Whale watching

ABC gets on a custom-built whale watching catamaran to get a glimpse of the largest animals on planet Earth!
3:44 | 07/06/19

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I'm CC ten and we are currently aboard a custom build a whale watching catamaran we just went out in the oval waters just off the shore of Long Beach, California. Assistant watch the largest animals on. And I earth. Blue whale. Blue wills are here in the summer for their feeding grounds the whales that move north and south in the Summers ago north defeated south to have their babies are potentially find him hey. And Southern California has a lot of Kenyans and deep water systems that allow them to have their. Food in this area as culpable as her pushes nutrient rich water up from the bottom and that feeds the plant in and then the plane hitting by fish and birds and the whales and shall appear to have. The best way to deal with those of go out there are nice and easy and kind of go and access around where the houses beat and that that's using dozens. Continental aggressive Eagles getaways. That is better view road vehicles this is our new list will watch program. I was very eco friendly very quiet it's. Here three incidents is very. Low emissions. Fuel efficient and we carry. Up to 200 passengers. We haven't seen lines feeding yet. Wendy let's feeding a stunning come about it on the debut on the surface with a mouth wide open. And that is the coolest thing ever because they're mountains or big looks like a small bow off come and water here on what is that haven't enough wells. There's just not enough that we know about it really have a very small ring. I look very California that helpless population is the most significant multiple wells and an estimated 2000 emails and the technology is now taking up where we're allowing. Sciences to put Parker's mom to Wales where there's something about ten. Six then we're and we did read outs of the depths of the speeds and there's voting advantage cameras they want the media from doing. Years ago we did have a home we had to wait there at this news continues photos to match them and that's what we do everything we look photo ID. The Lisbon no list of Wales broadcast media research it's well much has been contained. Replica artifacts like this. How do you think we have taken to the real baby against the desktop candidacy. But as well that doesn't team. This is from above has about one news here nobody could write a team with a materials are here this is parent. To engineer dean supporters think Theres with a club. And it embodies it appears he's in great whales yeah any kind of long. Meaning most other markers of ground some have kind of a lighter color. Part of their. People can go out and eat and community sites they take a picture they have it this morning that this animal they can afford that on two groups like. Happy Land mine Angeles what we do here we're out of nowhere watches monitoring examples of this photography. And identifying them to learn more about where we like to be hurting most and seen. We know where they are he can help protect those cases. Remove ourselves from any kind of highway where they're moving through at the right here. Unfortunately blue whales are an endangered species do the whaling industry and since send their hospital lock protection laws put in place. However the well population has not recovered as well as we hoped right now there's about 101000 to 25000 blue wells left. And scientists tell me they rely on efforts like the photo ID program we see here are the Long Beach aquariums. To help identify and collect data on little else to help protect them and their natural environments. This is they see Sen and you're watching ABC news live.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"ABC gets on a custom-built whale watching catamaran to get a glimpse of the largest animals on planet Earth! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64159204","title":"Whale watching ","url":"/International/video/whale-watching-64159204"}