Taking cold plunge into the English Channel

ABC News’ Maggie Rulli meets up with the Seaford Mermaids, a community of wild swimmers who take daily dips in the frigid waters off the southern coast of England.
5:50 | 10/30/20

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Transcript for Taking cold plunge into the English Channel
Finally tonight an exhilarating way to make some new friends are Maggie ruling boldly jumps and with some wild swimmers. Can tell you I'm I'm not not nervous right now we do. I'm walking quite awkwardly can do a cold. Plus two he's English Channel that some months why you last let's bring one. It's because of this woman who throws pretty vicious night and every moment it's just wanted to. 87 years she has the fearless leader of the Seifert mermaids a group of more than a hundred in fifty people and the world wouldn't. Who swim together off the southern coast of England. For some chance to get back to nature others say they swim for the myriad of suppose it health benefits and for many its own without the community yeah. And chill yeah. And in pain and you. Trains ships built over mornings and simmering sun my citing cold water and in this slim hammering they've relied on route and it's. Every night at 9 o'clock start Ruth uses the skills from when she was an alligator in the royal air force to help read weather pattern and put out a detailed swim forecast for the following morning. The morning we run Mitt wants to between Britain's. Some reference is facts to this moment he is and nervous honorary member of the Seifert mermaids. Over here at the days just before sunrise a look at that there is aren't he. More than a dungeon if swimmers out there in no water let me tell you it its. Cold it is windy yet somehow I think every single one of them are smiling. Defense taunting you right out. The mermaid show up 365. Days a year rain or shine. The water right now is about 57 degrees Fahrenheit angled kick in seems like it's going to be warm but I found out things in degrees. A you lose dexterity and feeling in feet and hands within a five to fifteen minutes. When I read an Intel on. Followed and hinder my first cold water line. Relax and certainly. Only about drive swim we meet Joseph when her mom. Joe's friend encouraged her to join the mermaids a few months ago after Joseph lost her job. During the pandemic. Hasn't made a difference you. Really didn't let the light but the difference in my. And we are. That's up from the well all I think everybody's got out look at the freezing cold. What's left Kennedy what he tells. For years cold water swimmers have sent the sport is he powerful mood booster. So the scientists are really interested in women looking after listening to Sunni Ko bulletin. Are there potential flaw. Treatment old San his could be used to being. Annual multi generational ancient murals degeneration and dementia and also intensive mental notes on wealthy. Coax him one more thing you'll notice about the scene for mermaids is that almost all of them are women it's a common trend in wild swimming. Some women say they find it helpful for their chronic pain condition that disproportionately affects women. Others say it's help feel more confident in their bodies everybody else feels life you know conscious yet you know actually until some. And perhaps the other best walking advertisement for cold water wild swimming his brute. After our swim route and I catch up with eight full English breakfast do you think that cold water swimming helps me being this lightly and by the easiest. They say oh yeah content via its wakes you up some option animal. That's feel invigorated to do things going in the decades some of Bosch members have come to me and sent. I used to get depressions. I general didn't get I used to get aches and pains I no longer get them some dishes. Not just the cold water swimming it's the fact that they are in a community. That is. Interests of full working with woman mouth I mean it's fantastic what they'll do for one another. In the communities blooming already gaining in popularity over the past few years the sport is now exploded under lockdown since then this Seifert mermaids have doubled in size. Ruth reminds us newbies who wild swimming to start slowly go was someone who has experience can be especially cautious about weather conditions in the ocean. But she says that while swimming is for everyone. Who matter during its. There have been found its stated childhood started all over again. His group reminds us never be afraid to malthus plants. Not evenly ABC news C program. Go Maggie those mermaids certainly young at heart and before ago tonight our image of the day we have all been there before had too much even. Just gonna need is relaxing as kicked back this group of California dogs perfectly capture the mood of over indulgence on Halloween with their candy colored costumes they're owner however assures us no dogs were actually given any candy. And that is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned ABC news on for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much for streaming with us and good night.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"ABC News’ Maggie Rulli meets up with the Seaford Mermaids, a community of wild swimmers who take daily dips in the frigid waters off the southern coast of England.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"73917287","title":"Taking cold plunge into the English Channel","url":"/International/video/taking-cold-plunge-english-channel-73917287"}