Swedish crown jewel heist

The thieves who took the royal jewels escaped on a motorboat.
1:27 | 08/01/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Swedish crown jewel heist
I'm Jill Bennett finally hit the ABC news London bureau who want to tell you today as about a story coming out of Sweden an audacious brazen middle of the day robbery. Tim and making off with priceless crown jewels. From a cathedral in the town of strong math just west of the capital stock and and this is what they made off with. Two priceless crowns and an all that were on exhibition. At this cathedral witnesses inside buildings they that they still two men running off outside across the right. And disappearing into a speed bag before disappearing into the bus system of lakes what's the stop him. Now a massive police operation was launched at an art including helicopters and huge police teams and police spokesman today having to admit there was nothing that they found. These placements and they thing that it was effectively one mill to this season they'll still. Looking for any clues that might lead them. To the identities of the people he made up with vigils saying that they all prices are facts of profound cultural and national treasure and other. It is up because they also recognize blown out of they may be broken up and sold piecemeal. The jams that until in the crowd he saw a bit like that. And of course impossible to Trace. And say please appealing to anyone he might be able to help them aideed of people he disappear says that such continues. Unveil hyping the gave it finds the crop to cries and won't. The forest teammates. Get an iPhone and NBC news London.

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{"duration":"1:27","description":"The thieves who took the royal jewels escaped on a motorboat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"56977126","title":"Swedish crown jewel heist","url":"/International/video/swedish-crown-jewel-heist-56977126"}