Total solar eclipse happening in South America Tuesday

The total solar eclipse will be visible in Argentina and Chile, two years after the last total solar eclipse.
2:51 | 07/02/19

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Transcript for Total solar eclipse happening in South America Tuesday
All surely go tens of thousands of tourists are flocking to cities and towns across northern she lake YT stake out a good location for today's total solar eclipse in our rob Marciano. Is mayor rob tell me all the goods. Well I you know you probably experience the goods two years ago Lisa Holcomb did so many Americans did 2017 a great American. Solar eclipse while now is the next one and it's a great south American or clips. And we're right in the center path here of totality happening later on today around 438 4:40 PM corner and it. An area where people already setting up telescopes cameras Aaron they're getting set for what's going to be spectacular day you see the sunshine we're to desert climate it's that does not unlike cup Palm Springs so really ideal situation for. What we're about to see it but let's bring in an expert of beacon Kelly Beatty. He editor and does guy tells scope magazine you've seen a lot of ways supports him so how my goodness and that's twelve more than me to. Tell me what's different about this compared to the Greenberg that's when. And clear her and it went coast to coast so we are it took ninety. Minutes for that shadow me shattered. And that. He. Is that unless your body wrapped in the middle and there where you're gonna sit. This is the feeling here this in part itself the Arab and middle part of Chile and Argentina. And that's what everyone who wants to see it has literally crammed into this ribbon. Double that we'll see you later today. And so is 300 miles in length and where we're new series or to shorter and told federation took about an hour and a half for. The US one happens we'll take is a tenth of a few minutes Bob but this is significant for to be in Chile mean this is America of sorts for astronomers. Absolutely he most of the world's great observatories are now locating here. We're within twenty miles of us are too although in Germany to observe veterans by the way that will be in the path of totality so it's it's is a big deal for them as well. And so curators is a very welcoming country astronomically in and they've really rolled out the red carpet floors. Well they're gonna have another one next year aren't they lucky and and also so many Americans have come down here like Q thousands of them got the got hooked him today after the first one we have this AF GC your very first total solar eclipse the first forwards your mouth or Wednesday it plans the next what I said that that's -- here so good to see you yes we'll be with you throughout the entire events and I hope your we went this is well ABC news live live from four to five. This afternoon and you'll see it in totality Kimberly right here and if he can't see that or be here. Less than five years from now Texas to New York. The next great American a clips in the US. Rob do not worry we're gonna be there today watching all of it thank you so much for joining us this is the main thing.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"The total solar eclipse will be visible in Argentina and Chile, two years after the last total solar eclipse. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64089204","title":"Total solar eclipse happening in South America Tuesday","url":"/International/video/total-solar-eclipse-happening-south-america-tuesday-64089204"}