New Video Shows Russian Airliner Crash

ABC's Kirit Radia talks about new video and investigation of Boeing 737 crash in Russia.
4:17 | 11/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Video Shows Russian Airliner Crash
This is a special. I'm -- that's a New York with this ABC news digital special report a mysterious. And deadly plane crash in central Russia all fifty people on board 44 passengers six crew members. Were killed when a Boeing 737 slammed into the ground this. Terrifying security camera video showing the plane in -- nosedive and then. The explosion. Pilot tried multiple approaches to land the jet failed. There were no survivors. From that crash. ABC's here Friday has more on the disaster from Moscow. Is joining us here -- what do we know I mean I know that the investigation has just started but is there any information of what could that possibly that a cause. Yeah I guess that's exactly that thing to try to figure out exactly right now as you said the investigation is still ongoing one thing they're looking into is whether some combination of pilot error and mechanical problems. We're to blame for this. There were some reports quoting an official -- your -- saying that the pilot and radioed in as they were coming in on their approach again what you said the second approach they aborted the first one. They're coming in the second time and apparently the pilot reviewed -- -- that he was having some problems this approach. -- didn't say exactly what but as he saved looking at that video there that plagued -- in all those vertical hitting the ground. And it's really puzzling one exactly what would have caused the plane to -- -- that angle. Do we don't have we heard anything about a distress call either between the control tower and the pilot. Right like -- said this plane was coming in and and as it was coming around for its second attempt at landing. They apparently -- incident they're having some trouble with their lending. I don't know what they would cult of landing a configuration I think was aware that they used. And that was a totally new and then they controlled towns that that was the last they heard from and of course is he saw that video the plane came crashing down right on the tarmac. We're also finding out a little bit more about some of those -- were on -- understand that there were some officials. On that plane. Right this was the plane is going from Moscow to because on the -- regional capital about an hour to -- -- east of Moscow. It's the capitol this -- toddler son and the local security chief from that from that region was aboard that flight. As well as the regional president son 24 year old son was on that -- We found out just today that his eight month pregnant wife. He told her not to take that flight and that she survived because of that. What about the plane itself -- we have any information as far as the history of the -- how old it was. Right the play itself is about 23 years old which is not battle considering. You know if you maintain a plane properly can -- can last that long. But Russia -- Had a long history with spotty maintenance and oversight of these things and that's. In some according to some rankings made it one of the most dangerous places in the world to fly because of the lack of oversight and -- proper maintenance of these planes. At this point Boeing has issued a statement. Saying only that they're dispatching a team to investigate the crash and what about the airline itself as fairly prominent. In Russia. Right this is tighter stunning Airways and incidents of regional airline that that services Russia mean Russia is that the largest country in the world this -- -- massive -- and spends. All the way from the Pacific -- North Korea all the way to to the footsteps of Europe. So. Yeah it's a huge country and service -- a lot of regional airlines that the big national companies like -- -- transient -- seven these are all big companies. That are that are -- it -- -- alliances with with other. Airlines around the world those are generally safe. -- those smaller regional airlines that have a really bad reputation. For shoddy maintenance of their planes having old planes -- trading and inexperienced pilots. The investigation just beginning on that ABC's -- Roddy in Moscow cure thank you for that we appreciate that of course. We can keep up with the latest on the investigation right here on ABC news dot conference on down -- New York. With the CBC news digital special report.

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{"id":20925216,"title":"New Video Shows Russian Airliner Crash","duration":"4:17","description":"ABC's Kirit Radia talks about new video and investigation of Boeing 737 crash in Russia.","url":"/International/video/video-shows-russian-airliner-crash-20925216","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}