Woman Buys 23-Pound Lobster to Set Him Free

The woman paid more than $200 to give the lobster a second chance at life.
2:04 | 11/30/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Buys 23-Pound Lobster to Set Him Free
When you're royalty you tend to get most of the tank to yourself. King Louie as he's been Doug is a 23 pound lobster caught in the fifth funny off saint Martin's. For the last few days his home has been the alma lobster shock but today he was on the move. The alma lobster shop received a lot of suggestions on what to do with the giant lobster. But this morning a woman from Nova Scotia called wanting to buy king Louis. So the lobster wet sweeping. Thank you pass that 9989 pound I think so I paid 280 dollars. Katie Conklin who wish to have him return to the C. That's what the owners of the alma lobster shop did. I'm fine with us good good for them this is kind of how we make their living only has been Gloucester fisherman. And we sell as lobster in and that's how we. We survive. With the king's security and his crate the thankful to steamed out of port and Rodney MacDonald did what comes unnaturally to a lobster fish. But lobster back in the water after a quick shadow to the woman who bought king Louis his release bank. We invite former million pounds a year in this is to be the biggest in the first home error releasing this way. King Luis fate was decided quickly. We really were insurer yesterday likely. We just got it and you came down to see it we really didn't even think about it. At 23 pounds of people in alma estimate king Louis's age at 100 years old. And now that he's been returned to open water who knows how long he'll continue to reign as the king of the day. But could handle him. Practices being kept in any decency water hit as ice ice has survival. I is heavy carries is dean's any lives like a happy life for his second game. He will as long as he's learned his lesson and stays away from lobster traps. Jonathan mcinnis a CTV news.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"The woman paid more than $200 to give the lobster a second chance at life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"43885025","title":"Woman Buys 23-Pound Lobster to Set Him Free","url":"/International/video/woman-buys-23-pound-lobster-set-free-43885025"}