Updates on cruise ship under coronavirus quarantine

See how passengers onboard the quarantined cruise ship are spending their Valentine’s Day.
2:54 | 02/15/20

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Transcript for Updates on cruise ship under coronavirus quarantine
Maggie really joins us once again live from Japan at Maggie it's like Groundhog Day all over again we keep seeing it day after day standing in front of that ship with the expectation of the passengers. May be able to come off any day is today finally the day. And it's funny you say that as said that to my chairman and just this morning as we woke up to drive to the same exact live shot or twelfth time this week but then I had to think. Businesspeople and quarantine are going through every single day they're living on this boat every single day day after day but. If you ask about people getting off the boat that is true how we saw that first batch come off that today your time yesterday our time now we were talking about this yesterday Lindsay that it was. High risk passengers of people. Over eighty with a medical condition but is also volunteers they had that want to leave and test negative for the virus and Lindsey knew how to surprise yesterday only eleven people got off the boat seven but only eleven people met those requirements. And wanted to leave. But again this is the first waves were expecting a more waves the plan is to eventually get all of these people off this vote to finish their quarantine on short. Quarantine now was sent to and February 19 but that is still just sort of the best guess they can extend that for insinuating circumstances as well in his work. You'll following the latest on this though we have also remember that this is ongoing throughout Asia but really hard hit China especially in blue Honda at the center we're seeing some images come out of China right now in their. So hard to believe Lindsay chinas or taking a wartime approach to this virus and we've seen. Fairly dramatic video to the being dragged out of their homes out of the street if they're not willing to self quarantine. We've heard reports of justice of ghost towns and the government really cracking down so this is a serious situation not just in China but across Asia and the United States is paying attention as well. And Maggie we're hearing that apparently on this Valentine's Day the virus hasn't ruined I guess all the festivities on the vote. It really does. Happy news as Valentine's Day Lindsay you know that one couple we've been talking to this whole time John and Melanie Melanie is that be a photo of a care package that diamond princess. Gave to all the passengers including a rose and chocolates and you said of a smile on her face. Even though she can't be with her Valentine this Valentine's Day and it's not just here and earmark base back in the states. We talked to Charlie Charlie was begging dying for Pete's he's an Ollie let his teeth and quarantine the heats up and sent to hand this Valentine's Day so there's you know. A little bit of love nine your rounded this kind of wild in Hong Kong this year. There's been such a run on face masks and now there's a joke going or on the people are asking for. Face mask is that of roses this Valentine's Day so you know in the middle of sort of this outbreak there. He's little light spots I assume we're paying today Lindsay in solidarity with everyone celebrating Valentine's Day. On this period so keep trying to keep their spirits up right again we saw that five more days in quarantine for this group so. The longtime friends and he has some bright spots still in the midst of an all Maggie really thank you for that live report once again.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"See how passengers onboard the quarantined cruise ship are spending their Valentine’s Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"68997722","title":"Updates on cruise ship under coronavirus quarantine","url":"/International/video/updates-cruise-ship-coronavirus-quarantine-68997722"}