Syria and Iran Launch Airstrikes on ISIS

Foreign nations aid Iraq in the fight against militant group.
10:31 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for Syria and Iran Launch Airstrikes on ISIS
The aftermath of -- suicide bomb blast in the divided city iasis militants killing she -- civilians. As tens of thousands of people now try to flee from the violence. Telling -- Right now the international hot spot your -- Iraq. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York a -- spiraling into chaos and now other countries are flying. Into Iraqi airspace and firing from Obama both Iran and Syria targeting nicest militants from the sky. And Iraqi prime minister nori Al -- he says although he did not ask for the help he welcomes it. He's been accused of being powerless to fight off. But has rejected calls from US creating unity government. Meanwhile the BBC's -- king and Tony fall Shaw have traveled to the town of Kirkuk and hurt Shiite survivors describe the mass killings carried out. By ice it's. The villages like so many others across Iraq. -- place of planting and harvesting. The Bashir has lost its people. -- Kurdish snipers watch for the likes -- fighters who've taken over Bashir. This is the point at which the Kurdish forces stopped the advance a -- -- before they did. Fundamentalists went into the village behind us and massacre people. Civilians. Killed solely on the basis of their religion. -- -- in my heart and soul is 71 year old for the comment. Gunned down in front of him. A lot of young should -- left. What can I say I hope to fight them. If I saw one of them with killing him with my hands. Not just me but all of my people and older vintage. The villagers now in mourning were driven out once before in Saddam Hussein's time. The Iraq War of two -- and three. Sold them regain their mounds. -- that disposition has come again. The young men are flocking to take up arms. Thousands have fled from areas -- took command Xia once lived alongside Sudanese. We drove Columbia empty streets of Tulsa the next village to Bashir -- -- ended -- -- refugee camps the fate of millions now across this region. The religious leaders have called for resistance. But this cleric who's completely frank about Iraq's crisis he wouldn't give his name as he fears being targeted by oasis. Do you realistic -- think there will be peace in Iraq. It is thought -- always it is not impossible but -- -- -- And tonight in Kirkuk we witnessed the dynamic driving Iraq deeper into chaos. The suicide bomber tried to enter a market in the Kurdish district and killed five people. That some of fearing another bomb police tried to drive the crowds black man was attacked by the crowd and arrested. Him. This is the very frightened aftermath of the suicide bombing. People here fear that crisis can strike again. At any -- and that's what the police are still nervous that's why we've seen shooting into the air trying to drive the crowds back that is the power. Of license to spread terror. For -- BBC news Kirkuk Northern Iraq. We are joined now by ABC news international affairs correspondent payments McDonald. -- was in Baghdad payments thank you for joining us. Just a few moments ago secretary of state John Kerry in Europe just reiterated that the US still reserves the right to take military action. Do you think that is still a likely scenario. Well I suppose the US position hasn't changed -- that -- But the dynamics around the US position are changing very quickly the US position is effectively case. We will offer support we sending 300 US military advisors to assist the Iraqi Security Forces in their response to losses. And we hold out the possibility that we may do more than that we might supply weapons. We might supply. -- strikes using US -- -- box. That's unlikely to happen unless. A national unity government or government that reflects the broader population in Iraq is -- right now. The government in charge of Iraq is -- Shia dominated government. Led by Nouri Al-Maliki. And that has meant that the Sunni population. Particularly has become disaffected they feel that they neglected and that has what is what has made it so easy. -- to -- -- from the north and west of the country we in some instances. So little resistance. At this point in time and -- Maliki has shown no willingness to form a government of that Shiite. Next week effectively is the deadline because waiting can't -- -- government without motive the motive the the last elections. And -- and you speak it must be appointed new president. And -- prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki -- -- least in the parliament has the largest number of seats. That doesn't necessarily mean that he will retain the role as prime minister. The power brokers that we've been talking to say that what's needed is deleted -- accepted to the Shia alliance which is the majority in the parliament. As well as the minorities and that means -- because. And the -- and finding someone that can represent or at least be accepted by all of those -- It's very challenging and. Iraq right now it's a very tall order let's take it back -- to this most recent attack by crisis that cure cook are these attacks becoming more brutal are we just hearing. More of the sport now and people willing to share those stories. There's no question the attacks bristled but I think any more or less brutal -- on any other day. There's suicide bombings across this country all the time people -- -- there -- extra judicial killings or at least reports of them. Pretty regularly hear there are even reports of the moment here in Baghdad of the return to death squads at -- -- facts on news of the times in which. We're in the debts of sectarian violence here in Iraq. When the city's initiative particularly here in Baghdad. We're killing each other pretty regularly and pretty recklessly. Certainly what we see now and Iraqis brutal about it I think it's necessarily any difference what -- -- at other times. And tens of thousands of she -- citizens are flooding into the Kurdistan region is that the only safe place within Iraq right now. I think he ought to subsidize there's probably no absolutely -- place in Iraq right now. But certainly cut his son has a degree of security that doesn't exist in other places. And that's because the Kurdish region. Is effectively autonomous city there is Kurdish regional government which. Runs the Kurdish region very decent different ethnicity the rest of Iraq. And they have taken this opportunity as the Iraqi Security Forces they'll appeal the way when nicest and bonds. The -- security forces moved into those key areas in the north and -- the country. And they have provided -- degree of security. For the people that that's not society as you -- -- that report just then from the BBC that it seems highly site. That is still -- any basis confronting us is Fox News. And let's talk about Syria and Iran's involvement they are clearly concerned of ice is power and launching airstrikes. Into Iraq how surprising is that. That it's come to this. Well I think given what John Kerry has been saying not particularly surprising. As we were discussing at the beginning the United States has been reluctant to -- in more than military advisors that Iraq has been saying all along. Indeed we spoke to the foreign minister at the beginning of this week and he made the point loudly and clearly we can -- -- this we can send out troops in. But it would be much easier to -- -- is back. If we have the support of US air strikes now in the absence of US air strikes. Some leaders in Iraq has said well we have to look elsewhere we have to look to our other friends because effectively we have no air force of Aaron. We need others to help us with those crucial toss -- -- carrying out bombing raids and so -- that's -- Iran. And it seems Syria come into this situation. The Sunni death dominated government here in as -- -- dominated government here in Baghdad has the support of Shiite Iran on one side of the country. And now it seems that the -- regime which is otherwise. In Syria has also come to the eight. All of the Iraqi regime by carrying out these airstrikes and it seems the Iranians are providing some support the -- well at least we. Drugs -- and -- collecting possible intelligence. This is the -- -- -- the military muscle that the Iraqis say they need and it may not getting from the United States. If that can't get it from America. They will look elsewhere. -- you are in Baghdad right now give us a sense of what things are like there on the ground. In Baghdad well it's interesting -- that -- this thing that strikes us this evening is that is pretty normal there are weddings. I don't know if you can hear any of them but. About half a dozen -- going on in the immediate vicinity. Many hundreds of people out the bet that the bride's dress is your imagination why -- be haren and had pretty heavy make out. And then and then many many hundreds of family members and friends this -- support. There's lots of whistling lots of music lots of -- lots of bouncing. I suppose this gives us some indication of the realities. Philosophy. For the ordinary Iraqis and that is that it it goes on even amidst the violence. It's ABC news international affairs correspondent hey mister McDonald in Baghdad thank you for joining us. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happens starring in this story for exclusive updates on the -- You've been watching international hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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