Syrian forces on alert as Trump mulls US response

ABC News' James Longman breaks down the suspected Syrian chemical attack and its potential consequences.
5:10 | 04/10/18

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Transcript for Syrian forces on alert as Trump mulls US response
I want to move on it to the Syrian conflicts we have seen. These devastating images out of Syria where suspected chemical nerve agent was used on civilians in an area near Damascus. In his news as James long and joins us now in. James I mean these images are just horrific. To give any update on the amount of casual least. Rachel let's write a mean and unfortunately we're becoming all too used to seeing these sorts of images. The casualties numbers have been fluctuating Kabila because it's difficult party must be shall what exactly is going on. In not country initially some casualty estimates were around forty people had died possibly even sixty. I mean people home while watching those pictures and they spread light while file or labor social media young children coughing sponsoring. Suffocating from the east from rating in this chemical. Now gas that was apparently dropped on them. There were many of them huddled in basements and that is one of the allegations that this gas is he because it will travel down into basements to try to find those people. That well who who are hiding from it. But and of course all of the that happened that was wide international condemnation and then. A reaction and reaction from Israel that country that sits right next duel to Syria and has been watching the civil war play out for the last six or seven Yates. They decided to strike one of Syria's most strategic at base it just outside of homes. Would with three and guided missiles from some two F fifteen Israeli F fifteen jets that it. I am not now has spread as the spotlight now on Syria the world waits to see whether other countries are gonna fall I've got action. Israel how this and if you like kind of objectives. In this sense as Syrian civil war they've seen Iran. Gaining Paulus variety. It is helping the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad but all say. It's kind of building up within presence in that country and Israel worries that together with Hezbollah its other ally in the region. But it's gonna build up strength in order to then. Attack Israel site that is. Israel. Kind of in tunnel. Calculation but the white of one now for the rest of the world is what to do about. Continued use of these chemicals. These chemicals in these chemicals on civilians. Now wait vehicles the doubled from. In the United States mainland knocked on front street a made in the United Kingdom and other allies to be whether or not bag going to strike. At Damascus and other strategic sites around the country. Yes and you know we do know that there are the long delays we appreciate you as saying I think I wouldn't for the work through that but. The president spoke out yesterday seeing those horrific images saying that he wants to act what's legal becoming a but the decision yesterday he said within the next 24 hours. But the C a pretty complex situation. It's not time to make a decision for the president of the United States. What he calls to mind back to Ulster ailments exactly a year ago when he was making similar decisions around. The lost mate Jack Kemp it's not well not one nickel in national headlines anyway. It is an extraordinarily complex situation. Doubled from wants to elect how exactly who was responsible if this chemical agent was deployed it was responsible. Most time. It was possible to track the routes like from the medical it is in the and that the act crop. That was thought to have dropped the chemical agent on bicycles on state who laugh and young children from being killed with some kind of chemical attack agent. This time. Haven't been possible Ortiz these have been made public linking the Syrian regime. With this attack kind of weed out doubt seems to be more difficult for this for the American administration. But more than not getting involved in Syria in this Syrian conflict is very very very complex thing he needs to get. Allies on board. And I might be the case of Ivan ignited it not just US destroyer is now the Mediterranean operatives jets in the region. French possibly will say you want to help and we just throughout Saudi Arabia. Is thinking of joining any kind of strike. But it's more than just limited strikes what can you really need to change the balance in Syria when there's and any practice that you think about it may as of conflict. Different conflicts between different act is going on. In the props it is at various proxy wars going on inside Syrian territory. Donald Trump and on the west and needed have to make that calculation. If it was hitting one's people is their objective to get rid of buckshot and that is their objectives and taking on Iran at taking on Hezbollah. And then just like you rock will come off that the downed pole all of in many people's lives a tyrant. All of these are really serious questions and that is why. Getting involved in the theory called it is not something anyone else like it. Definitely complex in Juba death clear merger one especially after seeing so many of those horrifying images James Bond and we appreciate your reporting on this thank you so much for joining us fear.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"ABC News' James Longman breaks down the suspected Syrian chemical attack and its potential consequences.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"54365608","title":"Syrian forces on alert as Trump mulls US response","url":"/International/video/syrian-forces-alert-trump-mulls-us-response-54365608"}