Syria: Last Day for UN Chemical Weapons Inspectors

Final day of investigations opens up window for strike as Israel readies for any scenario.
2:23 | 08/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Syria: Last Day for UN Chemical Weapons Inspectors
And with all the political debate President Obama is still leading the push to punish Syria. Let's get the latest right now live from our Jerusalem bureau -- ABC's Molly hunter is standing by live good morning Molly. Can't morning -- tell us the reaction to Britain's decision in those UN weapons inspectors. Last night's vote was a big deal -- international community it was a big deal for Washington. But for Syria and its neighbors it may not actually change the out and here. -- administration and State Department officials had said repeatedly. That while they want to consult with their national allies they'd like to make decisions with their international -- We know they international consensus -- at this barely dictating US action in a packed. Now at this point it's very hard to imagine the US not going and -- and striking at Syria in some form on incoming if but the UK -- also -- that they're waiting for that report from the UN weapons inspectors you mention are coming out tomorrow banking and Secretary General. Of the UN said earlier this week. In his team needed only four day it's today as their last day so we could get results as early as tomorrow. But John what tomorrow also means is that as -- -- those UN weapons inspectors are out of Syria. That opens up the window for the strike. -- -- If the US acts Syria has said very strongly that it will re act is the general public here in Israel worried about Syria's retaliation. Absolutely -- So is really officials. Are watching and waiting much like we -- At that thinking is that the US would give Israel -- heads up if they went in. An Israeli officials generally expect one of three options we could see no response we could see a direct response from a side. Or we could see a response from one of -- -- proxies -- allies in the region like Hezbollah and -- an. Now Diana which responds her -- option aside chooses will largely depend on how threatens -- by that US strike. But Israeli officials have said they are ready prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said -- -- -- All week that -- ready for any scenario at this point -- -- -- -- not indicate there is no mass hysteria on the ground. What's -- here ABC's Molly hunter live in Jerusalem thank you for that report.

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{"id":20118311,"title":"Syria: Last Day for UN Chemical Weapons Inspectors","duration":"2:23","description":"Final day of investigations opens up window for strike as Israel readies for any scenario.","url":"/International/video/syria-last-day-chemical-weapons-inspectors-20118311","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}