US lifts Turkey sanctions as impeachment inquiry heats up

President Donald Trump announced U.S. sanctions have been lifted on Turkey as more career diplomats testify in the impeachment probe.
26:11 | 10/23/19

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Transcript for US lifts Turkey sanctions as impeachment inquiry heats up
Everybody welcome to the brink interim on Devin Dwyer on this very busy Wednesday in Washington it's great to have you with us today a lot of news happening. At the White House and on Capitol Hill were also gonna check in on a brand new. ABC news pod cast a terrific story about a manhunt fifty years in the making we'll bring you that coming up but first president trump today pushing back. Against a mountain of criticism on his Syria policy for Republicans from the Pentagon from the military rank and file. And from foreign allies today defending his abrupt withdrawal in a statement from the Roosevelt room saying he has not endangered American security. Turkey Syria. And all forms of the Kurds. Happen fighting war sensors. We have done them a great service and we've done a great job. For all of them. And now we're getting out. Long time. We were supposed to be there for thirty days. That was almost ten years ago so it after thirty days. And now Willie supposed to be a very quick hit and let's get out and it was a quick hit except they stayed for almost ten years. Let someone else fight over this long. Blood stayed and sand. The president there defending. The his withdrawal of US forces that someone else now that's defending that sand is Turkey. And Russia they control that shaded area up there on this map they have taken control of that area the president today. Announcing that he is also lifting sanctions on Turkey that had been imposed after the invasion this. Even as his US Defense Secretary mark asked for today said Turkey. Could have committed war crimes in that area the US has evidence that that could've taken place or White House correspondent cure Phillips is here. To help us unpack all of this cure a big picture here the president is trying to turn the page not only on a rough week of headlines but also. Are on a key campaign promise that he's been spending months trying to do and that is bring US troops out of this region. Wit which is what egg you know critics are saying this is all about is if you think about it. It it is let's not forget this crisis all started when he abruptly pull US troops. Out of more than a week ago did just a week ago it which basically green lighted this Turkish invasions of Vinny comes forward today saying he's going to make this big announcement and he says we brokered a cease fire agreement lifting all sanctions against Turkey. He says that this is a permanent deal covered Benny followed up by saying well defined permanent it's kind of hard dude in the region but hey it's a permanent deal. And and that they said look let someone else fight this long blood stained sand. Very purple. Statement I'm committed to pursuing a different course however US. Will reverse the right to impose sanctions if human rights are violated now you know this pullout was was faced with severe criticism. Both Democrats and Republicans almost unanimously. Saying that this was going to be a threat to the region a threat even that could be brought here to the United States and we're talking about extremism when we're talking about crisis. Is that he met a number club claims about crisis today he said that those ice is captives thousands of them that had been put at risk by this invasion. His words have been rounded out their detained everything is just AOK but there are reports that a number of these basis detainees are still on the loose and you hear. From the top to bottom at the Pentagon that this could put their wrists the fighting us ice is that's why that area is so important. Here's remember Dave as a president have you bend to that area lately look I was embedded during the war spent time in the region and I'll tell you right now I was looking back at his exact tweet here. And it said. At the at that the Kurds are safe and have worked very nicely with us captured ice is prisoners secured. That is just simply not true indeed the last remaining officers and the generals and the admirals that were there. They are criticizing him as well now specifically General David Petraeus with him I was within in Iraq and he say that is just not. Truly Keller Fay rolled back but as you say that that area the concern is that it could be a launch pad for other tax. In the future the big question seems to be here cure in you know his supporters you've been out there on the campaign trail as well. I'm a lot of them very happy with the president's policy is posture towards bringing the troops home. But it's how this was executed you alluded earlier to the abrupt and is said that that still. Needs to be shaken out the American public right and that's sort of the big question here was was this hand handed and how was ruled out. Absolutely in and that's the criticism cities receiving right now that this is a complete deflection from all the depositions up on the hill talking about his actions in Ukraine with along with his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. And the the the up pressure he was putting on president Lewinsky of Ukraine. To help dig up dirt on his rivals so he's deathly trying to spin the narrative I would want to. Getting to some of that on the impeachment from her first before we move on I do want to assure viewers some of the criticism from Republicans even after president Trump's announcement today. An announcer that was meant to push back. Back on the criticism it seems he may have only made it worse here's a tweet from Mitt Romney who says he is unthinkable. That Turkey would not suffer consequences for malevolent behavior which was contrary to the interest. Of the United States and our friends Liz Cheney. Top Republican GOP each conference chairwoman on the house side also the daughter of the former vice president. Says America's withdrawal from northern Syria enables the resurgence of ice is. Ice this is a threat to the American homeland she says retreating and putting our security in the hands of the side put me aired once strengthens our enemies weakens America. Makes us less safe that is a stinging rebuke of president trump and then there was this from Lindsey Graham ally. A president trump who says I don't trust Turkey Russia or a side they have the capability your desire to protect America. From radical Islamic threats like crisis which I have taken hold in their region cure you just spoke with Lindsey Graham as well how's he feeling and guess what they're so well just want to reiterate. Eight he he as say he said this once and he said it again in the exact quote is. That this has been the biggest mistake of the trump presidency if we abandon the Kurds it will be to our shame and our national security. Detriment and trump will own the re emergence of crisis interesting to it if I can note. A com meant the president. Of the Syrian democratic council political wing of the Syrian Kurds in town on the hill here in DC. It testifying on the hill listen to this what she had to say. We have always been promised by the United States that you will not be subjected to ethnic that we would not be subjected to ethnic cleansing we only want them to keep their promises as in the US they made a lot of promises. They're not feeling really good about the know what. See other shakes out this is a cease fire also was who have to see if it holds this Turkey and Russia begin patrolling that area meanwhile has the keyword Russia is the key word and so much of this administration has said tangent and ties back to Russia which is fascinating hanging over all this of course is the impeachment inquiry. Which is continuing a pace today up on capitol hill's investigators now are our deposing a top pentagon official involved with Ukraine policy this is Laura Cooper. Who went in to be deposed earlier today she. Holds potentially significant information or as to why. The president withheld. That military aid back in July. To Ukraine at this follows damning testimony yesterday from the top US diplomat in Ukraine says. I the president trump directly linked to military aid to that country's investigation of Democrats. Essentially a quid pro quo Terry Moran is our chief national correspondent he's been following all this is well Terry. This testimony. From these two. Top officials career officials. Has been hampered gripping to members of both parties in Capitol Hill and it's it's really hard answer. It is a turning point I think in in this entire impeachment inquiry with these officials testimonies is specially built Taylor's. Who was the acting ambassador in Ukraine you see this scandal such a metastasized. What seemed at first to be something kind of located in the White House a phone call between the president of the United States the president Ukraine that might have. Bid they've been token to you know good president trump getting. Help with his political opponent from a foreign leader now looks like a months long months long. As Bill Taylor said second channel private channel of foreign policy not a problem for the president. Is there are too many witnesses in something that is this extensive. And this involved and that. Those people. People like the acting ambassador. Like defense officials who were responsible for the budget when it was when the military old aid to Ukraine was held up they're just too many witnesses those people are now being called. And it does seem like they have a lot to contribute to the understanding of just what happened here. And Terry is the public sort of starts to digest all of this these witnesses who are not familiar names but now starting to see some familiar patterns in the stories that their that they're telling our Capitol Hill. On a public opinion is slowly swinging towards the Democrats let's take got a a look at a couple of new polls out today. This one from Quinnipiac University support for the inquiry just the investigation is opt just from last week according to quinnipiac now more than half. Of Americans would take a look at this new poll ongoing nature take Terry is you know the midwest pretty well. How we have a pull this is from Wisconsin voters a state key. To president trumps victory in 2016 and likely key to any potential women's points warning look at this. Much lower levels of support they are just to conduct this inquiry so there is a blanket level of skepticism out there. Terry in Baghdad I think speaks to me to do what the other the perilous path the Democrats are walking here when it when it comes a public opinion. You know DeVon it also speaks the change in Wisconsin which was a reliably democratic state for for years act I spent a lot of time there is there a couple of weeks ago in college there right on back there every summer of talking to friends. Just just a couple of weeks ago there innocent so what do you think and they sent trucks gonna win this state against the red state now what was their feeling. Sixty plus percent of the voters in Wisconsin are white working class. Voters and that is really trumps base in some ways nevertheless you saw in the shift. From the pole in April some that I think all these polls are telling us the American public is leaning in. To this inquiry I get the feeling that people have a sense of how serious of how. How really important it is to figure out what happened and whether it is something that warrants impeachment. I don't think the Democrats are there there and they shouldn't rebel whirling sort of the first stage there will be public hearings. Where they come out from behind those closed doors in congress and people can eyeball these witnesses for themselves and determine whether or not. What they have to say is. Is well amounts to an impeachable offense and I think that this is a long hard road for president trump because no matter what he does. Right now it seems like a very crucial majority of the American people sake keep going we want to hear more. And we heard the same thing Terry last week in Ohio on the democratic debate here and ABC news lives you know went on a road trip talk to voters that's a red state for the same thing people. Very interest in here in the facts for large part withholding judgment until they see more facts and on that point Terry went on get your last thought. On a number of senate Republicans we've seen some reports in the past 24 hours of many of them. Withholding judgment on whether or not they would rule out impeachment many of them actually keeping it on the table. I'm Republicans on the table with respect to president trunk because they too want to know what's coming down the line. They want to know what's coming down the line and it does speak to the solemnity to this seriousness of the impeachment process. There Costas was off officers they took an oath. And what I get from from that from that survey that. Most Republicans are not saying yet here and say they are not leap into the defense the president saying he will never be convicted by the senate they're saying. You know we want to hear more to that's that's Republican senators taking their. Responsibilities. Under the constitution. Very very seriously once again that doesn't mean that the Democrat to go to our are going to be able to impeach and remove this president. But it does say. That that pretty much. Everyone who looks at this story so far too but the hardest core of the president's supporters. Are saying there's something serious here we want to know more about it may not amount to much. But we can't just walk away from this one. Such important context Terry Moran thanks as always for coming on ABC news live Terry Moran our chief. A national correspondent back here in Washington though diplomats weren't the only ones that congress was grilling today they also had FaceBook. CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the hot seat for the first time since 2018. Zuckerberg they're taking. Some tough questions about the company's plans to launch a new crypto currency called the Barack. Among a range of other issues including election meddling free speech child porn all of it. Are coming up today on Capitol Hill on our deputy political director her house processor she's been reporting on the hearing for house FaceBook. Doesn't seem to. I have very many friends on Capitol Hill these days on either side of the aisle and they are target number one maybe aside from president front on the campaign trail. Meaning it's not surprising with the company as big as FaceBook but clearly members of congress want FaceBook to step up on a number of fronts. And basically be more of a moral leader in a lot of aspects and business and society. FaceBook and Mark Zuckerberg mayor in the hot seat. A Larson responded by trying to read this tight needle and saying look we are doing more as much as we can. But frankly were private company and it's not always our job I was struck by this quote from Mark Zuckerberg right at the top of the hearing he was talking about. Election or experienced foreign meddling some of that faking news and social media propaganda we've seen from foreign government and he said. We have developed more sophisticated. Work in technology that any company at this point and frankly a lot more sophisticated and governments. Lazy thing you do more members of congress we're not the only ones should have to take this on in yet. There are resistant to some who look coming him proposed regulation by members of congress we've heard here in a briefing him yesterday federal work former. Texas congressman sane the company should be regulated like a publisher for the content if Elizabeth Warren seen the company should be broken not. And canceling you can still in the hearing room. How many members of congress were really surprise and still wrapping their head around this idea that FaceBook was saying publicly. There in front of them that they would not engage in fact checking of political ads. They were asked you passed reputedly declare find that he sent over and over it's not something that his company is going to engage with the head of 20/20. They're not going to fact check political ads we singles of Warren try to make this point. Herself she ran. Basically a bogus statement in an ad to see if they spoke to publish it they did. They say they don't want to be in the business of censoring politicians to lateral to can identify with that. But it's a very slippery slope we sot commercially it's believed he instead might of their policy to to band misinformation. On their platform exactly congress on this Irish it's a leave from Michigan. Honestly one of the Muslim members of congress. Said that she thought politicians now we're getting I'd easier roll then many appeasement average users there's very strict policy against hate speech on FaceBook and she said that politician should be held to the same standard. She said that. Truth goodness and decency. Were tougher and mourn force on the average Americans than average politician. Real quickly before let you go that the purpose of the hearing at least originally wanted to talk about this crypto currency. I didn't hear her listen to aluminum and today and hear any support for this new. Finance one and yet one of those rare moments where Democrats are on pins and together. We're really I unified a lot of skepticism about this crypto currency how it would work if it could be incredibly disruptive to global markets. And why many traditional financial services company if how can backed away from partnering with FaceBook MS use a number of them members of congress again on both sides of the I'll. Really trying to see what regulations they might deal to put in place to stop this happening. It's a fascinating stories always FaceBook a huge player going to be a big force in 23 camping grounds parks thank you so much thanks Hannah. And next now to a fifty year cold case that involving a one time death row inmate. Who escaped police custody and has never been found areas the US Marshal service is now made the case. One of their top fifteen most wanted and given ABC news unprecedented access. Inside the manhunt for Lester eubanks the operation is now the subject of a new ABC news podcast have you seen this man. Boosted by the view sunny Hostin hears little taste. Uniform plan and I have. Through smoke stunted and you could actually happen. Eighty years when it seemed like no one was even looking for Lester. But recently his whereabouts have become the focus of the US Marshals Service the federal agents who track fugitives. The case is testing marshals those nine lives and money. We're going to catch up to us and is being urged on by those hurt most by masters crime. He sat in the street. He confessed to the crime. And his time and time. And sunny Hostin joins me now in New York along with deputy US Marshal David Siler guys think so much for coming in the briefing room. This is an incredible story all the way around tell us about Lester eubanks what what is crime was and how we slipped to death two be analysts. Well well he committed a series of horrific crimes if if you look at it he raped and murdered a fourteen year old girl little girl named Mary Allen. And there's no question that he committed the crimes because he confessed to them. He was convicted he was sentenced to death row however his sentence was commuted to a life sentence and then. Lucky Lester I like to think of hammonds and son in some ways. Heat was allowed to participate in a program a rehabilitation program where he was really allowed to go shopping on for Christmas. And he was allowed to go Christmas shopping un escorted. Dead than with a group of inmates the other inmates came back from Christmas shopping Lester did not that was 45. Years ago. Well that's really says a lot about Ohio's. About the policy there treatment of those inmates what an indictment that is deputy Marshal Siler your. One of the agency's most decorated agents you've been on this case now for awhile where it is the manhunt stand how confident Ari you'll find him. On them that's an incredible. Compliment the men and women I work with on a daily basis. They really do step outside to the best job that we possibly can. You know we're looking for that one puzzle. Excuse and a one piece of the puzzle. That's gonna get us closer to his front door. We know that someone's living with them we know he's living in plain sight and someone has that. They know that he has a scar on his right on they know he is a painter they know that he is. When these men they can just fit into anyway and they they know who they're living and that piece of the puzzle. Is gonna come soon. And we really hope through this podcast evidence that people will listen and they will be as outraged I think as as we both far and they will call and and they will help us fit the interesting thing about this is. When. The marshals US marshals Siler says that he was living in plain sight we know in the 1990s he lived in south central LA. In plain sight he worked at a hospital as a janitor. He may have been painting you know along sidewalks. He also had a lot of friends had a lot of acquaintances. He wrote the bus to work I mean this is someone that became part of the fabric of our country someone that is a rapists and a murderer child rapists and so. With them the listeners how we really really think. That. He may be brought to justice. And deputy Marshal Sally also you know we can't hear in the piece of there's it was some visuals that an online. You've used some pretty novel technology to try to piece together what this man Lester eubanks looks like now 45 years later tell us about that. Yeah on the greatest part of utilizing our partners and our partnerships and Marshal service and ABC. Is to be able or reach out to the national center for missing and exploited children. They took that photo and what we had his jail photo from 1973. To when he just. Was released if you will for a lack of a better term walking away hymns released. They took that photo utilizing his. Family members and those pictures and he has a child they were able to come open the new photo for us and we think that's the one forum and that's gonna help. Let's the age progression that was done is really really. Significant it's startling immune to it looks like Lester 45 years later it's incredible we're sure someone. Knows him has seen him and and that's why it's called have you seen this man because we know someone has seen him. We've taken an age progression photo and given to someone who has seen laster within the past ten years and they said that's that's your map. And were open to be able to it's to utilize that information just to catch up to him. It's right it's an amazing image it's on ABC news dot com right now NEC part of it there in the graphic rougher the pod cast but it's something worth taking a close look at partly sunny I just. Yeah I'm street still struck by the fact that this even happened and that this man was able to walk away and I know. That your team is talked to members and survivors. Of the victim in that Ohio community I mean. What are they feeling right now 45 years later. Well you know we I have to give you know kudos to the ABC investigative unit. This story has been shepherded by match mosque he's an incredible job and he has spoken to. Many witnesses. The the victim's family and they want justice that's what they want they feel that Lester has been out for 45 years a length of time you know of four times basically the age of there loved one Mary Allen and bottom line is they want Lester you banks to be where he belongs which is behind bars so he doesn't hurt. Anyone else and so that also he pays the price for this heinous these heinous crimes. And isn't there it's it's a community that's hurting. It and egg in community that need some help from our viewers in from our listeners and everybody can do their part by downloading have you seen this man for free it's wherever you can get. Your favorite podcast starting today apple podcast Spotify where every listen to him you can go there. Hot and downloaded couple episodes out now it's part of the six part series or thanks. To sunny Hostin with the view and deputy Marshal David Siler thank you both very much and wish you best of lock in now finding this killer thanks then. Finally today we get a rare look inside the US Secret Service and their forensics lab here in Washington today the agency gave reporters a closer look at. How agents who were not protecting the president are actually tracking down counterfeiters. And other financial scammer is our producer Bobby Galen. I was there Bobby will quickly tell us know what you saw. Some of the most surprising things that I saw that the secret service employees is that they can track. Did you think of a technique called ink tracking. And it's where they take suspicious letters are suspicious packages. And they take that ink whether that was written with a ballpoint pen that contract a year from that ink when when he was made and the contract got printer ink as well so they can. Detect that device and and vessel or such as a source let's take a little look at what you suit sought today. That was in the laboratory we to look in a fingerprint examinations. DNA collection. Question documents such as handwriting where. Driver's license and lower credit card authentication. This average visual forensics team represented so their looking in cell phones are hard drives. Are ATM or gas pumps can be devices that would steal your card information and so we're ever changing. Our capabilities and want to makes her our investigators know. Well we can do to help them solve their cases. May the world's largest in library at the Secret Service found fact actually behind. Are you could see all the bottles of ink that they have to try to do exactly what you're talking about Trace these things back. Yeah exactly. Eight as I said this is the biggest ink library in the world and they kind of showed me around though the rest of the wrestle Glavine. Another one of the biggest biggest problems of the Secret Service a showcase today was that it was ATM and act gas pumps skimming measuring big issue I noticed were criminals. Use these kind of plastic coverings on the on the credit card reader and they can take your information. Another thing to the public can look for these pinhole cameras on in these systems that can watch you actually putting your pen number sub group. The biggest deterrent that does he services are recommending to the public is not pay with cash. He with cash or Anderson must have really interest you are sick of the Secret Service is protecting the president which is a large part of their duty would of course. They lead the charge of fighting financial scams can also counterfeiters and lead agency on that Bobby Dylan thanks for giving us a close look thank you for joining us here today on ABC. Use live for the briefing room here every day 3:30 PM eastern time downloading ABC news after policy in your pocket all the alone long commercial free and to live button at the bottom of the app. And Devin Dwyer Washington hoped to see you right back here tomorrow.

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