UK approves Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

Oxford/AstraZeneca’s vaccine becomes the second vaccine in the U.K. authorized for emergency use, plus the first known case of the U.K. COVID variant in the U.S. has been detected in Colorado.
5:07 | 12/30/20

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Transcript for UK approves Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine
We do have some good news in the pandemic as well the UK has approved another vaccine this from Oxford and AstraZeneca. ABC news foreign correspondent James long minutes in London tracking latest there. James good morning it's nice to be talking to you about a little of the good news for alliance worry now about this new AstraZeneca vaccine. And how could the differences between that vaccine and some of the others now approved. Make such a difference in the vaccine strategy. Hi Diane yet great to speech in great to have some good news and it is significant time in the difference is all quite significant between. This vaccine and the fines and Madonna vaccine mainly on temperature I don't cost. He also had AstraZeneca vaccine doesn't need to be kept to those who collect temperature is it just can be kept in a regular refrigerator like mine Orioles which means it's much much easier to roll out. Officials are hoping that a lot more people will be able to get this vaccine a lot quicker I won't cost it is significantly cheaper. Defines a vaccine per dose cost around twenty dollars a month done a vaccine will cost something around thirty dollars. This one just between two and three dollars which means this vaccine is now much more accessible from billions of people around the wild. Folks that and AstraZeneca made an agreement when they started out on this thing that it wouldn't be gobbled up by developed nations like hall's and light fuels and that is indeed what happened with the finds a vaccine on pre orders. This 11 billion doses of award even been pre wooded. Buy low and middle income nations that makes a lot more accessible for then. Arnold strategy while another big line at a UK here today is that Britain has changed. It's vaccine roll out strategy originally you have the first dice and then you wait three weeks via second as we sort. Margaret Keane in. The 91 year old in the north living in the first person on enough to get vaccinated outside of a trial she's not has second does. Speaks moss from how are again today but that now will change in Britain. The authorities say want to front say as many people as possible would the first dice and delay that second one for up to three months on both the flies I'm the elks have vaccine. In order just to get as many people protected as possible they sore on of the Ochs who trials that even off to one dose of the vaccine he waited three weeks he would not go into the hospital. With the corona virus now it won't stop you from getting it in tiny but it'll stop you from needing to be hospitalized amass the big issue and protecting health services. We're seeing them overwhelmed here in London hospitals offending up you'll sing it every day in the United States. I think people realize they can't stamp out front of our soul together. But just one dose of this thing can keep people out of the hospital announces BA in sounded a bit of good news what is otherwise a pretty bleak time and. I think we've heard a lot of conversation about changing the strategy to that it instead using that one dose for as many people as possible. Be interesting to see if the US also follows suit there. Unfortunately though here in the US we now have our first detected case. That new strain that we originally saw in the UK we know it's been there in the UK for awhile now so how are officials. Treating that Marion and what do you think US officials can learn from that. Well fundamentally. I think officials tea understand it to treat or to combat this variant tornados hail Mary into corona bars in other at least. Seven strains circulating around the world. The same restrictions he'd be put in place need to keep your distance from people he meets where mosque need to wash your hands. And I don't think that anything at major can be done really anything the united differently. Than was done ordinary and I think that's the main to take way for the United States. We in Britain and the year we have moved far harsher restrictions in place and yet. This variant is circulating wildly in the population side. If it comes over to the United States a place where we're watching for abroad doesn't seem to have many rules in place in much of the country or he's people on necessary taken very seriously the variant. And any other new Barrington the future could spread. A loss I mean this one was tracked back to set ten but what's when they found the original patient had its. Takes a month to sequence the G nine a and realize in October that it was a new variant. It didn't. And it it was a it was December before the government changed tack on counseling Christmas. You remember we actually were going to relax restrictions for Christmas they change tack at the last minute. So I think maybe even he found a few cases the very intimate and the United States to complete. Might be something officials in the United States can say that because in Britain now. Restrictions are really ramping up we council Christmas it's likely that here is basically off as well the only things that remain open in Britain of the moment really in most of this country. All schools but there will be an announcement later today may may even close as well so. I think it's very clear that this variant is very transmissible it's not more deadly it's important to say not. But in London alone 62%. Of new cases often Vinson variants of corona virus so it does seem to be replacing the old variant if you like. And so that is the warning from here in Britain but I've ever throw around these last few months Diane. No country seems to want to learn from Manama and we will go our and way side of fingers cross for 20/20 one. Fingers crossed indeed yet another reason why it's so urgent that we get that vaccine to as many people as possible James long an N London. Thanks as always James stay safe.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Oxford/AstraZeneca’s vaccine becomes the second vaccine in the U.K. authorized for emergency use, plus the first known case of the U.K. COVID variant in the U.S. has been detected in Colorado.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"74971124","title":"UK approves Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine","url":"/International/video/uk-approves-oxford-astrazeneca-covid-19-vaccine-74971124"}