US Evacuates Embassy in Libya; Cease-Fire Continues in Gaza

State Department removes staff from Libya and urges Americans to avoid traveling to the country.
5:41 | 07/26/14

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Transcript for US Evacuates Embassy in Libya; Cease-Fire Continues in Gaza
Take a -- and Dan Harris that ABC news digital special report the US embassy in Libya has been shut down this morning at American personnel have been evacuated out of the country. Under military escort to Tunisia the neighboring country. We're just learning that all embassy personnel are safe and sound in Tunisia the State Department making this move because fighting between rival militias in Tripoli and Libya. Has now intensified in ABC's Mohammed -- Is in London right now -- more on this developing story -- good morning to you. Good morning to you -- in the indications are that this was a daring daylight evacuation. The diplomats were rushed into a convoy of vehicles that convoy. According to eyewitnesses on the ground was flanked on either side by American Marines on the ground American fighter jets in the sky -- were providing cover. As that convoy was being driven as you mentioned to neighboring Tunisia where they are all safe and accounted for so make a mistake and this was by no means a small operation. Secretary of state John Kerry just recently had this to say about the evacuation. Constantly. Freewheeling. Militia. Violence is taking place. AAA. -- and -- -- it's been nevertheless presents a very rudeness. Or personnel. Freewheeling militia violence very strong words -- now in addition to the evacuation. The State Department has issued a travel warning advising all Americans in Libya to get out of the country immediately. And that State Department warning points out the reason why it says that the rubble and the rival militias now have military weapons including. And this is where it gets dangerous stand including. Anti aircraft weapons and as we've seen all too closely over the last several days in Ukraine. When a rubble and rival militias get -- of anti aircraft weapons it is a potentially very dangerous situation. Especially in a country like Libya that -- so much fighting already. Yes bad things can happen there's no question about it of course. The memory of the attack -- Ben Ghazi which is not Tripoli but it is and another smaller city in Libya. Where so many Americans died is still fresh and a lot of people's minds here in this country. Given the political uproar over that I would imagine that certain motivated with the decision to -- -- out of Tripoli. Well absolutely you know the one question that Americans are going to be asking is how close were American diplomats to being put in harm's way. First let's -- -- this is actually the second time in just the last three years or so that the embassy in Tripoli. Has been closed down and we have some indications of just how close the diplomats were this time to some of the violence. The current ambassador to Libya Deborah Jones -- very recently that the fighting was getting very close to the embassy saying -- We have not been attacked but our neighborhood is a bitch too close to the action. Later on she tweeted quote diplomatic diplomatic missions. To be avoided -- a -- seemingly aimed at some of these rebel groups and rival groups that are fighting for control areas around the embassy especially. Around the airport in Tripoli she later tweeted again that there have been heavy shelling and gunfire near the embassy. And of course -- -- -- pointed out the political uproar while it's going to be interesting to see the political ramifications of this because clearly. The American diplomats were very getting -- you know very close to the fighting and the fighting in turn was getting very close to the diplomats. Some State Department -- in this case clearly taking no chances and getting Americans out of their spouses they cut. Nominally low with the latest on a breaking story this morning thank you Mohammed now to the Middle East and the twelve hour cease fire between Israel and Hamas Israel agreed to this. Short humanitarian cease fire after rejecting -- longer truce proposed by secretary of state John carried amounting. Palestinian death told now topping 900 most of them civilians meanwhile forty Israelis have died. ABC's David Wright has the latest now from Gaza City. Good morning -- so far so good on the cease fire front a twelve hour lull in the hostilities. The started at 8 o'clock this morning local time not a single shot fired since then. -- may be able to hear there's an Israeli drone overhead keeping a watchful lives. As we've been out on the streets today we've seen some incredible things Gaza -- -- -- ghost town since we got here but today it is teeming with life. People hurrying to get things done in this window of time. Among them -- in a run on the banks people rushing to withdraw their savings for the money that they need for basic necessities. We've also been able to see some of the hardest hit areas areas like change idea which just today they hold any five bodies out of the rubble there. The death toll on the Palestinian side now officially stands at 98580%. Of them. Thought to be civilians on the Israeli side 4037. Israeli soldiers and three civilians. The diplomats are said to be using this time today this window of opportunity to broker a longer piece. And it can't come quickly enough. That is true it cannot come quickly enough David Greg reported from -- very dangerous Gaza Strip David stay safe and thanks for your reporting. That is one of the major -- -- we're following at ABC news today the situation in the Gaza Strip also the situation in Libya. We'll also be watching severe weather expected in much of the country. Throughout the weekend we'll have much more on Throughout the day also on ABC news radio and a full wrap up of the day's news. On world news -- David mirror. Later this evening. For now Dan Harris have a great day.

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"State Department removes staff from Libya and urges Americans to avoid traveling to the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"24726286","title":"US Evacuates Embassy in Libya; Cease-Fire Continues in Gaza","url":"/International/video/us-evacuates-embassy-libya-cease-fire-continues-gaza-24726286"}