US, North Korea agree to resume nuclear negotiations

The United States and North Korea will convene working-level nuclear talks this week.
1:54 | 10/01/19

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Transcript for US, North Korea agree to resume nuclear negotiations
Following a months long stalemate the United States and North Korea announcing their talks are back on the State Department confirming plans to meet within the week. Working level talks expected to start on Saturday. North Korea wanting the US to scrap its sanctions the US wanting North Korea to scrap its nuclear arsenal that will be able to make it you know Latin. Up to this moment president fronts relationship would North Korean leader Kim Jong mood has swung between highs and lows. At one point the president threatening fire and fury labeling Kim rocket man. That later saying he in the dictator have a great friendship praising Kim's beautiful letters. And becoming the first sitting American president has stepped in to North Korea. The progress through all of it has seemed largely symbolic. Despite three face to face meeting between leaders North Korea not hearing any closer to giving up its nuclear weapons but president trump not concern lest it. Been no nuclear testing. At all for the last quite a long period of time at least that we can detect. It would not look at it any actions we have. A good relationship with him John and let's see what happened. This weekend's upcoming talks will be the first since the departure of national security advisor John Bolton who publicly commented Monday that the US should be considering military action or regime change in North Korea. Fulton also accusing the trump administration of wasting its time trying to negotiated deal that Kim Jong-un will never honor under current circumstances he will never give up. The nuclear weapons voluntarily. North Korea has praised president from forgetting jumble and out of the White House in the also applauded him for suggesting a new method of negotiating with North Korea. But still not clear what that new method actually he has. Cover all ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"1:54","description":"The United States and North Korea will convene working-level nuclear talks this week. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65987787","title":"US, North Korea agree to resume nuclear negotiations","url":"/International/video/us-north-korea-agree-resume-nuclear-negotiations-65987787"}