Why the Sussexes decided to leave the UK

Prince Harry reveals new details about discussions with the queen about stepping back as a working member of the royal family.
8:54 | 03/08/21

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Transcript for Why the Sussexes decided to leave the UK
Joining me now with more serious sex and radio host an ABC news contributor Mike muse. And Washington University assistant professor of psychiatry doctor Jesse gold good morning to you both Mike I wanna start with you Harry Maggie and claim. That there were conversations. Around how dark baby Archie skin and might be. Before he was born. But they wouldn't exactly say what was said or who said it. Other than until later clarify that it wasn't the queen what did you make of that moment. Not only the fact that they brought this up but then not to kind of specify further. I think that was the most chilling part the interview we are less celebrated as fast that mega Marmol was coming into the world family to be won the first persons of color. Hi my racially part of grow family. So many Americans for single black Americans knew that race was going to be an issue and mine the way the wedding at least a look thanks legal suddenly wasn't welcoming her. I NG the family and was accepting the race until and in fact. Then they broke that bomb so that comment. Come on RTC and with Schilling. It was a revealing. The British monarchy is a centuries old institution. Console it it is. Went out for a decision to stay in and a racism would exists within that family and how would you think that we would have you long line now as a society column and I wouldn't have been an issue. But for me without a signal whether that that was one of the main. The many breaking points confirmation Markel. I'm yes it is named a person but they kinda zeroed in on that is seems to be a senior member the royal families let's seems I've come from the top. An and how significant is that especially Mike given. How many members of the commonwealth when you look at the commonwealth nations how many of them are predominantly made up of people of color. It doesn't make any mention and I think we had to close a more layers actually right and so what was how how Megan said. That moment I was he talked about how they were going to strip artsy of the title for France who had been the first person college to have that title on it administrators can remove him from security. As a Princeton in the first person columnist and that will family Vince is zero and on the fact the color of the sea and she talked about the representation on the commonwealth witnesses demonstrate the large portions of color. Some of and the Arab representation and representation smattering. And how important it would have been tough for members of the commonwealth to see someone and know right cleanest child who has a similar lived experience and dammit I'll within the royal family and so I think it has huge ramifications and consequently wherein the well Stanley I think more. To address this issue because rays were as our conversation prior to the wedding and we clearly see that race is not going away in particular after that interview sending him or carried it last night. And I do want to plant about the summer saying that photo call just end the normal royal protocol dictates that Archie. Would become friends once Charles becomes king but would not automatically become friends at this point so that may not have been as big a deterrence. As the interview. But not to go the other big part of this into view. Was meg in describing some serious mental health struggles that she was having even saying that she had suicidal thoughts. But wouldn't you think. When you heard or heard describing what she was going through at that time and then describing feeling that she was unable to get the help she thought she needed. I mean I think anybody watching when it felt like that was incredibly powerful and also really sad I mean. If and you know somebody in the royal family changed feeling back. I and trying to reach out for help and not get help what does that mean for anybody home ratepayers so many barriers to even being what I. Ask for help for mental hump there's so much stigma. There's so much change and she and that she said it's still hard to even ask for help and handling eagle ask for help whenever somebody who's as well I'm not gonna let you get help and the reason she can't get how does obviously not necessarily applicable to their ass and ask. The they're still many other barriers to care all over the country owners world and that's country now Cox. They're still stigma there's Stanley McChrystal say you can't go there's there's insurance. There's not enough providers. There our Enola there's not enough. And there's so many way is that it in this country if you ask for help you king get a and it's so hard to even ask for help so I think. Cheering an act and hearing from someone like her is still hard and anything so real heel and so important. And it really that she said it. Now but still elaborate on that a little bit because when someone with a platform like Megan's speaks out. Something as serious as suicidal thoughts what isn't due for other people who are struggling. I think it makes him so I'm not alone you know I think it's actually mean we're just union representation for somebody who's a person of color is he that you know a lot of people. They don't talk about and those communities and eat people that they look great and saying something like that they say while I'm not alone and I mean it looks like he feels like that. I can mean eat peel people scene this hour Alec I can be able to tell someone immediately got past me here. And that's really important because means to be able to see their star power outage Susan doesn't need to be a dirty word it needs to be something that stay out elaborately Taka about. That extra help ballooning eat it we treatment. We used to helping it's not something that we just like. Stopped and in behind closed doors and that's an inevitable thing we have ways to help people and feeling that sleeping each having someone like that. Talk about something you know really can help a lot of people and Diana didn't out of the leukemia. And I think it's really powerful back Megan's you in. And Mike that brings me to my next point which is that you know Harry said many times that he was worried about history repeating itself referring to his mother and her death but. He just sat down for a tell all interview which is actually very similar to what Princess Diana did back in 1995. Now. That interview had a big impact on the royal family and the perception. Of the royal family what do you think this one will do. I think this aim I think the stakes are even higher because as Terry Mickens and race is currently at nine anatomy. I Jerry mentioned in and you then that was also a huge concern us is in particular from security perspective. Particularly with his mother went through but the fact that race is at the top of mind send them this seems to be indicators that he had. As true baseball in conversations which he stated. He had about the Carla marches in and the way that the British media was portraying may Markel and the press. Were racing to be part of a dominant threat now what's happening I'm and so I think it was important for them. To have them uncomfortable conversation. I'm sure every area imagine that wasn't a easiest ways for them to sit down into talks. Bob but. Has Kerry said in Madigan says this idea of being silent on this idea of not having a voice the eighty and advances in an area today ends in their own regard and the other so there is out of the story. We definitely need to wait to hear from out of house and resigning if they were resigned to it I'm but it was important because he said. We knew where this past. Who would have likely ended and we seen this before comments I think it's a lot for him to protect his wife's. Protectors Andy he said that. Did the power of the two of them being together another chilling moment for me was a saying he didn't happen Massa has mother so fun doing it alone. Now the royal family is she doesn't speak about personal things so how do you see this playing out will the palace respond to this or do they keep quiet. And hope it goes away. What was interesting in that area mega malls are about the Simeon relationship. That the British tabloids as a win the palace and how about how his knees then the press in the pressing needs than the the palace as well to kind of keep the engines running humble regards. I think that this story is too big race. It is a dominant part of our society both the United States and across the pond comments that you cannot avoid. This elephant in the room it is no longer Alexander they put it on the table. How racist and that they have complications that in the commonwealth. The British government and then they represented people of color console as a member of the royal family is talking a mile race. They want listening there will be dutiful. Mother Alice who engage in conversation and on behalf. Happen on the people of color within the commonwealth. While we will wait and see if they do Mike news doctor Jesse gold we appreciate your time this morning thank you.

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{"duration":"8:54","description":"Prince Harry reveals new details about discussions with the queen about stepping back as a working member of the royal family. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"76323377","title":"Why the Sussexes decided to leave the UK ","url":"/International/video/sussexes-decided-leave-uk-76323377"}