Travel restrictions pose challenges for Bahamas evacuees

Some people in the Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian are struggling to get visas to leave the destroyed islands.
6:08 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for Travel restrictions pose challenges for Bahamas evacuees
Hurricane Doreen as you know saturated the news last week in the storm may have passed. But the effects from this hurricane will be felt for a very long time. Down in the Bahamas if you remember it was a category five when it made landfall in just sat on top of the island for more than 48 hours. Devastating life as people knew it and leaving. Over forty people dead in our markets more. Has been there the entire time and joins us now from Nassau. Where the recovery. Efforts are under way so. Mark is it's good to see you we've been their from the beginning I want to ask you first about thumbed his visa requirement where Bahamas that is citizens. If they want to come to the US. They have to have that visa. So tell us what's going on at baton. That's right Kimberly these are these are travel rules that have have been in place for mobile quite some time. I'm anyone who is from the Bahamas and there are National League and they don't carry a US passport they're required. Two. Have a a travel visa they are on a cruise of some sort or traveling by biplane. That there had been calls for those requirements to be relaxed in the immediate aftermath of of this storm that the number one priority should have been two or should be to get people's it to safety. So there's there's frustration there on the part of some people who who believed that those travel restrictions are our. Perhaps putting lives at risk. But there are other options for four people who are trying to get off of some of these affected islands and they include. Of the other islands here in the Bahamas and also Nassau where we are right now which has a US embassy and so there are. Avenues four for people who do want to get to the US they can go to the US embassy here I'm have an interview. And and go through the process of getting an emergency visa. To either be with family. Or try to start over or at least temporarily but go to the US as the situation here improved so. Of there are avenues but it is no doubt very frustrating. Up for people who many of them have lost everything Kimberly including their homes the material possessions. But also a loved ones who have been killed or at this hour are still reported miss. Yet mark is some incredibly sad so what has been going on with you lumps since the storm has passed what have you seen. My I you've traveled to some other places besides Nassau. Yeah that's right we have we've seen the situation here mass on how of this has really been a hub for not only a place for. Survivors to to go and reconnect with their families and also. Again start over and try to forgot what they would do next we've also seen a lot of the relief aid. And am a relief workers coming from Nassau of the go to the in Baghdad islands of Grand Bahama. And the abaco islands and treasured keep a would also available he has an area that we saw a couple of days ago for the first time. It's a popular with a number of vacation homes and as a community of about. Six or 700 people and we saw them already beginning the process of trying to rebuild and cleared debris. And pave the way for a a recovery effort. That we'll take some time but they were imploring the government to send and more heavy equipment or to send and heavy equipment had to say because they only had one backhoe there. And they are not waiting for the government in the meantime to begin the recovery their recovery. Then I marsh harbor which is in the abaco islands. We're we spent a lot of time it's also where our crew rode out the storm. All we have seen heavy equipment arriving there on barges. And it's as a clear sign that they will begin the process of trying to. Reestablish the infrastructure there because there's no power there is no water but we've also seen. Search and recovery teams combing through the widespread destruction they're Kimberly. The fear is that there are. A hundreds. Who are underneath that rubble. And they will account for the death told that officials say is sure to rise in right now stands at fifty. 42 people reportedly killed in marsh Harbour. And eight people killed in a neighboring Grand Bahama. Yes and Marcus just before we go since you've been there for this length of time I just have to ask what is it. Been like for you to see this from start to now the point where it is now. It's been it's been difficult Kimberly and you know. Our jobs here are to report what what's happening. And get that back to anyone who will listen and pay attention and then you know it's up to them to decide what they how they'll react to that or how to respond. And so you know we have been solely focused on. Getting the word out about what's happening to the people here in the Bahamas and also capturing. Be the response from Bahamian news from Haitians and from the international community and out to see that happening. It is encouraging. But I gotta tell you Kimberly they have such a long road ahead I was at hurricane Katrina and the damage that I've seen here who are reminds me of that. But it is on a different level if you will in that this is happening. On an island Sul you have the campsites happening on a collection of islands I should say and its hat it's. Presenting a real challenge in getting those resources and and so. Bomb I've seen the response I've seen strong Bahamian saying that they will get through this but I've also seen the the despair. And the the want for for the government for anyone who stands ready to help for them to come and and do it. Because they have a long way to go Kimberly and this is. I suspect that this will be going on for four for ten years. Wound at least several years to say the very least Kimberly that's that's how bad. The damages here and we just have to see how it goes. While mark is more right there. In Nassau the Bahamas thank you so much for the updates we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"Some people in the Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian are struggling to get visas to leave the destroyed islands.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65513337","title":"Travel restrictions pose challenges for Bahamas evacuees","url":"/International/video/travel-restrictions-pose-challenges-bahamas-evacuees-65513337"}