Sri Lanka mourns victims in terror attacks

Funerals are held throughout country after more than 290 people were killed on Easter Sunday.
4:30 | 04/23/19

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Transcript for Sri Lanka mourns victims in terror attacks
We begin with the latest on the deadly attacks in Sri Lanka as they death hole continues to rise. Sri Lanka's president declared a nationwide emergency. And mark today as a national day of mourning I want to go to James Longman who still on the ground in Colombo. James the where we're. You know going through all of these numbers and death tolls but these are real families and real human beings I just want you to talk about. The emotional told that this is taking on every one. Yeah elephant Kimberly it has been ops that'd be devastating. Full this country today the sand national day of mourning funerals. Taking place memorial Savvis days. You know I think everything that really Steve Hayes is that out both the church is and the hotels he's a family events these were found and he's being targeted. Parents losing children dying alongside them. Some families losing multiple children and I think (%expletive) off hair covering this I think has really. Hit home. I come would be beneath attacks in 2016 of the Bastille day. And that and again that was a family event and I can't remember another terrorist talk I've been to. Wang really keeping children but. They've seen most nights drastically affected of the free on Google+ its iPod died 45 of them we know now on children today. I had an experience I become evident again we made our way to nickel night just north of where we and now. And we found a funeral or memorial service what you say taking place for a family but they Hobbs the mother and her three children. Lying in that Strauss. Wearing white linens routes with their faces exposed. Dads on these full tables. And that that would coughing rose rosary beads and to have flowers we've been. Their faces were beginning actually I should say to decompose. And families can the community was that walking cost offering France. It's his down that faces the youngest child that. The seven year old boy lying dead in front of us and this is is it this is a story which is being repeated time and time again in this country. It is devastating for people hand and I thank you not can be the states and people on beyond lives. They have lost they've also lost game in the yet description of that kinda gives me chills I hate to even bring this up but I says has claimed responsibility. For these attacks what do we know about that. Yes enough in the big news today to have been a claim of responsibility from my faces come through one and a news agencies that. With Wendy's claims off often made now we should say we haven't seen any real proof here on the ground it out. Any material influence on what's been going on but nevertheless they have came responsibility they've issued at picture all of what a school to be some of the attackers and and and called them Brothers as they went. Full thin and deployed best suicide vests and but we should say that the police came how to issued another alive and tonight they say they're looking for a found. Three calls six motor bikes whole. All possibly maiden with explosives that is a terrifying thing for the people of Sri Lanka today and it just goes to say this might not. Yet be I move out a press conference today. Pat the one a government minister was talking about how to compete to local groups involved. The suggestion that license is involved don't mess with this argument that they must have help from outside of the country. Such was the sophistication. Of this attack were talking about multiple attacks in multiple occasions. About old. Went off pretty much without a hitch often when we see these sorts of terror attacks a poem doesn't managed to. Detonate. A suicide attack gets cold feet and runs away on this occasion not did not happen. BB level of sophistication of the dedication of these individuals with such that people here think they must have had help from outside and that may have been the cycle of Islamic state. But ultimately people hail all just devastated because it's quite clear that their well warnings that wasn't just a vague warning that they might possibly be an attack was specific intelligence. About Checchi is being taught exit. And the suggestion a inch blanket is that because there is eight are nationalized government. Basically account for the president and account for the prime minister and fourth and intelligence was mixed. People here are under. Thank you James absolutely terrifying though we appreciate that updates and hope you continue to be safe.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"Funerals are held throughout country after more than 290 people were killed on Easter Sunday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62578529","title":"Sri Lanka mourns victims in terror attacks","url":"/International/video/sri-lanka-mourns-victims-terror-attacks-62578529"}