Tel Aviv Bus Blast Raises Mideast Tensions

At least 10 people wounded on an Israeli bus near the nation's military headquarters.
3:00 | 11/21/12

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Transcript for Tel Aviv Bus Blast Raises Mideast Tensions
We have a developing story out of Israel terror bomb detonated aboard a bus in Tel Aviv this happened just moments ago and -- reporter. Yeah in fact just getting to the scene now Laurie -- bus attack in central Tel Aviv I mean it's a disturbing. New dimension. Archer this crisis I would say that there is not a citizen of the State of Israel who did not steal a shiver going down this bind this morning. It shows that that people this country are vulnerable. In a whole new way to what's going on the -- the strip let me tell you. All the facts as we know them again I'm still developing story seventeen. People. Wounded on board the -- -- the prosecuted -- it was not. Blown apart but apparently -- device. But did go -- incited I'm told that as many as five people on board suffered moderate. Just serious injuries being a god that -- -- -- is really Red Cross on the scene here the roughly fifteen to twenty passengers on board that was a -- some small device. And they suspect. Here's who had been taken into custody after a short manhunt is seen was -- we are not sure. Whether in fact been charged. With what happened here there was a search war second device that you now and many of these cases they're. Secondary to fight and that it. Injured the first responders people who arrive on the scene. There's no evidence so far that there is a second device but that is always something that they do in these situations. -- I can tell you that the -- somber gate that is the military arm of -- lot. Is taking credit for this attacked. On Twitter as a matter that that put something out to short time ago. This took place. You should know this QRD anniversary. Of the Israeli assassination. Of the head of their military arms so it's -- -- one week anniversary. -- of course but when you think about it not entirely by using. I should also add that the location. Hope -- this just places its significance it took place in a lot of lot of these Israeli central combat. No question about the -- them. Entailed in all of that but again to -- -- seventeen people wounded as many as five suffered moderate to serious injury. That is the latest from here as we know what I'll get back -- got more much like thank you. I ended as you talk about this location in reading about it it's -- on the Tel Aviv. Museum as well as that Syria which I think is Brian. It's actually right and -- obviously -- -- but -- -- it appears that. Well it difficult to say exactly what the police. Are doing now I'm not sure whether they're clearing out -- -- -- area. -- other helicopters in the skies. I think that is of serious concern as I mentioned the -- that there may be secondary to -- That sure the other street -- -- now which suits. Which is --

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{"id":17776019,"title":"Tel Aviv Bus Blast Raises Mideast Tensions","duration":"3:00","description":"At least 10 people wounded on an Israeli bus near the nation's military headquarters.","url":"/International/video/tel-aviv-bus-blast-raises-mideast-tensions-17776019","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}