US troops leave Syria as ‘ceasefire’ set to end

U.S. soldiers re-deploy to Iraq as a five-day-long “pause” agreement made by the U.S. and Turkey ends, and President Donald Trump considers leaving some troops in Syria to protect oil.
6:43 | 10/22/19

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Transcript for US troops leave Syria as ‘ceasefire’ set to end
Overseas now to Syria and the front lines in the fight against crisis US troops have been pulling back from the border with Turkey. After president trumps abrupt decision last week of course opening the door for Turkey to attack in invade. Our allies the Kurds are temporary cease fire has been in place now for five days helped. And brokered by the vice president but today at 3 o'clock eastern time. That deal comes to an end so what's next what does it mean for the Kurds and the fight against I says James Longman. It joins us now live from Northern Iraq he James hope you doing well out there I give us a sense of what's been taking place during the cease fire what happens at 3 o'clock. When it expires. Hi Devin yeah I mean I think it's safe to say was assays cease fire in name only it's due to expire in a few hours but not. Flight seeing how is basically continued throughout. The last few days it has achieved something. Sorts STF flights is the Kurdish forces. Agreeing to retreat from one of the most important towns that but I think a little people enormous area now waiting with bated breath to see what Turkey does next will present one regional choosing cousin. In Sonoma Syria he's meeting and that may continue right about now in fact. I think that's a very clear sign all of Russia's increasing influence in in this pond while as the United States backs off and we've seen. That is quite extraordinary images radio US troops pulling out of northern towns. Gain northeast. Northeastern Syria and 'cause. Turning potatoes up and holding up signs saying we don't the US people that Donald Trump has betrayed us I think it really is left. Repeating that then they kind of level of Avandia. And betrayal really of the cuts CNN obvious that he really any two or three months ago because commodity on the in the day that the international coalition had reaffirmed. That priorities reaffirmed that assistants and security to the people of norms Syria they are terrified. About ethnic cleansing and it really is. The Americans that they felt we're gonna be a buffer against that and I'm you know. Speaking honestly Haiti is typical for the United States to make friends and at least that has been since. The beginning is that the Iraq War and so it really feels like they're losing a real ally here and this part of northern Syria remember. It's on its multi ethnic. To place wet Muslims and Christians and its side by side in minutes of harmony throughout liberty below the Syrian civil war to place that women often now morning palace. In another pulse of the Middle East so I think has a lot of I'm got a little upset and loan Laurie tonight that Turkey will restart its incursion. And that upset people and not part of Syria now without America. Protecting them all really really expose them. And James help us understand the president help with some sort of break down the president's spin on this president trump yesterday spoke at length. About the American policy not been one to defended the Kurds indefinitely he. I think was trying to channel something many Americans. Perhaps. Understand with some common sense that we didn't agree. To defend them but. It really does seem like it was how this was executed it was sold Brock doesn't not that was that was so upsetting to so many there that that this pull out simply happen on the turn of a dime. Well that's right I mean that there is a political reality. Cops you do you let the United States cannot be seen to be constantly policing the world I think even people in this part of the love. Realize that but the point is that did the the promises of security remains so recently that this you time. Don't seem so abrupt and and president trump has said that he ever made any promises about. Protecting the kinds indefinitely just a year ago he was CNET praises saying that they had died on wall of the United States and no we wouldn't forget I wouldn't forget. He says and out the time and he's his. His promise to the American people as part of this campaign was to bring troops back from the Middle East and that while that is worthy. It doesn't seem to be the reality now because we're hearing that those troops some of them when I actually remain in Syria to protect women's breasts. I think again that's a message. Two they Kurdish people they don't really want to hear the optics of that about it that again. Off the will be so war. People seem to think the motives of the United States lag in game raw. And we now hearing that some of those went believe necessary will leave Syria but will come over here to Iraq to Melissa ices. And another sign perhaps of how quickly these decisions have been made the Iraqi authorities saying today that those troops that have permission to stay. In Iraq so. It's a very chaotic situation. Everything moves very very quickly got Bashar Assad the Syrian president in north of Syria today saying he will retain every since. His nation behind the Russians in northern Syria is well. That a law the plane's tail what's quite clear is America wants to no longer be one of the main players. But it might not have a choice than it. It is very confusing James and in fact congress is demanding answers today as well the Senate Foreign Relations Committee plans. To press the president's advisors on what the policy is he's sort of been all over the map this you talked about their finally though. I want to ask you about this other rationale the president has given now to leaving some troops behind he says he wants to secure the oil. What does that even mean. Well that and I think you can still do as good as mine murals addressing our heads because most of the joint in Syria is still not seeing Kurdish controlled areas it's down and some of the south east. And Wang that is and is steady drizzle which which is a lost aryan allies this really had. Quite profound control before beings downtown the end this year the kinds. The ST yes well fighting alongside the Americans to push. The specializes fountain that's an area. And it's the americans' belief that those oil fields need to be six she old to stop prices from being able again to claim them and provide them with a revenue. And the problem is is that this diesel feels a sense he sits in Syrian territory. Site news what's what is the plan that that a few hundred American soldiers will remain out in the deserts. At risk of being attacked by. I think that Turkish forces and then eventually the Syrian forces and we've Russian forces in the area as well doesn't seem like he would be enough to be able to. Both two to kind of protect those wolf fields. That'll say. That perhaps you know what real pain does America have to being there in the first place. So both those fronts I think the little people hey come out to be real strange thing to say when a pulse from the moral implications of wanting to stay. For the boy and a not necessarily to protect. And now a lot of people trying to understand what the policy is of this administration over there in Syria and Iraq James Longman thank you so much. For your reporting today and always.

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"U.S. soldiers re-deploy to Iraq as a five-day-long “pause” agreement made by the U.S. and Turkey ends, and President Donald Trump considers leaving some troops in Syria to protect oil.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66444903","title":"US troops leave Syria as ‘ceasefire’ set to end","url":"/International/video/us-troops-leave-syria-ceasefire-set-end-66444903"}