Acting Ukraine President Threatens Force in an 'Anti-Terrorist Operation'

Unrest spreads to a thirteenth city as pro-Russian groups seize more government buildings and an airport.
7:08 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for Acting Ukraine President Threatens Force in an 'Anti-Terrorist Operation'
This is a special room. Ukraine which saw undergoes a war -- And not just the war against separatists and bandits -- There is also war against corruption. In the war against economic irresponsibility. And Ukrainian government. It is decisive regain -- inspiration. To introduce economic political and financial reform. Fighting words from you -- -- Ukraine's finance minister Alexander -- He is in Washington today with his American counterpart Jack clue who is signing off on a one billion dollar loan guarantee to the new Ukrainian government. However when -- -- Cutler -- new York and developing this afternoon tense times in eastern Ukraine the unrest now spreading. To -- thirteenth. City. In the region. As pro Russian groups c.s and barricade government buildings and now Ukraine's president. It's ready to throw them out with force ABC's -- court is in the region with this report. -- -- Ukraine on the brink unrest spreading today anti government -- violently seizing one town's police headquarters. For more than a week. Across eastern Ukraine -- violence and buildings occupied in more than a dozen places that equipment. Ukraine's acting president on Sunday -- what he called an anti terrorist operation if protesters didn't put down their weapons and leave the buildings by Monday morning. But that deadline came and went and the unrest spread on Monday afternoon a local airport was seized. Ukraine in the United States accuse Russia of sending forces into Ukraine to stoke the unrest. We know who is behind this indeed the only entity in the area capable of these coordinated professional military actions is Russia. Big checkpoints like this one have been set up on all the main roads heading into slot B -- to prevent Ukrainian authorities from coming in. This is now effectively -- entire town that has been seized by pro Russian forces. We visited one town where two buildings had been seized running into a checkpoint manned by men who said they were Ukrainian soldiers who defected. And with satellite pictures showing almost 40000 Russian troops on the border with Ukraine the fear now is that Ukrainian military action. Could provoke a Russian invasion. Alex Marquardt ABC news Don -- -- in eastern Ukraine. So at a Moscow now what we are joined by ABC's cared Rania with the latest on the situation in -- -- the deadline as Alex notice peace there is common gone. So what if anything is keeping -- forces from from actually launching attacks on those pro Russian groups. Well I think you heard -- -- -- right there they know that if they send those troops in to the east try to quell this with force that it's exactly what. President Putin would need to justify doing -- in defending. Russian speakers in the east and -- -- very concerned about crossing that line. They know that even if Russian troops don't go in that this could be the start of -- civil war. An armed conflict between both sides -- -- and they're very careful about crossing the Ukrainian government has also asked for help. From the United Nations. But in all reality what is the likelihood of seeing UN troops in that region any time -- Eight times that you just thinking logistically you have to get approval from the UN to do this you have to find countries look to deploy that they need to get them on the ground so. What you're looking at a situation right now that is pretty pretty hot and you've got both sides facing off against each -- the thought of getting UN troops on the ground. It within a matter of weeks try to get this. To get between the two sides is very difficult so and you look at it now -- happening in Washington right now US Treasury Secretary Jack with a signing off on -- billion dollar loan today. But he also discussed some other ways to combat Russian aggression in Ukraine here's -- he said. In addition working with our allies we're fully prepared to impose additional significant sanctions on Russia as it continues to escalate the situation in Ukraine. Including apparently threw his support to a concerted campaign by armed militants in east Ukraine's. -- -- We already have sanctions in place right now so what additional measures than could the US take or the international community in in trying to restrict that kind of financial movement. Well reportedly what's being discussed right now are additional sanctions on people very close to president who some of his inner circle people who lead. Some of the very important industries in Russia that would be minding. Energy. And several other ones that would be you know if they were to be section. Could have a huge impact. While the Russian economy. The US faces a vintage Helms tried to get that -- they can do on the road -- they want to do with the Europeans. That the Europeans are so dependent on Russia for energy and trade and they're very reluctant to take additional steps. Because this President Obama is noted once they get to these -- sanctions -- no -- hitting an economy like Russia which is. One of the largest in the world without hitting the American economy and economies around the world as well so -- as you know Russian state media. Reported yesterday -- CIA chief John Brennan was in -- essentially directing. The Ukraine's response any evidence though that to to back that claim and -- to see what is the CIA -- that he's having a say about these kinds of clients. Well this case -- they don't comment as a matter of principle. That director's travel but they did denied the accusation. That he was directing. The use of that that the use of force in responding to these protesters. I should say that it's very difficult to tell exactly what's going on there are allegations flying around from both sides. About what's going on in Ukraine and there's a lot of of information disinformation and propaganda and it's very difficult. Even for people who -- talking to the people. On the ground to know exactly what's going on who's behind them. Who lesson because you'll hear -- -- the -- essentially if you look at the strategy of this is the expectation now that if you're crane forces attack. Those pro Russian groups in the east is that that justification for Russian troops on the border to then enter that country. You know there's only one person in the world who knows if if the rush is going to send troops into Russia -- Ukraine and that's Vladimir Putin himself. He's been extremely unpredictable throughout this entire conflict and frankly he's used that to his advantage. To be able to keep everyone off off balance. You know I should note that just a short while ago the Kremlin spokesperson said that -- is beginning. A lot of requests for assistance from people in eastern Ukraine so again if they do want to try to find the justification of the pretext to go win. There's certainly getting it right now are ABC's -- Rania in Moscow -- -- that -- certainly appreciate your time and the insight. Of course you give up with a stood up situation in Ukraine in real time by downloading ABC news -- and starring -- for exclusive updates on the go. For now though I'm down Cutler in New York.

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{"duration":"7:08","description":"Unrest spreads to a thirteenth city as pro-Russian groups seize more government buildings and an airport.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"23320990","title":"Acting Ukraine President Threatens Force in an 'Anti-Terrorist Operation'","url":"/International/video/ukraine-crisis-acting-president-threatens-force-anti-terrorist-23320990"}