Taiwan legalizes same-sex marriage

The nation becomes the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage.
4:42 | 05/17/19

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Transcript for Taiwan legalizes same-sex marriage
And and that another historic day overseas with major celebrations in Taipei Taiwan and is becoming the first country in Asia to legalize same six of same sex marriage. A new law that we'll take effect on May 24 so I want to bring in Jay land. He's an LG BTQ activists and Taiwanese media exact in Taiwan along when Jennifer Lu. She's with the marriage equality coalition in Taiwan so. Guys thanks so much for joining us. How major is this in a conservative society like Taiwan. Well it today obviously has been an amazing. I seek in Austin we're actually come into the night I'll sell it you know there's rounds of celebrations into relations and there's a joy and happiness. Mountain you know done what we have really been able tootsie here and I Wallace something that I really didn't think it possible for H. On the you know eating being being bitten candidates had so you. Married next oh cent finally having him be able to be. Also legal parents you are too real children. It's organized that was Ali and I like to see it Ballard literally in the U certain living somewhere in Europe where the other countries that quality. So to stay means so much to me on personal level. And on a level being a Taiwanese living here and achieving this through academic democratic process. Through public hearings and who debates and through pro gay rallies anti gay rallies who constitutional rulings through. Pro gay and anti immigrant and through lobbying and brutal our grass to efforts by so many people in Taiwan to reach this victory. It is totally yeah an amazing and such an important today. Or not just people and how long that NH and I'll assume all across the liberals. Yes it's incredible and it's it's really awesome to see the images and everyone cheering out there gin how did you feel. When it was passed today. Armed personally am very happy but also Great Falls staying power it's very special situation bad week went in only negotiation process and then corporate solution though Corzine's habitation. And then her friend and that. Legislation. Are off message all week saying. About three years. It's very intense and merit a low will mean in these three years. However I can stands there whole country and and we cool in this earth by T. Feel love and happiness. And all our god the man legislators. They show the support while I I see the Palo look and on the they had eyes don't feel like we need to continue the conversation. Especially worries those made well. People can't beat the holiday in my ball well again as me. Last year that I believe as well as we continue our conversation. More people in I want whale. The there's only happen enjoy. When marriage it cause T. A chink in Taiwan they won't be any light and make it did. Impact in the future. Yes and I don't know if there was widespread support but you could tell us that there was and in do you think that this will potentially start. A trend for the rest of the continent today. Well I mean in Asia there. A lot of leaks. Things are happening for example saying Malaysia. In and gay couples are getting kings in Brunei there's about stoning to death. And in China there is currently. And censorship there LTE key characters and story lines in movies TV even online. And soul I hope that roller able to cheat here in Taiwan would have positive ripple effects. Not just at LTT he community there. Also do the mainstream and immunity as well let's do the various governments and legislatures. Ordered them to start caring more about a minority sect and other population and try to incorporate them. So that there are equal and not second class citizens and so I do believe that this is gonna happen very adequately inspect. And I'm so happy that Taiwan was it we'll zoom. How does contribution. Tune this continent. All right Jay land I'm Jennifer Lou thank you so much for sharing your. Experience there.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"The nation becomes the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63107023","title":"Taiwan legalizes same-sex marriage","url":"/International/video/taiwan-legalizes-sex-marriage-63107023"}