The world watches as President Joe Biden takes over

ABC News Foreign Correspondent Ian Pannell reports on how the Biden administration looks to reset global relations after a turbulent four years, and new challenges emerging around the world.
3:59 | 01/22/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The world watches as President Joe Biden takes over
Biden's inauguration was a new chapter not only for the United States but also the world. New administration making front pages news worldwide headlines from Latin American Africa Europe and Asia quoting the president's words for claiming. Democracy. Has prevailed. However president Biden faces an uphill battle when it comes to various global issues and relationships. ABC news senior foreign correspondent in panel brings us the latest a laundry list of foreign hurdles already facing our new president. Lindsay if you thought president Barton and had a long shopping list of domestic policies to deal with while the shopping list kid and your up. In in the Americas in Asia is even Longo a lot of countries having waiting for America to return into the fold waiting for American involvement. For American leadership. But I doesn't mean that things are just gonna go back to the old days the world has moved all and their all to chew and taste but the rules have problems we've already seen. President Biden sign on the dotted line to show that America will rejoin the Paris climates accords that of course is being broadly welcomed here in Europe. But the wrong many other urgent issues not just climate change would also how to do with a corona bars. America's signaled that it will join in this Kovacs program to provide vaccines to countries at a moment. I'll certainly go without and in the future don't have to konduz supplies to try and stamp out this pandemic but people are relieved I think that some woods the the evening about what's happened and looking forward to getting home with -- as. This talk about G-7 summits climate summits here in Britain late to this year the hope prism prism Biden. Would be able to attend that then there are the old dias anniversaries Russia Iran and China I think Russia a word it will probably be largely business as usual I don't see any warming of relationships all although Russia is hoping in America and apply them it will comply. With re signing on to the starts is perceived strategic. Arms reduction treaty. However I think president Biden Biden administration who heard the whole glass amid hooting. And the Kremlin fall more accountable. Then he walls are and president trump. I think around they've already signaled that they want to rejoin this new Korea on the street sealed his nuclear treaty did JC BO way. Although that will be conditions based budding above old. The main foreign policy challenge is going to be China there's going to be front and center. Full the US administration launches this one but those going into the future China is now I whole hearted strategic compact step. China has consolidated. Expanded. While president trump has been in power. Urich has not had America's leadership in the same way to new midseason tough language for America rules are gonna say the Europeans finally come on board. And join in with America to try and pressure and cone troll and coinciding. China's expand some. Right to the other side to the world. It's it's as central and South America there were also some very very immediate problems. Who who already seen so called caravan this is. Thousands of migrants many of them fleeing the violence of its endemic in some parts of some Central American countries like Guatemala Honduras. And and said the migrant caravan has been moving towards the border the Biden administration's Medicaid dollars and warm them to come. It has may already some important changes that said that he will hold some of those deportations the separations of weasel. Under the trump administration. There is a review underway. But the problem of people arriving on the board especially now the president has changed is going to be a very real world problem. President Biden who's promised a more humane Paulus a but in practice we've gotten to see in the coming days and weeks Walt not really really looks like Lindsay. Ian things.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"ABC News Foreign Correspondent Ian Pannell reports on how the Biden administration looks to reset global relations after a turbulent four years, and new challenges emerging around the world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"75417870","title":"The world watches as President Joe Biden takes over","url":"/International/video/world-watches-president-joe-biden-takes-75417870"}