Tensions escalate as Iran increases uranium enrichment

Iran has increased uranium enrichment to 4.5%, going over the allowed limit in the Iran nuclear deal.
2:38 | 07/08/19

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Transcript for Tensions escalate as Iran increases uranium enrichment
And guys and move overseas to Iran where Sunday in the country increase its uranium enrichment beyond the limit. That was allowed in the nuclear deal remember we pulled out of this nuclear deal president trump did. And the increase pushes you Ron closer to levels. Sufficient for weapons I want to bring in Louis Martinez. At the Pentagon. Lily thanks for being with us just out of curiosity who bear five that is that Enron is beyond their limit. And speculates the international atomic energy agency had CI AEA and there and air national UN body it's based in Vienna Austria. On they are the ones that measure uranium enrichment levels pretty much around the world. They are they neutral body that day everybody relies on four assessments about whether about countries are in violation of nuclear accords are not. I so in this case under the of that agreement they 2000 pick an agreement they were the agency it was going to be checking in regularly. On Iranian. Enrichment facilities and ensure that they and we're abiding by their three point 67% enrichment a level which is categorized as low enrichment. What I think the world is really concerned about is what they call high enrichment uranium bomb that is 20% or higher. And what Iran has said right now is that they are at four point 5%. Just a marginal increase over that three point 67. But regardless what matters here is the messaging that they are going beyond that level and that's what has world leaders' concern right now. Right so this obviously put some pressure I'm not only on the US but Europe is well yes. It does because this remember this is an international green and not just the United States yes the United States dropped out of this agreement but this is the United States Europe and China. And they were though the world's major leaders. And internationally in terms of this agreement. Com and those countries are still abiding by that agreement but so there's a lot of pressure on the. Those European countries because Iran has been in talks with these countries to kind of ease the sanctions regime the United States is impose on them. Huge limits on where they can sell their oil and is having a very strong impact on Iranian economy. And so they've been trying to leverage in that I gain leverage in those talks with their European partners. And I think you could see some of this action here particularly. Raising the enrichment relatives even though it's a tiny bit beyond the allowed level. I'm that is sitting there trying to increase leverage and famine. What we're seeing right now is that the European partners are concerned it's issued statements that their concern about what's going on. And they are calling on Ryan to go back to the original level but at the same time. They want to go they're thinking about next steps so it's going to be interesting to see where things go from here. All right Louis Martinez at the Pentagon thank you so much for being with us.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Iran has increased uranium enrichment to 4.5%, going over the allowed limit in the Iran nuclear deal. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64197418","title":"Tensions escalate as Iran increases uranium enrichment","url":"/International/video/tensions-escalate-iran-increases-uranium-enrichment-64197418"}