligence which was pretty on the money by the way they say that was going to be an attack on churches. So it was quite specific why none about exactly diplomacy and I think they questions taken. While thanking James for all of those updates.

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"Nearly 300 people were killed on Easter Sunday after coordinated bombings ripped through churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62557766","title":"Sri Lanka church bombings investigation underway","url":"/International/video/sri-lanka-church-bombings-investigation-underway-62557766"}