Sochi Makes Last Minute Preps for the Winter Olympics

Head of the Olympic committee is confident the games will be safe.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Transcript for Sochi Makes Last Minute Preps for the Winter Olympics
This is a special room. I'm Michelle Franzen a New York with an ABC news digital special report. To the Olympics now with opening ceremony is just three days away the head of the Olympic Committee. Is confident the games will be safe in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi. Despite a new pew poll just released it finds that more people now believe that holding the Olympics in Russia is a bad idea. 44%. Over the 32%. -- that they -- a good decision. Most fearing a terror attack. But the games will go on and construction crews are -- high gear at this hour still scrambling to finish all the facilities in Sochi. As Russian president Vladimir Putin arrived there today ABC's Matt -- joining us live now from Sochi. Mad as it's true that they're still building roads to get to the hotels. Absolutely Michelle when things that you see behind me is the fish stadium in the Olympic park. And that's built and it looks beautiful in just a couple of days. They're -- be tens and tens of thousands of people in that stadium behind me but right now as we speak thirty miles from here up in the mountains they are still. At this moment working on the roads are working on putting in. Tiles. In hotels. You could -- the other pre Olympic sport just two days ahead of the actual Olympics. That Olympic -- its construction. You could call it the pre Olympic -- -- estimated construction. This morning thousands of workers across this Olympic area are frantically finishing -- this. Placing cobblestones slapping the finishing touches on the -- -- ghost -- its most of the 25000 Olympic rooms already. Adding to them is a different -- These road workers told us they're building -- road to get to Olympic coattails with orders to finish at breakneck speed. They started building this about half an hour ago and -- -- got this part done it basic and how about three quarters of a mile done. Within two hours. President Vladimir -- so called ring of steel -- the troops here behind the ropes. And are even posted unseen above the Alpine resorts in -- -- securities still -- it's estimated there are 24 cops or troops. For every athlete. It's one recent some of the athletes -- -- Honestly I think we wouldn't be over here there was that big an issue. You know we and we feel -- Well Matt talked to us about some of the roads -- on your -- that was earlier in your day. Any idea -- they're still done yet. I don't think they are it's gonna take a while we are still up on the mountain until just about 45 minutes ago and there were dozens and dozens of construction crews talking about hundreds of people. Hundreds and hundreds of pieces of machinery and equipment they are still frantically working. And they told us they're gonna be there throughout the -- 24 hours to finish everything up just a few moments ago. President Putin of Russia also spoke he say they are going to do everything they absolutely can to make. Russia and Sochi specifically hospitable for the athletes and for all the visitors here and there really are I think that we found people had been told to be hospitable. There are extremely friendly extremely patient with us as well so. That's a good thing so hopefully they can make up for whatever is not ready wit a little bit of a few smiles and love -- of patients with perhaps an upset athletes. Yeah I was just getting ready to ask if there -- any sense of dread that they would not complete these projects. Before the crush of Olympic fans arrive which is within the day -- few days now. It's clearly show that they're not gonna finish a lot of things before this is over and that's okay. Olympic officials say that only 3% of the rooms that -- slated to be built are not built so. There are plenty of places for people this day when they are here there are no shortage of beds. The hospitality is perfectly adequate I hadn't heard any athletes complained so far. -- a lot of people talked about securities well. -- even that isn't such a big concern for them right now a lot of people are talking about. Are the actual scheme of things themselves we haven't seen what's going on. In those Olympic venue behind me. -- the skating rink and some of the other venues but. Up on the mountain they are concerned about this new -- style course they're saying it's too fast it's too high. These jumps are catapulting. Some of the athletes in the air in just over the past two days we've had three. Injuries one of them took got a gold or a medal contender from Norway Shaun White who is probably the most recognizable. American at these games. Jammed his wrist and other female. -- -- hurt her -- but energetic caution so there is some concern that this course is too fast they may try to smooth it out to. Actually slow it down over the next couple of days but that is what folks are talking about probably more than anything else right now. And we should mention of course that Sochi of course was chosen. For this -- known as a summer resort in many ways they were starting from scratch so a lot of those venues have to be tested out. And we always have some controversy leading up to some of the Olympic Games I covered Greece back in 2004. That they were worried about being prepared than in the new juxtapose that with Beijing in Vancouver that we're ready before hand. These last minute traps -- are there valid concerns that some of those hotels again being built for the athletes and journalists won't be done in time. They're not -- are literally putting the finishing -- We went to a hotel today where we sat at coffee which was very nice actually and as we went in there were working men who were laying down the tiles of the front steps of the hotel. So we're not kidding what we're saying the -- aren't ready. We try to pay with a credit card. And it took literally seven clerks about half an -- to figure -- out so they're definitely working. To iron out some of the kinks and there are many kinks but perhaps that's where the pleasures of being at the Olympics and and -- the pleasures of being here. To some extent it is exotic and when you drive up these roads these. Nine billion dollar wrote that they constructed out of nothing including railroad tracks in order to ferry people up to the mountain. You realize if there was really nothing here before -- in what a great undertaking this was. Some people would say it was an enormous waste of money. 51 plus billion dollars the most expensive Olympic Games ever if you combined all of the previous Winter Olympic Games they still wouldn't cause as much. As this Olympics. But that's not what it's about ultimately this will be about the games about the athletes. About the performance -- And out I think that's what a lot of folks are focused on right now but. Clearly Michelle this is not going to be over the construction won't be over people are gonna see a lot of dump trucks when they go up and down those -- There's a lot of work left to do. Here well certainly they're not rolling out the red carpet for you but they're literally. Paving your way now you mentioned earlier President Putin arrived there today -- what's being called a working visit we've got a little bit of that it video of him including. Visiting a leopard rehabilitation center and what -- well who wouldn't be doing and Russia leading men to those games. He well mostly he's just here to make sure things are done in when he comes into town. There's a tremendous amount of pressure and all those workmen that we documents on he's on that piece. To get things done because he's fired a number of people and and one how to -- -- Is enough to get people kicked out of their jobs perhaps -- who knows. But when he's here this means business this is his. Personal project and being -- those mountains today. I realize why that is it is so gorgeous this caucus -- 7000 feet up snow capped peaks. Just glistening in the sun it was just beautiful. And I think a lot of people who come up -- -- see that. And probably feel the same way that he has in -- one of the reasons perhaps that he's been willing to spend so much money. But every time he's here working visit or not it puts pressure on people to get this finished. It also shows how important it is to him. And security here is immense. Not only because he's here but that's just the way it is. Off the coast behind me there -- warships. In the mountains there are missiles everywhere around us there are security people plain clothes with armed with guns they are now cops are everywhere that you look. Apparently there are about 24 police officers and troops for every athlete. -- -- security here is tight. -- has clearly made this one of the top priorities and. In this terror. Well that's certainly security always one of the factors with president Putin's arrival it's almost like having that relative. -- visit when you've just moved into that new apartment or home you get those boxes taking care of very quickly. Thank you so much for joining us except this is relative it's like an overbearing right the F exactly -- status is like an overbearing mother. Yes and overbearing mother thank you so much they have a great time over there reporting. And this has been an ABC news special digital report I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":22361545,"title":"Sochi Makes Last Minute Preps for the Winter Olympics","duration":"3:00","description":"Head of the Olympic committee is confident the games will be safe.","url":"/International/video/winter-olympics-2014-head-olympic-commitee-sochi-games-22361545","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}