UK approves emergency use for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

The United Kingdom is the first nation to approve emergency use of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine with the rollout expected to begin next week.
19:47 | 12/02/20

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Transcript for UK approves emergency use for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update we have breaking news the UK has become the first country to approve the Kaiser backseat. It's expected to be distributed there would in the next seven days. What this means in the global fight against corona virus as a CDC panel recommend who should get the first vaccine shots. Here in the US we have the details out this morning. Also ahead attorney general bill barred thousands of Justice Department has found no evidence of widespread voter fraud. This is a Republican official in Georgia secretary of State's office makes a pleas to the president. Stop inspiring people to commit potential hotspots some a didn't get hurt someone's gonna get shot Simmons and get killed. Newly revealed investigation into an alleged pardon bribery screen is the president considering pardons for members of his family and himself. And new reports say the Oscars will be held next year income person is what we know about the shows plans to go on to. But we begin with that breaking news the UK has become the first country to approve the vaccine for coal in nineteen. Some of the most. Risk citizens could start getting their first doses in a matter of days. Maggie really is in London with more on this Maggie good morning what we know so far about this vaccine approved them. Hey Dan good morning at this as a really monumental unions like you said the UK here we the first country in the world -- to a -- the use of the -- -- vaccines -- -- actually being given to people in just the next few days this is really incredible news not just in the UK but globally as Welch and -- -- was able to approve it so quickly get an extra emergency approval process and -- is hard to overstate -- just how much of the historic moment this really is this is the cost as an accident on French concept to reality in just a matter of ten months of the process that normally takes up to a decades visiting a major major milestones for us here in the -- tanks and even -- -- -- -- very quick turnaround home secretary here was quick to point out and stressed that all safety protocols Bernanke's and it no corners are cut and even went on TV today instead she got the -- lying on British television she doesn't prove to people that it was -- it's also should not important that people feel comfortable taking a backseat you know that's something that she in the US they're gonna have to deal with. Deanna seemed a lot of the problems are the same here at a broad but nice to see that in the UK may have started this process. What's your order of people to be vaccinated there. She'll also a big issue in the US and in the you can around the -- who's going to get the vaccine -- we know right now is -- his first batch coming -- -- -- starred in the loaded up in Belgium to make their way here in the UK this week's 400000 people are gonna be a part of this first round getting vaccinated in their uninsured goes to those who are most vulnerable there should be focusing first on elderly -- people in care homes as well as their caregivers -- and that's going to be next the first line of -- -- but the house of chaos that we shouldn't spend millions of people to be vaccinated before the end of the hearing it will go down in order also health -- workers next as well as the elderly sort of down an age brackets -- but it's also important to note that we expect the vast majority of people -- not be vaccinated -- until next year so while this is great news people still need a practicing like social distancing and mask wearing until everyone can be made it. Can't such an important point Maggie ruling in London for us thanks Maggie. She and as we wait a vaccine approval here in the US were more about who will be first to get it here is wellness as nearly 100000. People are currently hospitalized that the virus that's a record number action chief national affairs correspondent Tommy honest. Has the latest. This morning as millions of doses of the coup rotavirus vaccine or getting ready for delivery we now know who was likely to get them for us. A CDC advisory panel recommending two groups. Health care workers and some of the most vulnerable. People living in long term care facilities. The panel predicting most states and cities will be able to backs and eight all health care workers within three weeks. But ultimately the decision will be up to state governors and local leaders who will decide where the doses go. The US government estimating forty million doses enough for twenty million Americans by the end of this year right now across the country nearly 100000. People are in the hospital with Covert nineteen. In Maryland the governor there are getting emotional talking about the devastating loss. His state is experienced. Sadly. We have a loss. Our youngest victim. 01 year old. Boy. To this deadly. Curse much and this morning George spoke with doctor most of so while we achieved science advisor for operation warp speed the Obama plans set for distributing the vaccine now the Britain has approved. Use the vaccine are you confident that same approval is gonna come here in the next two weeks. Well listen it's great news I think that then independent regulatory ability that. Outside of the US outside of the Coptic C meets these vaccines have been developed. Has come to a policy decision regarding the Pfizer vaccine. I would expect the FDA to reach a similar conclusion I hope. But it turned toward the end of until December president since approved. All right Diane we're back here at the main distribution center for north well health and you could see it is stuck to the roof. With supplies which is the good news because the unfortunate news is we are still dealing with this pandemic and in some cases it is fighting across the country want to show you just one of these boxes you this is filled. With syringes some of these syringes could be used for the vaccine and I is pretty incredible to think that just in this. Little plastic tube this right here where it's bill with a vaccine could save someone's life. Giants shirt had. Tommy ominous at the medical warehouse in New York City thanks Tom. And for more on the vaccine let's ABC news medical contributor doctor Darian satin for more on this actors and thanks for being here. That CDC panel is it recommending that health care workers. And people in long term care facilities get the vaccine first once it is approved here in the US what's the strategy there. Wanted to cancel the goal is targeting and backs needing those at highest risk of getting them back to eating the virus and also indicted butter sculpture where is like myself included in that group because we have a high level exposure to the Irish relatives and normal population. And also. This action council 39 Ers in nineteen related deaths are targeting routes are absolutely will reduce the amount and decimated Dakota nineteen Lindsay she. And how many people would have to be vaccinated for this endemic to be considered over. So some analysts presume it would involve we're need approximately 6% participation in order to yield the goal is a vaccine induced herd immunity and context 60% of the American population doesn't 200 million people each person needing to doses were referencing me I surrendered a vaccine and that's 400 million dollars Tibetans and all operational need to produce and distribute and so and so we're able to get there probably not select what was said earlier in the next calendar year to focus on network that's right now which is wearing a mask and being leaders. An obese Americans can also be prioritized for the vaccine that's creating some debate can you asked are those arguments. Yes of this expected to Angola targeting and that singing there was I assume the risk of getting the virus and also died from the virus patients suffering from obesity are some of the highest of Asians and arsenal no person from my own experience and also in researched other patients will probably be included in her locations are in the stage organ disease and those locations are free from diseases such as you need disease are. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease congestive heart what you're seeing you. Is whether the vaccine can give you current virus Dinah some vaccines use a week or an active version of a virus but the finer magenta vaccines don't even do that so can you explain cash. The different types of vaccines and play right now and how they work. This is a great question I just wanna take a step back and talk about the types that you referenced so manager and the either vaccine or who you are any vaccines. Contacts RNA is warm and unstable genetic information. On menus or instruction that is very unstable and that's what needs refrigerated and very very low temperatures. Are injected into our cells and cause our cellular machinery producer cheeks and it's very similar to us Christine commonly outsider corona virus. That produces are on your response produces antibodies approaching because they did and didn't artists aren't routinely and the MR NA is agreed you know as we clean our bodies. The antibodies pursue this goal we seeing a long time and being ready for the possibility of another urgent question to launch a corona virus beating the human body so that virus so yeah AstraZeneca vaccine. Sorry but I just wanted to clarify some of the five permanent and vaccines he's and a barn in vaccines don't give you any version of the virus at all. Certainly do not drinking on Guantanamo viable form of B Byron it's just simply to produce routine that is similar to broker team out of the virus could not produce a viable virus and then you receive the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine works a little differently to explain that one. Yes of the AstraZeneca vexing is the viral vector vaccines will be the city we'll weakened form of pirates are all at no virus most often use your one its most commonly used these are sounding the species that it's injected into our bodies and that is news outlets produce immune response. That preserves and that technology has been used to Wear and simple or any other means such as hepatitis B vaccine as well as we have seen in terms of using viral vaccines however still goes viruses that are elected each and not won a viable form of rotavirus can you coached. OK so then the brightest question I got from viewers is in the vaccines safe and that somewhat related to what you're telling us that. It also is this something that children should be receiving before they go to school. And thirty side effects from the vaccine known at this point. So far this side effects and have been reported our side effects that are commonly seen all vaccines which include fevers that he and muscle late at these often common vaccine is given because our body expertise is that and in response. It seems pretty economy but. Yet there yet to be any Armstrong adverse events and reported by government and. All right doctor Gary and sudden we appreciate your time today as always thank you. And you remember you at a home can tweet me your questions about club in nineteen at Diana are missing it now and we will should try to get an answer for you right here on ABC news lives. With our experts. Does president Trump's turn comes to a close we are learning more about heart and he could issue before leaving office. Sources say those artists could include members of his inner circle who are not currently charged with any crimes even his own family. At the same time a court filing is revealing a new federal investigation into presidential pardons cash. And a potential scheme to obtain them illegally senior White House correspondent Cynthia Vega has the details. Overnight newly unsealed court documents revealing the Department of Justice is investigating an alleged bribery scheme accusing lobbyists of attempting to shakedown senior White House officials. In exchange for a presidential pardon the heavily redacted files don't reveal the identities of any potential suspects or the would be recipient of the pardon but according to the Justice Department no government officials were or are currently the target of the probe on Twitter president child calling the pardon investigation announced by his own officials fake news this and ABC news has learned there is a full blown push to convince president trump he should preemptively pardon close advisors members of his family and even himself before leaving office among the names the president has discussed behind the scenes. The oldest three of his five children. Don junior Eric and of Monica as well as his son in law Jerry commissioner according to multiple sources the president's allies see pardons as an insurance policy against potential investigations by the incoming Biden administration. But sources say president trump is not fully sold on the idea. Hence the public campaign from Fox News host and presidential confidant Sean Hannity. Mike the president of the door needs to pardon his whole family and himself because that they want to switch on to go on in perpetuity. There's so full of rage and insanity against. President sources tell ABC news the president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani his most ardent and vocal defender of those baseless rigged election claims to be just disgraceful what happened. It is also among those who in recent weeks directly asked president trump for preemptive pardon. Though Giuliani denies it but perhaps the biggest controversy of all a preemptive self pardon. It's unclear whether the president even has the legal authority to do it despite his claims. Myself sources tell ABC news president trump has yet to turn his full attention to this long list of pardon requests. Including from the man known as tiger king. The subject of the Netflix documentary currently serving a 22 year prison sentence for murder for hire and animal abuse his legal team hopeful president trump takes up their case trial. Asking you residential or requests. Are asking for your signature. You really show he's absolutely analysts and you're the one concise. Period. But again just to break down what's being considered here with these preemptive pardons were talking about pardons being issued before the president has even left office. For people who have not even been charged with a crime what's unprecedented here. Is the conflict of interest for preemptive pardons are allowed but again it's this conflict of interest. It is raising red flags for so many right now we're basically. The a preemptive get out of jail free card for possibly members of the president's family close members of his family. Close friends and allies and Diane potentially even the president himself. It's an interest in wants it. Syria may get thanking him. An attorney general bill Barr is disputing the president's claims about election fraud aren't tells the Associated Press the Justice Department has found no evidence of throb that would change the results of the election but as our Steve Rosen Sami reports that presidents baseless claims are having an impact in states like Georgia where election officials are now begging the president and his supporters to stop before someone gets hurt. Even as the president and his supporters this morning continue to go after their own in states like Georgia. One of the president's own cabinet members attorney general William Barr is now directly contradicting the president's false claims about election fraud. Telling the Associated Press we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election. It is all too much for this Georgia election official a lifelong Republican who says people in his office are afraid for their lives and that the president needs to stop. Be the bigger man here and stop step in and telling her supporters. Don't be violent. Don't intimidate. All that's wrong it's un American. Gabriel sterling has the voting system implementation manager for the Georgia secretary of state. His boss secretary of state grad rapids burger certified the election and says what the president is doing on Twitter is a bunch of lies. It's gotten dangerous stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence that someone didn't get hurt. And someone's gonna get shots. Some listening to kill him he tells the story of one young election worker and his family who are now facing death threats a twentysomething tech and when counting today it's. As death threats and onions and I don't think he should be hung for treason sterling also tells about how the secretary of State's wife. Is now getting sexually explicit threats on her personal cell phone and his wife of forty years is getting centralized address. Drew herself. Did you have. Should stop. He also had some not so kind words for other Republicans have been a little too quiet about the endless harassment. Including Georgia's to current senators Kelly law clerk and David Perdue Mr. President and you've not condemn these actions or this language. Senators. You've not. Condemned this language or these actions as the backbone of democracy. And all of you have not said a damn worried are complicit in this. The Loeffler campaign the Purdue campaign and the trump campaign are all. Putting out statements condemning the violence and harassment for refusing to apologize for unproven charges of fraud. In this election for Democrats in the state who are enjoying the theater of it all. They're hoping that this helps them win the two US senate seats that are up. Next month. Diane determine control of the senate Steve doesn't sound in Atlanta thank you. And a few things to know before you go the Oscar nominated actor known for playing a role in Juneau and playing a super here on the umbrella academy. Has announced that he is transgender and we'll now go by the name Elliott. Page rights and opposed I can't begin to express how remarkable it feels to finally love who I am enough to pursue my authentic selves. Page also address his fears about coming out writing. All the trans people who deal with harassment self loathing abuse and the threat of violence every day icu. I love you and I will do everything I can to change this world for the better. Netflix which airs the umbrella academy responded on Twitter saying so proud of our superhero yeah we love you Natalie and yeah. And a big announcement from the academy this morning there will be no virtual Oscars into when he when he won. A rep from the academy an ABC tell variety the show will go one next year in person. The Oscars are slated for April 25 about two months later than usual because of the pandemic. Sources say pushing the ceremony back and allow more movies ago for Oscar gold. No word yet on what safety protocols will be in place. She kind of French chef is breaking a Guinness world record and giving new meaning to extra cheese. Then lobbed rounds pizza has 254. Different cheeses are breaking the record for an approximately twelve inch high. The new record is based on a video by French blogger Florian an on air. Where's Shaq wells set out to top the previous record of an Australian pizza. With 150. Ford cheeses wells' pizza costs nearly a thousand dollars to put together. And that's another for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Zeta thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see right back here at 11 AM eastern. Revenue up.

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{"duration":"19:47","description":"The United Kingdom is the first nation to approve emergency use of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine with the rollout expected to begin next week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"74504864","title":"UK approves emergency use for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine","url":"/International/video/uk-approves-emergency-pfizers-covid-19-vaccine-74504864"}