Trump wraps up visit to Japan

The president makes headlines in Tokyo with response to Texas church shooting and touts the strength of the U.S. military. ABC News' Devin Dwyer and Katherine Faulders report.
8:40 | 11/06/17

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Transcript for Trump wraps up visit to Japan
Good morning coney beach she why we're here in Tokyo Japan and Devin Dwyer with the ABC news Katherine fall there's my colleagues we're here on the president's. First stop of his Asian tour boy Catherine this is a tour. Aren't eager to AA history twelve days they added a day yesterday five countries. This is a big were your first. Presidential Asian tour what's your impression so far. As he sent the longest war and what the went askew saying as the monster by any president. I'm since George Burns George H. W. Bush and 25 years so simpler sink and a little out ahead of them. That's right but it was a busy first day for first full day here in Tokyo Japan and the president. Making history meeting this prime minister they after round of golf yesterday they actually played nine holes. Are you doing the score. At Japan's most famous course -- of the Tokyo Olympics and point one. But North Korea looming large over this the president overnight is headed to South Korea right into the heart of this tension in this conflict. But also talking a lot about the Russian investigation which was followed him here in of course that shooting overnight in Texas. Top top topic at the a press conference. Ya hot topic at a press conference obviously overshadowing a bit. Of this trip he was asked about an and then quickly. I'm labeled an element of health issue he dodged a little bit a question. Policy issue is meeting with the view on back and homes are definitely following. He's over there but DeVon the mind in the room and there weren't more Japanese importers and US reporters and in the you you know these are being done and they have that translation. Prime minister on the it was there have been allegations on size president from. Antique looking rental. And every ignorant you are telling us he was kind of making Eileen Ewing John Carlo yanking little about him a little about the little appointing a new arena in this kind Xena a useless to take two questions. Bill groups and consumer we were hoping that we would get more questions than that. That's not saying there aren't the. Traditional two into press conferences the White House said there were only going to be at least two of them on this thirteen day trip that sort of unusual for presidents. Totally they hold a couple more particularly at these summits which the presence in his visit at the end of today. He did take a number of questions from reporters. Both but the Texas shooting but also about this and romance. Between. He an object to whom there is no better way to but it it's that it's definitely a permit to be seen in DeVon from the papers and we have our parents and Jeff hanging as ours are especially dislike what does NASA. From this front page news today here in and the Japan times. Now we see prime minister I have a president from these tax when they were at the golf club yesterday take a look they say Donald pensions though. Make alliance even greater. Obviously a riff on the president's campaign slogan. They autographed and we learned yesterday they were made by the Japanese this was a gift for the president by the Japanese. Certainly. A move by ave to win over prison trump and they refer to each other today by first names. Exactly by first names Donald confidence and so and then I'm Mason referred to in Luzon and soon you really tendered. It is. Bernie it's actually playing down here's throughout the day and their families are with him as well Osama Lonnie at trump here in town mrs. they. And a vodka trump made a big flashy actually flew here on commercials you fully United Airlines. To Japan a day ahead of the president and we were bolts remarking about the pictures. Market from which were on the front pages of the papers here before the president arrived. Take a look. There she is they are a lot in the sunglasses. In their rule and fountain and a whole. Police force right to extract to protect them out of a female. Police force while Los she was here is so definitely a big sponsor that he made two front page news before. Her father got here Islam. So she's very popular over here in Japan pocket tranches pushing a women's initiatives. Throughout her time here. But really this was about bonding between. Between the president they do what which he declares the strongest alliance US alliance in the region. In addition to the golfing the president today met the emperor of Japan which is a big deal here 83 year old emperor up. He still went to the Imperial Palace. And you and I were marking Catherine earlier these are sort of thorny encounters for American friends. You do you know all about this you know all about this seven season talking more about that but when. He greeted the hampered in any event. Things are wrong. Not a bow it was not bow out but it presidents have bowed before of course President Obama back in 2009. I got instant trouble he did a full 45 degree down there was no about it they're etiquette is there. Well the State Department advises presidents and diplomats and not to bow but to be sensitive to customs. Here in Japan fouling is a sign of incredible. Respect and appreciation for you we use the restroom read earlier tonight. It was a lot of fun and downing and by the staff there sign of appreciation. Through catches you off guard people Boeing over time so it's not a surprise that the president. Out to the emperor of Japan. But many Americans and that perhaps a sign him diminishing office of the presidency. In person from did not commit the bound. That was the headlines today here in Japan to talk about what else you saw today Catherine you were over at the Arkansas palace. With they and they. It they did some fish. Feeding the they did some fish feeding you've probably seen the video of that. Of the two of them being McCoy on. Spoonful here and and an. Acerbic kind of don't have the spots and and and it seemed like they got a little tired of it in this president kind of dumb that Alex. Hoyt as girls and boys you're not familiar with record fish these. Aren't doing Japanese partner colorful fish. There was a beautiful thing is that there there there symbolic you're in Japan for prosperity good fortune. And they were making them fatter. Interviewed on. Saturday but exactly there's enough here there's some seeming around behind us here is right agreements and. That beautiful Japanese garden here behind us they just wrapped up the president prime minister of state dinner. Tonight in the president fronts honor of the three state dinners through state visits on this trip. And we are off soon Catherine. And planes in any fourteen hours ahead here just after 10 o'clock PM local time have you managed. We're gonna we're dying but delegate to this is a marathon. Headed to South Korea next. Heading to South Korea and acts. Any member of the White House said that here that president will not even they need the demilitarized and Wilson and his that DMZ the border between South Korea. And North Korea but it's the closest that he will get. Two militaries and on the holidays and the White House has said it would be cliche for him to visit noting that secretary Tillerson man incident in his hands. Have already been there but a lot on the attendance period. That's right instead of visiting the DNC which is sort of in the tradition of recent presents the president. It's gonna visit camp Humphries which is a military base shared by Japanese and South Korean forces. And president moon of South Korea wanting to show off this base because. Quit selling these South Koreans who paid for most of it. Which if you remember from the campaign was a big selling point president trump he wanted to make America's allies pay more money for this defense agreements of the gonna show that off. Runs through the other stops of this trip we've got. Still almost hard we've almost two weeks ago you're following him home. And after South Korea he goes to China. China and the in new Vietnam in the Philippines and with significant that is there could possibly be there are no there will be the president said. I'm meeting with Russian president Vladimir couldn't witnessing that he did because back in Helm where you guys aren't of the Russia. Investigations hills looming large with all of the indictment. That's for this into the second meeting between president from. And Vladimir Putin's face to face at least that we. No love we no the president trump says he hopes to enlist Putin's help with North Korea. So be very. Very interesting to see that a pulled that's way down long long line. Later this week for now into. For an hour animated programs and sushi sushi sushi for the the chart. And hop on our plane to South Korea thanks for watching us here at ABC news digital FaceBook follow us all week at Devin Dwyer at K folders. Of course the BBC Good Morning America and be sure to watch world news tonight with David Muir coming up later for now signed an hour from Tokyo.

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{"duration":"8:40","description":"The president makes headlines in Tokyo with response to Texas church shooting and touts the strength of the U.S. military. ABC News' Devin Dwyer and Katherine Faulders report.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"50961776","title":"Trump wraps up visit to Japan","url":"/International/video/trump-wraps-visit-japan-50961776"}