White House announces troop withdrawal in Syria

The Trump administration will hand over northern Syria to Turkey, which could possibly put Kurdish allies in danger.
7:09 | 10/07/19

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Transcript for White House announces troop withdrawal in Syria
We begin in Washington with a surprise announcement from the White House president Tron. Has decided to pull back troops from a key part of northern Syria to allow the Turkish military to invade. And potentially sweep away the Kurdish forces out of long been American allies in the fight against ices. It's it's a major shift in policy that could have. Significant consequences I want to bring in Ian panel in our London bureau and we have Louis Martinez who is at the Pentagon. Lou I would I just want to start with you because you got new information on some from from some officials right now. That's correct Kimberly talking to US officials earlier they confirm the yes American troops had begun pulling out from this area. In northern Syria on the guy just got off the phone with the top commander of the Syrian Kurds inside Syria. I'm he told me that yes American troops about a 150 of them have pulled back from two observation post along. The Syrian side of the border with Turkey. In advance of this message that we heard from president trump last night that yes he is going to. In effect do this so that the Turks can conduct an incursion into Turkey. On that commander also telling me. That this is the wrong decision he says we are here. To help the United States as well in their struggle against license and they've abandoned us in their commitments towards our troops. I asked him hi can you rebuild confidence measures in the future should this decision be reversed. He said it's going to be very difficult the partners. You're going to end up in a situation where it takes time Q rebuild. How long does he anticipate this. Turkish incursion to prepare Q take place. Why he thinks it's gonna take place in the next couple of days company anticipates a very long fight. I give and that he everybody inside Norris here is going to push back against this Turkish incursion should it happen. And let me just just quickly I mean Y eight now in just Powell will this work logistically where these US troops to pull back. Well it's gonna happen is that this is that a pullback from the new very in southern very northern border of Syria with Turkey. I'm the United States and Turkey ever down to steal something called security mechanism. Omelets Turkey wants to call it a safe zone they want this to be an area where they can be an offer from in the Kurdish forces they also want to put back. About a million so Syrian refugees who are on their side of the border now and put them in this area so what's gonna happen is that. The United States is part of a security mechanism is come in conducting joint patrols with Turkey. With Turkish forces in there. I'm making sure that the Kurds as part of the deal. We're also dismantling some of their fortifications. They did do that bomb and so what's happened now is a you have the United States troops he's 150 that we now know where there. I'll pulling back to the southern side of that exclusion zone. Austin so potentially that Turkish forces could pull an we've seen video these forces are ones that you're seeing right now on the screen right now. On the civilian images taken earlier today showing there was drawl of those American forces. And Turkey considering that occurs to be a terrorist group but the Kurds have also worked very closely with the US to fight diocese. Yeah exactly empire remind both the US and Turkey. Key countries inside NATO has so Turkey is our military ally. And so all the kids who it's swim goggles that me because he's fighting forces in because. Regard as a terrorist organizations of the main. Grouping of Kurdish fighters called YPG. They made up both the bulk of the fighters who took the battle to launch its on the ground mean that would some US forces on the ground. Helping them. But most of the fighting most to the dying most of the sacrificing. A most of the suffering was done by because these people and that's why this will be seen. As a betrayal. But there are thousands tens of thousands of our sits at Moses RS is fighters but are assist families women and children. Now in the custody all of the it's an authority said that if the test cross over that border. Then they off forced to. Respond and some of those potentially some of those troops who now I've got a nice is finds his. We'll have to divert their attention to the front line answer questions about what will happen to them. There's been suggests in the perhaps Turkey then takes have a control but because on just going to stand to one side. I know the Turkish forces to sweep through. They'll battle hardened that good guerrilla fighters I'm they will Bakley town with the Turks. An American troops potentially dividend collapse entirely the going to be colts in the middle of its. In the end you know Lilly was talking about that feeling of a trail do you see that as something that could ever be reversed if this does in fact happen. I mean it's not the first time it's happened Bryce Keisel first time the US or indeed good person or any other. Western country has has gone into bed with local fights as and then abandon them in their hour of need. Now dumping said a yes this will be seen as a base of betrayal given the level of sacrifice. The recurrence of how to enjoy a live scene towns razed to the ground. The loss as some civil suit tools as many. Kurdish women are also key parts of the punching pools is. On the board he described as pass a stab in the back. So what will they do I'm my suspicion will pay the day will really full Mara alliance who say you staff. With Syria's president Bashar Al Assad who's also embed with the Iranians. And the Russians I don't I don't forget you know America always said that one of its reasons for being that was too. Acts as a buffer to try and counterbalance Iranian Russian influence even though the numbers weren't great that presence on the ground. Had an impact Bob spiel and those numbers. I'm by removing them from that area you remove your ability to influence and you kind victory over to Iran and Russia. RA it's so. I have to see how this all plays out I want to thank Ian panel whose and our London bureau and Louie Martinez who was at the Pentagon thank you guys so much for. The updates and I want to bring in Karen Travers is at the White House Karen just to continue this for justice act in. In regards to the the troops pulling out of Syria. We solid tweet from Lindsey Graham saying that this is a disaster in the making in this insurers in I says come back this is a rare attack on the president from him. Cindy Graham is of course a very close ally of the president Kimberly he had disagreed with the president and the administration on Syria policy before when the president talked about bringing out all US troops there. Wendy Gramm was one of the most vocal people urging him to not do that and now in the last few minutes. We've seen senator Graham tweeted that he's going to be introducing. A resolution that would put sanctions on Turkey. If they invade Syria he also said they'll call for their suspension from NATO. If they attack Kurdish forces who insisted the United States. It is very striking to see a sitting senator a strong ally of the president say that they're gonna sanction a country for taking action that the White House approved in a press release overnight that is now the administration's policy.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"The Trump administration will hand over northern Syria to Turkey, which could possibly put Kurdish allies in danger.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66114336","title":"White House announces troop withdrawal in Syria","url":"/International/video/white-house-announces-troop-withdrawal-syria-66114336"}