Violence grows in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

ABC News’ Matt Gutman discusses the scene on the ground in Israel and the latest on the Israeli-Palestinian fighting.
3:42 | 05/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Violence grows in Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Israel is a massing troops along the Gaza border and we're just getting new satellite images of the devastation there in Gaza and southern Israel which hole of days of explosions on both sides. Matt Gutman. What more can you share. Live TV Israeli military telling us that they have launched what they are calling. A ground incursion into Gaza what that actually means though is that they have positioned. Tanks and artillery that's the first time in his latest outbreak of violence they have done so firing back into the Gaza Strip. Of course when we're talking about artillery and tank fire it is much less accurate. Then those precision guided missiles at they've been using against Hamas targets so far. In addition to that Israel says that it has called up about 7000. Reservists they're deploying them towards the southern border they're not going in at this point. We don't know if they're going to launch an attack. Actual invasion about the Gaza Strip. The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Earlier releasing a statement saying that. This incursion is meant to force Hamas to quote pay a heavy price. End quote he C eight days there's no real timeline at this point however. Their goal as vague as it is. The issue create peace and security for the stated Israel so we don't know how long they're going to continue this. Artillery and tank fire we don't know thrashing enough. Send troops in we don't know if they want to. You know destroy Hamas or just producer capabilities. We also don't know how much politics is involved in all of this an effort to try to assure Israelis. By the prime minister who is in. It's a very precarious political state that he's doing everything he can to protect them now as they did launch that ground incursion well as they call it looks. Tank and artillery fire and they told residents around Gaza within basically. Thirty kilometers a look at 1617 mile radius chew out get into their bomb shelters. They are expecting reprisals. Hamas has launched at at this point over 17100 rockets. Into Israel. Eight Israelis killed over 150 wounded. On the Palestinian side obviously the death told. Much more significant well over 100 people killed so far and we are told by Palestinian health officials that. There are over two dozen women and children. Who've been killed will over 600 people wounded. Again unfortunately there is no end in sight the US is sending one of its. Top ten voice to the region. Egypt has a person in Gaza right now. But again it doesn't seem like this is actually slowing down and it seems like it's accelerating at this point. One thing that we can note he's that we have not heard that Raye dawn siren goes air raid sirens for. Many hours today we don't know what that means we just know that at least here in the center of Israel where we are right now until vive that there hasn't been. Rocket fire again. Multiple hours perhaps that's good news. Unclear at this point they it is important to note that. An Israeli official with whom I spoke earlier said they still believe that Hamas has. Thousands of rockets a solitary. Fire themselves out of rockets by this point they still have an arsenal. Unclear how they and tend to deploy it at this point. And hey you know again. Not clear where this is going but certainly right now we could say it's not overreact Lindsay. And you use a word accelerating lots of concern behind that our thanks to Matt Gutman.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"ABC News’ Matt Gutman discusses the scene on the ground in Israel and the latest on the Israeli-Palestinian fighting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77681580","title":"Violence grows in Israeli-Palestinian conflict","url":"/International/video/violence-grows-israeli-palestinian-conflict-77681580"}