UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson issues lockdown order as cases rise across nation

The U.K. is reporting more than 50,000 new cases of COVID-19 a day.
4:31 | 01/05/21

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Transcript for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson issues lockdown order as cases rise across nation
And the United Kingdom is under a strict new national lockdown this morning as a new strain of the virus is contributing to a dramatic surge in cases. James Lyman joins me now with more on that national shut down and James good morning what does this lockdown. In tail and why now. Good morning Diane well I think in in kind of very clear times what you just sold that from month's report is. Being replicated here in the United States not to think the situation here in Britain is as bad if not we'll us actually was seeing a sustained period of case numbers more than 50000 new cases of infection a day over a number of days and the number of deaths as well as being replicated. Being reflected in the death tells if you look at the death tolls now for instance is cut high that it was. At the beginning of December so it is being driven. Officials think buying this he mutation and asked why. The government has made this decision so he went back down to pay a full national don't want you. The in. In the eight and lost here in moss so. All nonessential businesses have closed Bieber being ordered to stay home and not allowed to socialize any longer the any businesses that can't remain open things like supermarkets construction markets. Can continue to what anyone who can't reasonably do that job from home is allowed to continue a pretty much go back. To where we were in March with a hug. That these vaccines will release Britain but the picture here is very grim indeed and James how are people they're reacting to this. But I think there's a real sense of depression unit that. We had moments and moments of locked down. Continual promises by the government that the end it was just around the corner that they were getting a hound DelHomme things and yet here we are again. I think obviously lessons were learned I've the lockdown people. What town how they could survive. Fold those moments that without seeing friends and found me without being able to work. But I think fundamentally people how angry about the some stops thoughts. Kind of process over the last few months particularly with schools just as an example of the last few weeks the government repeat case. That was that may be tougher restrictions schools would stay open really top until. Yes today when its schools students for tons after the Christmas break every 1041 day and the prime estimated hospitals identical that everything would close. Analysts children now about active. Home minding we think their children you have to do serious exams that in this country age sixteen and then again at age eighteen. And you know for them to mess around this way and that parents of course after what how to. Continue their blood wealth of the same time home schooling very typical so I think. There is the sense that the government has reacted late to every juncture. To this issue and there are other major problems that the virus has. Kind of made even was when it comes to kind of things like the inequality gap is those who are going back to what he what is people like bus drivers and cleaners. A finalist in knowing come what is in the pit themselves on the front line that. Making themselves more vulnerable to the virus that people are saying what we gonna do about that you gonna put prioritize them and give them the vaccine bus. Doesn't seem to be a little planning oh not a and I think that's what some people are fading. More than that of the press this morning and James so much hope is now hanging. On the vaccines the UK is doing things differently from the US so what is the vaccine plan their right now. Well the plan now is to give as many people as possible the first dose all of the vaccine identifies. All they AstraZeneca vaccine as to have been authorized. Here in Britain the hope that three weeks off that bus dice you do get some kind of immunity in their prime minister that she quite clear last night on. Exactly how he plans to roll this out in me in the in the first instance. You how those incan times and can't let this who get the art scene for us anyone who the front line health workers well they took an anti viral and anyone age seventy and above. And the idea is to get as many of those people vaccinated. By mid February as possible. So that restrictions can then be lifted unless the country is something like fourteen million people's that is a big big toss. Safety and welcome timeframe. By mid February that it once had one does it might be for another few weeks off to until they've got some kind of immunity set up needs us to believe a probably going to be an up down. And today at least in March but battle hands on the idea you can backs and eighteen million people a week. I'm a lot of people think that's possible but would have to wait and see people fingers crossed lot of patience needed right now James Longman in London thank you.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"The U.K. is reporting more than 50,000 new cases of COVID-19 a day. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"75056424","title":"UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson issues lockdown order as cases rise across nation","url":"/International/video/uk-prime-minister-boris-johnson-issues-lockdown-order-75056424"}