Violence erupts in Nigeria as protesters demand reform

ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports as police ambush protesters with gunfire.
3:22 | 10/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Violence erupts in Nigeria as protesters demand reform
We're following the latest from Lagos Nigeria Africa's most populous city where protests against police brutality and specifically a notorious unit called the special anti robbery squad. Have turned violent with reports of multiple deaths. Video showing armed units firing at groups of protesters the shocking scenes leading to an international outcry. Our senior foreign correspondent in panel has more. The terrifying crackle of Lorie Brown's pacing deny Cameron Leckey prosperous city in legal so. Riot police and soldiers firing on unarmed protestors he Nigeria's most populous region. Please tell people please tell people you've allowed him to run their shooting at them then that he told game. He began as a peaceful protest. By the time the night was done the streets were full of anger. Fallen and blood. The two weeks Nigerians have been demonstrating against a heavily armed police units new new songs. It was set to open the ages two point rising crimes and kidnapping. But it became notorious for its abuse of power. That wasn't there how they're great. And some big dance but that may not. My dad didn't stop and talk about everywhere. Its not mention they never read. Amnesty International has accused the group of ex spooks him. Torture and murder. Across the country people had been taking to the streets. He's believed to say enough to police brutality. Yeah. Yeah. The young mood boosting the. Demanding reform. And their wages in a country that some Ritchie who will win. Hope the population lives in poverty. President who would do Behari disbanding the unit last week. Excellent to quell the protests with the deployments of soldiers and other armed forces has only made things worse. This has happened many times before the police responding with the lethal fools. With some reports claiming at least a dozen men are being killed. As the ranks of the dead and wounded grows the trash collection has caught the attention of the world. Jubilant and cooling for the Nigerian government to cease the bombing crackdown on protestors and for the US to stand with the Nigerians. Peacefully demonstrating for police reform. Nigerian celebrities who was so a Juba and people who cheat and entertainers whiz kid and she Diana among the many. Calling for an end to the brutality. We need a complete dissolution of sorrow and all of us foremost. It'll take more than words to prevent meaningful change here but rarely has the government they so much pressure to bring the kind of reform. Nigerians the dying. You panel for ABC news life.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports as police ambush protesters with gunfire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"73752215","title":"Violence erupts in Nigeria as protesters demand reform","url":"/International/video/violence-erupts-nigeria-protesters-demand-reform-73752215"}