FIFA World Cup Finals Scheduled to Kick Off

Michelle Franzen discusses the upcoming quarterfinals, and sheds light on Tim Howard’s social media stardom.
13:26 | 07/03/14

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Transcript for FIFA World Cup Finals Scheduled to Kick Off
Copacabana Beach in Rio from on high a little bit quiet today. -- -- It is the -- for the storm for quarterfinal matches on the horizon. Hosts Brazil set to take on Columbia tomorrow afternoon probably if you more folks out there hi everyone I'm Michelle president New York. The World -- as over the US and headed home. And what -- welcome -- -- get but even before the trip goalkeeper Tim Howard and captain Clint Dempsey took a very nice call from Mary big fan. I don't know how you're -- -- survived the mobs when you come back -- met your dislike you're gonna have to shave your beard so they don't know you're. Well regarded you're watching it we know how because of forty or so gloomy about it was it was aren't at all it is -- Well these new guys all students. Just not just. By how hard you played and how will you did but also. They get -- -- phils would lower class and those disappointing but. When you get up pushing through. We -- significant. If it'll make a difference in the country so. Congratulate. Coach. And -- -- maybe got a couple of the guys there. Fantastic governor buddy and and -- -- just to see -- -- again like sometimes. And speaking of the coach manager -- in -- spoke late yesterday his last press conference before heading back to the states. The big -- what the US can do the players and -- fans to keep advancing the cause. Here's the -- I think it's hugely important qualify estimate to gain grow to play escrow and really kind of find ways to improve. On every front it's about keeping their -- temple. The highest level of concentration that giving away any -- It's about it's now -- DiSpirito the group you know being connected to helping each other out everywhere solid job as coaches is so how can -- kind of making clear that. In order to get. Further and further be need to look at that work you know -- need to add to innovate the competition level we need to. To make him understand what recovery time means you know and you have to especially -- implementing all those elements of and under seventeen and eighteen and the training and a 21 which will be the future Olympic team because that's the next generation that's gonna break in. So the more we can get that message to those -- -- -- we will benefit in a couple of years from now. No matter where they coming from me feel convinced they have to potential have to the quality to be part of the senior national team. We gonna bring him in no matter whether -- and help them to to raise the bar again. And we are joined now from Sao -- by Los Angeles Times Brazil correspondent -- Evans -- sent. But for the tournament there -- big concerns about protests we saw tear gas almost right away. Why have demonstrations. Have been as prevalent at least an international press that everyone enjoy the game. -- that is -- secretly I'm there have been a small amount small boat. I would we but it needs I'm not like you are you're doing a burglary and battery. A bigger -- the birds that. But whatever. During -- liquidity but on what our government. More -- I. Welcome you all about here. Would you don't -- grabbed. Not. Bill. -- Is that hasn't been a bit more on the -- expect -- book. He's even if they might out -- problem. Quit picking a third that the productivity. -- dominated by all -- what -- -- -- -- don't want. But were oh. Opens it let's talk about booze for a minute eight Secretary General is around about. Asked about what a Brazilian law that banned in game beer sales he said quote. Alcoholic drinks are part of the fifa World Cup so we're going to have them excuse me -- -- should sound a bit arrogant but that's something we won't negotiate. The fact that we have a right to sell beer has to be a part of the law. That was then this is now yesterday he told -- TV quote. I'm worried by the alcohol I have been surprised by the amount of alcohol perhaps many people were drunk and went drinking -- violence tends to increase. -- just no surprise to anyone. Well it was a huge surprise that he broke force -- -- actual. Regarding out all. -- -- -- blogger com about what will we need. Sort of with the paper or. -- -- on the upper -- he. Let. Oh and I don't think any -- about -- vote. And want you. I'm in the back that moment -- we are all about. The -- -- this and. -- so -- a lot of people came from all over to enjoy this tournament gives us an idea how the fans. Are getting along. I'm overwhelmingly. -- you -- Story. Oh. -- -- Now all of America. Are -- It at -- or. Whether. Oh. About it -- -- -- -- -- And it we should note that there was one ugly moment that stands out to a lot of viewers when Chilean fans many of them having traveled. For days but without tickets they were priced out of Americana push their way and -- ticket price is kept out real fans and is that why we've seen so many empty seats at many of these games. Well we've certainly seen a huge national covered stadium Brazil. About whether or not been a -- put on what you eat American wife complained that -- -- player well. Come -- or normal beauty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Smaller games where they've been -- Demand would agree. -- -- you really getting. All the C. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But. It. But it it or. Or wouldn't -- -- right. And -- we're going to pay all the right there. -- -- OK let's talk about -- US -- the US has been roundly applauded for its numbers. How did you really stepped up on the world stage then as our fan base growing and the excitement for soccer. I'm short -- yet I'm WS -- by our. The largest amount. International bans permanent recruitment benefit every other country by art. And that -- -- -- Operate what people Tibetan -- that odor. So Ingrid -- a wait and let you know pretty. Down there that it directly they're at and you know and the we -- -- pretty well. There were -- -- Bits of Brazil plays in the second quarter final tomorrow afternoon do you think at a loss. Could clear the way for more protests and that there would be less of a reason not to hit the streets. I'm certainly something a lot of -- that Abu. Yeah. Yeah EU. Brazilian wife about. Belated about it and -- -- -- Sort of -- There are there. The reason urgent -- -- that -- occurred about eight or eighty. The couple who started. Way to. -- Might -- return. Are generally -- youth and beauty are eager. Aren't and number on our problems -- a lot more. -- and Evans Brazil correspondent for the Los Angeles Times thank you and enjoy -- around the games this weekend. We saw -- chatting with President Obama before but now almost 36 hours after the US game -- Belgium. Tim Howard is still -- trending topic on Twitter let's take one more look at his historic. Sixteenth -- night in Salvador. -- -- Thirteen. -- -- counting those are all those saves. The gains but this World Cup isn't just being played on the grass and Brazil it's become a social media phenomenon and that is very good news for mr. Howard ABC -- -- joins us now with more on the US stars. Social media explosion. He's an overnight social media sensation the hash -- -- ten powerful state -- this morning with photos of the -- people seeking a sinking Titanic. A swimmer from -- And playing defense on the basketball court. -- leaning over the heart of the president. I don't know how you're -- survived the -- when you come back home next. Howard reportedly worth between six and ten million dollars already had to deal with -- What could be sudden celebrity turning turning even beat her heyday. There's no reason Tim Howard shouldn't take home tens of millions of dollars in endorsements over the next couple years. If he was a stock on the stock market we'd all be investing right now. So what kinds of products to the bearded -- -- heavily tattooed soccer star in the worst. How about home security someone else or even sun block you know to block out the sun. -- But for now Howard tell -- -- and he's got other cool -- in mind. Just trying to figure out what's life and let the dust settle and -- and tell my kids know. And we're joined now by ABC's Sara -- -- we have seen American athletes come up big on the world stage before what is it about -- Howard. And this moment that really caused this to take off. -- Things like in the World Cup fever is bigger than it ever paying and paying social media. So much of this -- has come in the form of tweets an instant grand -- and people are having a heyday eighteen game. Along with the whole US teen. Tim gave the US something to believe and showed us even when they were down you could set a record so it's been an amazing journey to watch and get behind. And certainly you what whether you win or lose you can come off a winner to ABC's Sara -- think so -- -- -- But enough about us -- there are games to play first up France and Germany. Clash of those European titans are -- at noon today. And it's Columbia host Brazil in the late game kick off at 4 o'clock eastern importantly. -- Saturday. Argentina. Plays Belgium taking the United States spots in the quarterfinals. And then capping off a wonderful World Cup weekend the Netherlands and Costa Rica -- right back and Salvador. This has been ABC news coverage of the 2014 World Cup keep up with the games in real time. I download in the ABC news that star in this story for those exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in the --

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