Trump attacks Macron at NATO summit

Tensions rise as world leaders gather in London for the 70th anniversary of NATO to talk trade and defense.
3:30 | 12/03/19

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Transcript for Trump attacks Macron at NATO summit
OK we begin what's supposed to be a today's celebration of the seventieth anniversary of NATO the 29 country alliance founded after World War II. Meant to defame each other against attacks but the summit already kicking off in London with a bid. Of tensions I want to bring in Karen Travers and our London bureau with more Karen it wouldn't be a NATO conference without a little bit of a feud between president Strom. And a world leader in this time it's with French president micron correct. Yet this is a different type of tension here at a NATO meeting it would president trump I was disrupting the agenda it was president Lecrone. Two months in an interview question the strains of the NATO alliance and he diagnosed with brain death we'll earlier today the president not happy with those comments from the Cronin. Weighty and during a meeting with the Secretary General of NATO. That is very. Peregrine has to stay in here and essentially when he including 28 countries. I think that. Did he ever higher unemployment greater friend friends is not doing well economically at all. It is starting to tax other people's trust your world. We go to Texas and Houston players live now technology were doing their wives. It's. It's a very toasted to make when you have such difficulty in. He and friends you look at what's happening with the yellow vest. You look at what's gone on. Booster rocket this season or a year. And then later today when the president met and sat down with French president of chronic Kimberly take a very different Tony didn't repeat that nasty comment that he wasn't as critical of what Oprah has said about need out we their talk about trade and that's the other big issue right now tension between the two countries. The United States announced last night that they are considering terrorists on 2.4 billion dollars of French products. That would be wine and cheese and luxury things like hand hamper her bags. That France has put taxes on US tech companies like Google and FaceBook president said today Kimberly little love those companies but if anybody is going to be taxing American companies or taking advantage of them he said that has to be the United States. And Karen speaking of trade you know the stocks took a big hit today after the president said. He wouldn't. Do a trade deal with China until after the 22 when he election. The president has been very clear in recent months that he is not in a rush to make a trade deal he consistently has said it is China that is more eager to sit down the negotiating table and hammer out a DOT's that is going to be patient is not gonna make a bad deal but to hear him say that he'd be willing to wait until after the election to be another year uncertainty. And these terrorists that the two countries have been going tit for tat now for months that certainly sent worries across Wall Street. OK Karen so what else is at one visit NATO agenda. The policy is finished at this point today and tonight the president and the First Lady get in some socializing. They're going to have tea with Prince Charles and his wife Camilla a lavish reception at Buckingham Palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth for all of the NATO leaders. And then also they'll be attending a ceremony reception at ten Downing Street hosted by the British prime minister but tomorrow another packed schedule NATO meetings Kimberly. A press conference and a meeting with the German chancellor the president had back to Washington is on the ground here for less than 48 hours. All right Karen Travers right there in London thank you so much for the updates.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Tensions rise as world leaders gather in London for the 70th anniversary of NATO to talk trade and defense.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67467226","title":"Trump attacks Macron at NATO summit","url":"/International/video/trump-attacks-macron-nato-summit-67467226"}