Worldview: Unrest in Venezuela

Anti-government protests erupt in Venezuela, while debate over U.S.-Mexico border security continues.
19:38 | 02/01/19

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Transcript for Worldview: Unrest in Venezuela
ABC news world view a snapshot of the best to our coverage from around the globe. I'm Maggie rootkit ABC news headquarters in new York and we begin with the crisis in Venezuela more anti government protests took place this week as one wider looks to increase pressure and battle president Nicholas majora. Here's ABC's Cody went with more from the capital crock. I'm forty leveling Caracas where we are seeing the first protests and long life though it's born and as the interim president meet Brett president you're challenging the presidency of it would ask motherhood OS you can see here. In this plaza and in these streets hundreds have taken to the streets. The opposition calling. What walked out of sorts telling people to leave their places of business leave their homes and also to right on some of the signs that you can probably see behind me. Why they believe that the armed forces here should support them sit back one light all and not back. I think what else Maputo the opposition stopping short here. Calling for a massive protests in the city center order of Presidential Palace to those are the protests that generally and I'm and violence so far we don't have information about clashes or confrontations although. Sometimes these protests do end in violence at night but we are expecting even more protest scheduled for him. Saturday. Cody let all ABC news cannot has Venezuela. Heading to Cuba now where earlier this week Cuba's capital of Havana was battered by a rare and deadly tornado. He was president said the tornado killed at least three people and injured 170. It isn't news affiliate WP LG out of Miami. Sent their reporter pat Savannah into Cuba is he the destruction for him take a look. Every corner you turn the stories get incredible there was amendment says he'd just come to a friend's house he parkas cart. In this strife wheat but the two illegal quickly team touched down and he says he still cannot believe his car ended up half a block away. Levels that I Campbell. This is something I can never forget begin on him goes on to say he has never seen anything like it. Imagine the power of mother nature he says but until you see it first and it. You really get a cents. So the strength of the storm you can see because of the trees look what happened to them a lot of them splitting. Half but then you get a real sense of what truly happened here look what happened to this car completely flipped on its side. For hours or so unpredictable and this is a prime example look at this bus. There were folks inside the bus was going to from a destination but it had to stop right in the middle of the storm passed this massive tornado touched down. This is just one of five neighborhoods affected by the tornado and hats Obama have an. Now Washington DC where earlier this week the took administration's top intelligence officials were on Capitol Hill. At a hearing about global threats to the US and much of what they said contradicted. President twelve. Here's ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz with more I'm. Martha Raddatz in Washington for ABC news lied as Donald Trump's heads into the second half of his term his contradictions with his intelligence community. Good not only have political consequences but foreign policy consequences as well. Since it seems that president trump disagrees with his intelligence officials on almost everything. As we've heard in the last year president trump said he believes prices has been defeated. That cal fate has certainly bins have been made smaller but it's intelligence officials say there are still thousands of crisis fighters. In Syria. And Iraq on North Korea the president last year after that summit said North Korea no longer posed a nuclear threat. Not Salo says it says his top intelligence officials and the president was tweeting about crisis. Saying there has been tremendous progress is who became president as saying the ice is cal fate would soon be destroyed. And that there was a decent chance denuclearization. What -- Martha Raddatz in Washington for ABC news. Over to London now where Prince Philip has apologized. For that car crash a couple of weeks ago. But writing letters to the women who were affected explain what happened. He's James Longman is in London with more. Often not. Accident that prince finished pat outside Sandringham house lefties and I'm driver on its side to Los everywhere had to be pulled out if you remember. He was on hut but one of the women in the other car. Gates break raised and that we're lot of questions of the time about whether or not he owed anyone an apology specifically one of the women and the fat whether C. Spoke to the newspapers in the days that followed saying basically that she felt that she was an apology and be nice if Princeton at. Glad to get to tell us now we know that and that's it will send it was time to live it. Two I'm by prince but it and basically it did how an apology in it. And it reads. As follows he says. I would like you to know how very sorry I am for my part in the accident the sun was shining glow over the main road I fail to see the car coming. And I'm very contrite about the consequences he says as the crowd was beginning to gather I was advised to return to sounding amounts by local police officer. He says I've since learned that you suffered a broken arm I'm deeply sorry about this injury. Llosa says it he was somewhat shaken by the accident but that he was greatly relieved no one was seriously. It's off to roll the prince. Did write an apology today C within. Here in Nikon calls from the weasels say and nine month old baby in the collar as well he has. Of course since been spotted driving on time even without a seat belt say he was gently worn by the police following guys reports. So in the end the prince. He apologized. James omen ABC knees and on. And sticking with the royals here to duchess as Kate and Magid who. Racially leaking will targets both facing vicious online bullying racist and sexist attacks. Here's ABC news as he robot with more. Nagin is at the national theater this morning in her first official visit as patron meeting staff and getting to know the ropes in her new role the Dutch is already on familiar ground after a career in acting like most royal engagements. Photos and video of the visit will be posted on Kensington palaces social media sites. But it's those very signs on Twitter is to Graham and FaceBook that are at the center of racist and sexist trolling against the dutchess. And Megan and her sister a lot Kate Middleton are also being pitted against each other. A big part of the problem is that social media uses have decided it's tea counts there at fifteen K so he Mac and and unfortunately there taunting each of us whether it's that Petit women in public high palace staff reportedly pushing back card to combat the online abuse. Hours now spend sifting through comments. Reporting and blocking offensive remarks. Even calling in is to grant to help tackle the problem. The British magazine hello now launching a kindness campaign to help stop this trolling a message is really simple for you price thing is it helpful. It's calling that would say in real life with that excited that people. Seems scene I find it really resonates with them and they really are keen to try to treat that dialogue on tweets that means Graham faced that. A kindness campaign we could all use that in addition to the palace reaching out to ins to ramp for help. They say the police have also gotten involved according to hello magazine this is how serious this situation is. Moving out of the Dominican Republic where did you know that it's one of the few places in the world where people can swing in the week humpback whales and their cabs. Yeah how cool was that. And ABC news and chief meteorologist ginger disease at the warm waters off the coast of the art to bring us this remarkably up close and personal you know. See that's what it feels great and it had his experience and adventure to that is swimming with the humpback whales. They're the mammal on the planet that travels the far this to migrate from their breeding grounds up near Canada and Norway and concrete right here. Where there. Greedy breeding grounds they were feeding up north. Either way so impressive is one thing the images Hampton had a no the video or see them here above board when you look down you steer them in the eye it's all match. Oh yeah. Win a million Atlantic. Posted up and will back every. We're seeing about about a lot of this in the silver vein system went. I'm not that I did 7000 of them like great every. Yeah. Come here from Norway from Canada from mean 88. And have their babies and they all come right here's something. CNN and as a mother this cap pennant and life in the think it's an ailment months says he around. They're playground that we're gonna happen in person respectful experience he's aware insists giant of the ocean. They took what convention. We are just starting to see him back. You go one one well about for all that brought to a mother and had good to. Or firefighter. It makes the person cal reports. They're right. I knew I was amazed with how closely learn right away but really blue ocean is. Right next to that deep gray and bright light and can't miss them. First the mother and the cat circling. It's one of the most. Beautiful and majestic things I've probably ever seen because these are giants they would like dinosaurs. Not in their right mind. That's playing cat person. Kathleen yeah. Humpback whales are the only species of whale in the world with fifteen foot. Long pectoral fins or flippers they have an amazing repertoire behaviors and their extremely adds dial. Every humpback whale has a pattern. In black and white on the bottom of that tale. And that pattern is just like a fingerprint. There are no two humpback whales in the north Atlantic Ocean with the same field. Wow so that's incredible footage what experience also. What an assignment I'm insanely jealous. But pulse after watching that crazy but it were wondering. How exactly ginger and her team were able to capture such amazing images while both above and below the water but yet is that. I haven't seen to intervene here on planes rather. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean so we are about ninety miles north east and the Dominican Republic. We took off from where there a couple days ago and we have been searching the silver bay which is the area right here. The airy in the Atlantic we are all. Of that the American album migratory humpback whales come from reading that come to breed here. They come to have their baby care and they travel backed up and only eat up north completely Norway. Or in Canada and even just off because the view that. Really interesting we actually have an underwater camera it is that you can see how we got some really spectacular images. Of the whales because Anthony did on that camera. Is doing less is so town that this but peeking get in. An allowance to see this other world since her meal then being down there and so we were able to do that several times yesterday is a town island as the founder of aquatic adventures he's been in this for twenty years. He told us we'll come along with with us and leaking into the water and actually go. Close to the whale that he doesn't vary. Very gentle way it's called the Heatley encounter an amendment and let the passive way of just kind of floating above and being a part of that world. Fascinating to me was that they actually said that at times they feel like the mother take a little nap when she trusts the people around. And then the baby planes and it's like world baby sitting at only that right here. Guys if the fetus. Yes. I'll hear it guns. It was really classy event and the width of the water that if he comes up or she comes up again we're gonna be. Here. Already here you can hear under. Whales salmon. Then let's CNET. And move on like us. We had. That's what we're talking about this pick and then around moves that would let William Allan the right. And the cast me here in the witness see that pop up that was very well. That's the type of fat and eating it I coming here and it's. Just. Those below them really loud. Look at that other details and. The last year splash right over my shoulder. And really see that our that deeper in an oily slick looking at him. That's their coloring them they have the white on the opinions and so and other. Bottoms. Estelle in those encounters are able says sometimes they slowdown in saddle as well that and then you're able to be read there I wonder if Anthony must that Al that. Though the area is just has been known for very long time the that this is where they migrate so why is it's so popular at the don't know exactly why the place right here is the place they found. This theory is about. Having the warmer water and having a part of it. But I think what's happened instilled in me that there's a lot of mysteries when it comes cities will. So lightly Lan I think I out six or seven times in the last day in. And it Denise Elisabeth added you have to be very sensitive to there. Hearing as they hear everything and so the bubbles may frighten them away here you know. Seeing more aggressive so just snorkeling on the that this is what they did here with a lot of adventures of Sweden died thank you so much for joining us. In eminently you with a look at the ocean as who knows what has seen them. Now into the Middle East to show you a very special cafe that are teen found in U broad. It's called the downed his and cafe in its into Iran. But this isn't just any caffeinated happy one my employees with limitations like Down's syndrome and autism. It's a cafe that provides many of its employees their first opportunity to ever enter the job market tekelec. That's the key chess pieces move through especially Busch hit that's and musician at me yet. Several residents in that I guess and that's afternoon's game definition with that and then you go to from going that. Yemen Vichy museum boasts a moment ago. Even those things news and home of this. Shoot people is that. Surely is that because they're less sensible. Miami. This film I'm betting you'll be glad pollution. You have to date has systems. I can clinch about him and that sort of thing savage concern. After today muscle mass Clinton combat what influence have headed to establish. Again I don't know if I would not Tallahassee should be ET. You're saying there is any hidden came back to elements in his youth who read them. More meat. It won't meet Cameron economy. Really amazing what a powerful and great idea. A right now look at. The videos from across the globe that caught the most attention this week -- beginning Canada where a British royal air force squadron answer the question what do you. When my hands you a freezing rain shower that turns your runway into an ice to collect. We got exactly they did what Canadians do based rap ice skates into a few laps around their place. That don't figure skating gold medals are handed out here a little. But they are having a good time at least unit. Figure skaters are now is. Who for some so no da. That's right that's out he's doing he learned how to me he's easily ignited. Still out literally in the freezing snow and cold in Moscow. Yoga. In the snow get it but know about are ending up about you that mean look what they're doing their face planting in this snow. Committing to that downward god. Maybe it's called the nuts and now I'm not really sure I'm just really impressed three that women describe themselves as the artist group beyond. And when have been spent on her FaceBook page that the group uses yoga. The critic who think their nineteen years as artists. I think are an. You. I all right let's move on now and warm things up thank goodness because. Everyone seemed fighting as a record breaking three using it tends this week across countries or into Australia. Where they're still in it for the record breaking wit and her to believe. One source Oklahoma took matters into his own hands to quench his thirst a little higher in the currently at about quelling. I was spotted by team in the shall. Did Michelle wall who said the koala looked disoriented and was a week from them. They started looking drops of water towards the air from the bottle of water they had on and and then filled us think of water for the animal. While me that's way over our candidate and anything that couldn't be any more adorable late hour it. Colin grabs team's hand in all of it are you kidding me right now with the coolest thing this team here. I Pozen. It warms the soul as well right now wrap it up for us this that this world view over Italy now with a memorable images from around the and I.

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