UK on lockdown

Restrictions are re-imposed in England as the new COVID-19 variant causes cases to surge.
2:34 | 01/06/21

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Transcript for UK on lockdown
Welcome back the United Kingdom is under a national lockdown trying to battle a new more contagious strain. Of the corona virus prime minister Boris Johnson said the Varian is spreading so fast it risks overwhelming the health system in just three weeks. James Longley joins us now from his home in London with more on this James what government officials hoping to accomplish with these new restrictions. Well then I think everyone is this very show to just how false this mutation seems to have taken hold so don't look down basically is the only way. Just stall this Boller is in his tracked it in its tracks it kind of what ever the solace that hoping to replicate just to get the united it was a scar a short time ago which. He was quite concerning. One in fifty people in Britain now how the corona virus. On of the day by day cases are brown pitched 40000. And today over 60000 new cases in just one day say that's what they doing it whole country's on lockdown pretty much some sixty million people all nonessential businesses. Are closed. Some people can continue to go to a good it's not possible to them to work from autumn but. I Worrell hunkering down now in Britain just see if it's not down tells what I keeping our fingers crossed that the vaccine comes. Will set a three. It was truly alarming James is Tara how. How much of this surge of they've been able to determine is because the increased transmits ability of this new variant or because of holiday gatherings for example. While I think it's. Eddie opiates that it's the new mutation they have now discovered that is the dominant variant here in London the dominant Barrett in the southeast and has spread exponentially. Across the country I'm yes there was a spike when people came by medications and it was an accident. Here right now life to kind of get back to normal I think resource number of countries do you got it really is this new mutation people. Pointing to is being the reason why aren't in so many more realizations I think it's really important to say it's more deadly just causes people to go to the hospital more people go to calls more people getting it and the number one aim here is not a sincerity to stamp out the stop. We're going to all eyes. All right James Longley and at home in London thanks and stay safe my friend.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Restrictions are re-imposed in England as the new COVID-19 variant causes cases to surge. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"75066825","title":"UK on lockdown ","url":"/International/video/uk-lockdown-75066825"}