Two young women caught in Irma's wrath

Alex Demoor and Mattie Gortat say they rode out the storm in a shower stall with a mattress on top of them.
1:31 | 09/08/17

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Transcript for Two young women caught in Irma's wrath
Many roads in the US version ons are blocked or flooded it and making relief efforts difficult these are some new images were getting in from saint Thomas. And at least fourteen deaths in the Caribbean are now blamed on the storm ABC's Lindsay Janice. Is in Puerto Rica. Hi nick and Diane the biggest problem here power outages. Nearly a million people are still without power and this is the main reason why there are hundreds and hundreds of trees. Like this one down across this island this one actually the power line tangled up in its. Hurricane her much pain free life your quarterly but elsewhere in. It was wanted to report to seductive. We spoke with US Coast Guard pilots. We're doing rescue missions to the US Virgin Islands they introduced us to two young women to college students who they rescued. From saint Thomas we spoke with then there name's Alex do more and Matty gore tots and they told us a terrifying story about how they rode out. This storm in a shower with a mattress over the top of them they were worried the rule. It's gonna come off the home they were and when this storm was over they went out. Scientists surveyed the damage they describe utter destruction. But Alex slipped and fell hitting her head she was in an out of consciousness but they couldn't get to a hospital on the island they were forced. To call the Coast Guard and wait till the following morning her rescue we lend them our phones to call their families and we were able to accompany them to the hospital but why don't we were there. It's backup generator actually failed so these power outages a huge problem here.

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{"id":49699547,"title":"Two young women caught in Irma's wrath","duration":"1:31","description":"Alex Demoor and Mattie Gortat say they rode out the storm in a shower stall with a mattress on top of them.","url":"/International/video/young-women-caught-irmas-wrath-49699547","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}