Tourist bus bombed close to Egyptian pyramids

South African tourists were injured in the terror attack, which occurred near the Giza pyramids.
2:49 | 05/20/19

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Transcript for Tourist bus bombed close to Egyptian pyramids
And guys we move overseas to Egypt a roadside bomb hit a tourist bus near the Giza pyramids can you even imagine this at least. Seventeen people were wounded so. I want to go to James long man who's in London. James first off of the minister of tourism and Egypt. She called it a minor explosion but I'm just imagining myself on a tourist bus doesn't matter what type of explosion it is it would be. Absolutely terrifying can you I'm tell us exactly what happened. Bus right committee I think poverty she was speaking in comparison to other attacks have taken place these it would Sunday resulted no loss of life. This one did didn't but Ozzie say. Very very scary indeed a bomb went off on the road to name the Egyptian Museum day at the grounds museum which is being built they relocated from. Central Cairo and just does not tourist bus went by the bomb exploded in the pigs of the bus. Pretty extraordinary of people walked away from not the windows all the way down one side totally blind now we know that seven south African tourists wins it. And ten Egyptian civilians. Less than just treated that three of them were told how to go to the hospital but this is the second. Attack in now part of Egypt in less than six months another attack took place in December 3 Vietnamese tourists and their Egyptian tour guide. Oral killed some hot spots like the agents and foreign minister was was speaking in comparison Bob Saudi air attacks but. Yeah apps and eighty terrifying for tourists I'm going to Egypt no one how has claimed responsibility. But Egypt has been involved in a flight with Islamic militants. For quite some time now. And do we know if there's any step up in the security since this happened. Bonds and is going to be a big crack down on known groups in Egypt the one of the areas of Egypt which has been a particular problem. It the Sinai well at groups associates of the so called Islamic state operate. But that biggest ever tot was Bakken 2015 and April down not Russian and line a canning. Something like 200 people but I think this stretch is found the pot even to 2011. At the beginning and a protest movement now the removal of hosting the Barak and the continued to and fro between. If you like established military the cross rates Muslim prominent in them the activists in Egypt. Because that has meant a breakdown really in new Warren would I can Teddy Kimberly you know I was raised between London and Kyra it's a beautiful place car has been alone my childhood back. And is very sad to see these sorts of things happen egyptians off. The beautiful lovely smiley funny people and when these things happen yes it's scary for tourists. But tourism is the biggest moats are of the age action economy. On most of them most of the millions of egyptians who lived that and if on less than a dollar a day today on the people who suffer when these things happen in the. Yes very interesting point there James thank you so much for the updates we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"South African tourists were injured in the terror attack, which occurred near the Giza pyramids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63153048","title":"Tourist bus bombed close to Egyptian pyramids","url":"/International/video/tourist-bus-bombed-close-egyptian-pyramids-63153048"}