Team USA Survives Elimination From World Cup Despite Loss to Germany

Fans react to the news that the U.S. will move on to the next stage of the famed soccer tournament.
7:58 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for Team USA Survives Elimination From World Cup Despite Loss to Germany
And maybe not the way planet -- a narrow loss in a wit from Portugal the US has survived the group of death and they are party in the streets. Hello I'm Michelle -- -- New York to US national team now headed. The group. A sixteen fans from Los Angeles Washington Chicago right here in New York the party industry up in the air that's President Obama watching with our own. George Stephanopoulos. That photo that was tweet it we are now joined from Rio by the co host a fusion soccer gods. Simon cars Simon let's get right -- this you are in. The thick of the US goes through and it's thanks to -- -- also Portugal incredible tell us how this all played out. -- Christiane and -- I think it's I think it was a 65% and we'll do you -- you -- In injury time mothers that -- -- We don't mind yeah. It look -- On the continent. You remember it here groups want it to you as well Mike wouldn't. Ethnic them until they implement men's boxing -- in. Yeah. But they wouldn't even make it out of the group the deaths of an idea how they did play today especially against Germany who had just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well illness and didn't sit well. It's -- that I didn't. Today. Look very oriented. -- we'll call. Them -- That -- yeah. Britain oh. Right yeah. Didn't -- Nine cents at. One not onions and find this you -- -- yeah. I yeah. -- -- in the. Naturally he needs here it is throughout the US what about there where you are you are -- died at the -- and -- Rio. Who's been allowed that that people even realize the complicated way the US was going through. -- and yeah. Yeah. Our intent is an American. Yeah. Once that -- yeah. In the US and again we'll play on July 1 at 4 o'clock it could likely be Belgium dependent on how that plays out what does it take away from this game. The yeah. Yeah and Bill Clinton. Over the -- the -- You. -- -- yeah. I'm like yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- soccer god Simon cards -- you for joining us. I want to check in now with our John Gregory of our Los Angeles station KABCE. Who's with some soccer fans and -- at Rosa beach California they were all watching and on the big -- there John what's the reaction. From US fans in LA after. -- -- had a pretty good yeah we -- -- we had a great crowd idea want to say about 2000 people they're filing out now. I've never received -- so excited about losing a game before soccer's -- -- lot of us but I'm folksy figure it out slowly we lost today but Portugal. One but by not enough apparently so we -- slower they do not. And folks -- really excited here wanna say about 2000 people turned out here in her most of beach right down by the appear it was a great crowd. Police tell us they really didn't have any serious problems folks really getting into it. This viewing party was put together by the LA galaxy the local soccer team here in Los Angeles. And it really was a big success we've been doing this are seeing this throughout Southern California these viewing parties and they're drawing some big crowds it looks like World Cup soccer is really starting -- you catch on here in the states were starting to feel that fever. And folks here today certainly felt it even though again. We lost this game I'm still trying to figure out. Myself. Still try to wrap your head around that well they're crediting and of course. Cristiano Ronaldo or support to offer help -- about how far do you think fans can go in this World Cup to keep hearing on -- -- Oh I think they're ready for more of these folks were really excited today there waiting for that next game you mention it may be -- Belgium sell off folks will be geared up for that as well. The Germans were tough team to -- won nothing and the USA from my perspective played a pretty tough sell off. Folks are taking that -- feeling pretty good about it and they're looking for more success out of this USA team. Great and you think the crowds will continue to build especially Tuesday with the US plays again. Blakey might it's a Tuesday so maybe you know people do have to work at least some of them I guess they USF soccer coasted. He did put out I guess an absentee letter to folks they could use an excuse note if they wanted to. To call in sick to work still have to see how many folks actually show for work for that game. That'll probably hold until Tuesday as well. Davies is just a lot of money -- -- even though we lost yeah exactly thank you so that's -- Gregory out of most of the region to had a good day of soccer thank you. Believe it or not appear heart can take it more games today -- important ones for the US pay attention at 4 o'clock Algeria and Russia. Algeria likely needing only a win to qualify for the knock out stage. And this one you want to watch Belgium and South Korea another 4 o'clock start. A Belgian win or draw and they will play the US next Tuesday. This has been an ABC news post game coverage of the US advanced scene. Defying all odds in the 2014 World Cup keep up with the games -- real time by downloading the ABC news -- and -- the story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen and New York.

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{"id":24320020,"title":"Team USA Survives Elimination From World Cup Despite Loss to Germany","duration":"7:58","description":"Fans react to the news that the U.S. will move on to the next stage of the famed soccer tournament.","url":"/International/video/team-usa-survives-elimination-world-cup-loss-germany-24320020","section":"International","mediaType":"us only 08"}