Trump responds to terror attacks in New Zealand; signs first veto

Security is heightened at mosques across the country following terror attacks in New Zealand, and President Trump vetoes Congress' resolution to terminate his border wall national emergency.
22:09 | 03/15/19

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Transcript for Trump responds to terror attacks in New Zealand; signs first veto
Happy Friday welcome to the briefing are coming give the Washington bureau of ABC news I'm John San Suu Kyi alongside Katherine falters and our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas and peers with us today he is we're starting off with that horrific terror attack. In New Zealand we just gotten the latest numbers. 49 dead 41 injured pier you in the teen have been watching this overnight when we first learned of this horrific attack what do we know right now. Well US law enforcement officials are deeply concerned about it because of the scale and the nature of these the attack. White supremacy is the leading indicator for motivation right now law enforcement officials have seen a rise in hate crimes here at home. 2017. There was a 17% increase in the number of hate crimes reported compared to the previous year. 8000 victims in 58% of those cases. Race was the motivation when he 2%. Religion was a motivation. That the suspect also. John has some connections to the United States in terms of motivations. He specifically references Dylan roof and who killed all those people in that black church in South Carolina. A few years ago. He also makes reference as being as part Brett Anderson rev it Anders remic is a white supremacist. Who killed 77 people in Norway. In 2011. Again white supremacy being the motivation. A few weeks ago we had a lieutenant in the Coast Guard. Who was accused of plotting to kill and many democratic politicians here in Washington. His inspiration project as well. Totally. I'm believe Jerrold that I know rain and the big thing there was much he'll force potentially copycats and that's something that we were gonna bring question to our ABC news contributor former us Department of Homeland Security deputy secretary John colonies joining us. Right now John I I know you've been advising our team here is we're trying to figure out the motive here this attack but but right the year John I mean when we. First here he's a tax writing ways Kerry's mentioning different governments around the world are worried about copycats in this scenario. S army has the care mentioned. I mean this is a horrible tragedy for the people of New Zealand. But this is not another in a growing list of attacks in Europe and New Zealand Australia the United States. Where individuals who are motivated by extreme white supremacist views. Conduct an attack or an act of targeted violence. Again somebody who they view. As saying it has as somebody who. Is antithetical to their ideological viewpoint. So law enforcement agencies across the country right now are reaching out to faith leaders members of the of immigrant communities. Who. May feel fear as a result. This incident New Zealand they're trying to ensure them that I was safe. But they're also keeping their lines of communication open with intelligence organizations and other law enforcement organizations to insure that there isn't a copycat type of attack. And John I'm learning ran out of the mayor of Christ church museum was actually speaking right now let's take a quick listen to the mayor. Tri-State places because it's close to the hospital very high so the hospital and said there is sad degrees can make shunned. With the people whose lives have been lost. And we night that the police still hit cordon solitary mosques and we do want to ask people to stay away from nice places. We will ensure that size tributes. Might have try to pull to the community Asian appropriate time. Com's spending saying states. Has come through as strong desire both sides to contribute money. There are people whose offering financial support fit want to help cops. I nights it sounds victim support takes it up in the media's. Helped laden fund for supporting the fame Amy most. The victims. All of this terrible a tape. And the crash H foundation which has been recently established for the whole side sees up a fund because. That wind just before with the immediate aftermath of what we've experienced some listening but it will pay. About rebuilding communities retail would end what has been lost. And ensuring that the communities or I won't pay well supporters into the future and that will be announced by the crushing each foundation. Found this morning. Comes and step all of the flakes are flying at half mile stone counsel are in buildings today and until fate and our chefs. So so so an expiration of so that support for the communities. And the laughs at him for an experienced. And many of being so that we can have paying Katie so does well. Some of them will be ninety you'll really the cricket taste at The Hague the arrival between New Zealand's environments dish what shot sank. As powerful segment tough. Supporters from my side salts. The united says he says that sporting for Tuesday that would get that here in the city for an important guy in. Two out of for speaks not play that kind today. The Bryan Adams concepts will not proceed to Asia and old sported Hickory high. Just canceled until fear and I trust. Contain. And we've been listening right there to the mayor of Christ church New Zealand the end they'll know of course Vernon keep watching the mayor's press conference we'll update as we're learning morbid Catherine back United States. The president actually present in trump you just made remarks from the Oval Office about this Terry reedy said. He did and we haven't seen the video of this yet it's just breaking now from our Terry Moran who is in there. What the president he said he spoke to the prime minister of New Zealand to express condolences to the entire nation. He promised the prime minister any US assistance he says what are going there was turmoil we will be with them. Under percent so isolating Sudan a. And you know as we just start to unpack a little more of what happened in New Zealand over the last several hours did you want to bring in Collette boy done she's the author. Islamic phobia understating the roots and rise of fear also a law professor at the university of Detroit professor a great to have you with us. This half here appreciate you taking the time hmmm I'm wondering sir if you can you just give us your thoughts. I'm on today in a little bit of what I'm Pierre Thomas and Jon Cohn we're just talking about on the rise of these sorts of attacks are seen across the globe. Yes before I talk about you know prior to it that the political or remove legal ramifications are almost an American Muslim and remembers days Friday. All the holy gaidar's. Sincerest it's like you first eagle with your family members going to show worse or. In the mosque. Can't go on oh emotionally. And psychologically wrap in with everything that you can place. I'm very personal. I guess you act as as you this is saying their I mean obviously minutes into the personal connection for you here but it does in New York. Research series is you've written about this aunt had a view. What common trends have you found. Or Alaska reason we obviously think about the rise in social media. And people voicing their anger. Well I think there's finally an acknowledgment or eighty emerging acknowledgment that whites are friends the aids they eat. Consolidated. Uniformed universal movement. Next are terrorists and New Zealand Rick the terrorists. Like Dylan roofs with arms raised ready in Europe and not coincidentally. Obvious errors and easy arms cited those two individuals. Inspirations of its. I'm so it's it's important to acknowledge that this is an act of terrorism the manifesto. Clearly in next yeah idea that white supremacy while I was. In our proposed DD eight actors you know I would venture to say that white supremacy is not Britain's. The fact that he cited presidents from as an inspiration. You know also concerned readout you know the political discourse is also emboldening it's kind of whites are friends violence as well. There and then here we were actually talking earlier about. Political discourse in this country and around the world how that is a fuel. Right now for many people who are unfortunately. Expressing their anger in these horrific violent place. Well let's just go back a couple months if you look at the mass killing at the synagogue in Pittsburgh. That suspect as well. Had very. Radical views about immigration. And that he wrote about on line. And in disgusted so we're seeing a convergence of politics with senior conversions of politics and hate and they end in law enforcement officials I can tell you. Are very concerned that despite it we're seeing imprisoned at the rhetoric and then victims. Of this kind of of hate. He's going to turn into more violence and why you see them alerting of people around the country you're seeing the longhorns stepping up their presence and mosques today in Los Angeles. San Francisco New York. Also Baltimore and Jon Cohen lastly do you before we move on sir you know I EU and they've been these positions John in these situations happen. Having a monitor. They know that the response obviously but just. In the lead up to attacks like this John what are folks at the Department of Homeland Security what are we doing as far is monitoring social media and other forms of communication on line and as people are expressing their political views. Well I think it's a tricky situation. A very complicated because on the one hand. Particularly people in this country have a right a constitutional right to have it extreme Stotts and to say extreme and hateful things. It's the transition from thought to violence that is the focus from law enforcement organizations like the FBI and local police. So they'll work with the community they will look for people to report. Suspicious behaviors and unusual activity whether it's on social media or in the community. And increasingly were saying law enforcement turned to. I'm threat management strategies are working with the community the mental health. Profession. In order to stop these types of attacks. And professor lastly you on this sir I mean you mentioned the stirring tribute that state is obviously you the most holy day for Muslims around the world we think he's running. Through people's minds today. When they woke up to learn the news that happening Christ church. Well real clear they're reassessing whether XY treatment under walked into the mosques today don't workshop and I think that's one of Eaton and the objectives and its terrorist act is just then it's important thing about injuring more than just charities I'm thinking you know. The broader collateral objective news into its individual wanted Muslims to rethink. Practicing their state I'm in reassess whether its stake in western countries with the. Professor made and the university of Detroit thank you sir we appreciate you this afternoon Jon Cohen thank you Pierre you're gonna have a full recap on this sound world news that the team. Jeff was will be watching sad story that is in horrible strain. And a really wonderful place New Zealand isn't just a family there actually and I just know that it's deeply upsetting some sort of here thank you love more and that's tonight on world news tonight but as we are switching gears here and moving on a little bit in the briefing from obviously. I'm one of the other stories that is a building today is what is president trump doing. I'm we're guarding the national emergency now we know Catherine on he has been talking about the vote yesterday the major review key suffered. I'm from folks up on Capitol Hill. The act and the united reporting on on the national emergencies requests filled his campaign promise to border wall and this is. A huge blow two the president John it's something that he they couldn't successfully with they could successfully with the boat. Mom and I think if you know what we're gonna see is something that he says will be the first veto of his presidency. It's over to the White House where ABC's Jordan Phelps is watching it all it does Jordan what are you seeing. Yeah hi John this is unfolding as we speak are Terry grannies in the Oval Office where the president any moment now he is expected to actually signed this beach towel and the president has already been making remarks in the oval high and he's had according to had Terry Moran I that this is a dangerous and reckless resolution he says. That while congress has every right to pass says he has the duty. To Vito wait he is really digging his heels and saying that he is. I using his authority properly here to protect national security high now interest seeing John that the president would actually choose to invite. Reporters into the room for this it's really un usual. For our president Qiyue. Invite cameras in for a V tell because these are sort of embarrassing events but this is president comes first C telling he's taking a statement. By having cameras they are saying they he is officially not proud of what he's doing by declaring this emergency. He he is clearly said that congress has the freedom to pass this resolution and he doesn't do need to need to re just half of what the Jordan said he's bracing Nancy have been tweeting about a for a couple days he's known and it's going to add to get to this point and he wants to to make a point by bringing cameras and there is showing that he is sticking. To his campaign promise of building a wall by vetoing the so it is a big. Blow. Also we have an aunt and and also broad it may be his first veto so the shortest really seen his presidency. About being one word there we've DL but as Jordan back already with the white house on the foreign move on obviously. They trump legal team the White House Counsel's Office and others. Know that once he does this once he actually doesn't veto that note from Capitol Hill Democrats are not gonna let this a line in the sand bass. Fully plan on moving ahead to bringing this to the attention the Supreme Court. Absolutely John there's every expectation that now this Texas courts. I don't trump White House has expressed confidence and the president's action here and they're prepared to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court if need be and they have confidence. That ultimately when they are now Jon I'd like to find interestingly. The president's new attorney general bill Barr is in the room right now in the oval. As if president is issuing. Hi this is heat towel and I and that's interesting John because we saw the president. Tweet this morning about similar report I it was he's always sad that could be completely up to his attorney general to decide whether to make that public. But this morning as slight change in what he's been saying on that nick tweak. I saying that there should be no Muller reports so maybe the president will be pressed on exactly what he meant there in this oval sprain. Totally accurate Jordan we're obviously watching game I hate to see when the mall or formal come one thing we can assume safely lose afternoon. Not today Jordan adults over the White House thank you very much we appreciate it and tap drummer and a switch here's your little bit because today was actually a big protests around the country for climate change students across the country walking out of classrooms and we actually caught up with a group of the protesters here in Washington DC. Take a look. I'm John Parkinson at the capitol and you're watching the ABC news lives. Today's youth climate strike is happening here at the capitol and all across the country and there is no prouder mama think congresswoman Philly on Omar. Whose daughter is her was one of the co founders and co leaders. Here of this strike at the US capitol Washington. I am here because I believe that people across this country and across the world. Dessert clean air and heat water. I. I am here because I believe these days the greatest threat of humanity has ever days and days climate change. Okay. He's. That I. Is this busy in sixteen years old. And I stand he's nice he's been lying. I have it right. And I just say if you want to hear from her this. Yeah. Oh yeah. Something not others. That might yeah. May not hurt evening action and it's in your teeth and fingers on the hey you review Pena. Pavement you eat and I hear rounds. Now inside the capitol Republicans are daring Democrats hold hearings on the green new deal and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is already accepting the challenge. Telling reporters that several committees will hold hearings in the coming months on climate change. For ABC news live I'm John Parkinson at the capitol. Thank you John Parkinson you can catch all of John's reporting online at ABC news dot. Com sewed. Today. Birthday. The Supreme Court justice she's gotta have pretty healthy workout regimen she likes her planks. A few quick piece of video over some students around the country celebrating RPG's birthday. Yeah okay. Okay. Age and. Okay self. We figured we were joined in on the fun here at ABC. The so we're joined right now by Brian Johnson he is these trainer. For just as your Peter Ginsberg we can tell I and I'll he's happy sorry I'm like yeah. Not mean I don't wait no yeah intrigue the justice for how long. Up to twenty years and really yes really so how many times a week what's her work air regiment like give us the secrets. Twice a week crash are did you work a book how she sees strong content. And every everywhere got fashion there's no times that so we can be an hour need to be 45 minutes. They can be long now and OK now what is her favorite work out to GO OK that's a question Ali's gift. Not sure justice and all the planes are much of favorite but this is the wants us to respect them else. Planks and pushups. Okay now for our team here today they are all going to hate me Brian after the studio right economic we're gonna air racer worst single incident. Newsroom right now we're right come out walking her hell they're walking and we're talking through cell you're you're you're good at educating. ABC Washington teaming up about how to do a proper planning. That's the gulls omitted it on your hands now wary of people trying to keep up with you he had not yet not yet not yet still held every Erica really hot seller. What is the proper way to do apply all right I'm gonna show you the proper way a massage this sneaky way of getting somebody into appliance or how would get my clients that come just. Go to home on the ground and just lay down on the ground obviously you're going to be in our program we're gonna participants and slid down to lead Atlanta are gonna have my laid out. Place down okay eight just plays down what do you think about it think it's something finally get. That's our right to place down a much about your forms Obama may be sold us or article on children all right good to god told. Go ahead on Costello then delta all right now what I want to do is make like you gonna come up in your belief on an ant pile and amp why can't the panel to bring your hips up. Bring your. Hold gold uniforms eligible formula to go off how much my home. All right now and Donald just is on to W I think pat Bieber. Our day to the like dead. He hurt campaign. He bar. It is Johnston was. Big. And soon you knew. That now hold it hold it right here. This is the Superman. He's at he's going to do we have and it's pointless that the events pledges don't be like this he's going to be I think I need you to come. Out. I. And I am you don't just like this heat and hold on don't let anybody. And determine what you yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She. You see them so I didn't want house staff did you. Everybody deduce that the. He's grabbing tell how often turning to day. This is gonna do I think he should do what every one every hour on the hour her birthday today every hour when he out Hulk. 11 o'clock -- that means it's time to sign off thank you so much for joining us on the briefing room this week make sure to download BBC news after any news any time for Katherine folders and are now. Gosh I don't understand teach you have a great weekend. Yeah.

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{"duration":"22:09","description":"Security is heightened at mosques across the country following terror attacks in New Zealand, and President Trump vetoes Congress' resolution to terminate his border wall national emergency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61718881","title":"Trump responds to terror attacks in New Zealand; signs first veto","url":"/International/video/trump-responds-terror-attacks-zealand-signs-veto-61718881"}