Youth around the world walk for climate change

Climate activists around the world participate in march advocating for climate change.
4:12 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Youth around the world walk for climate change
A major protests today. Millions of young people around the world are taking part in a global climate change protest the younger generation. Seeming to understand this threat better than. Anyone knowing the state of the planet will affect your future in fact the slope in. Of the global climate strike website says it best it says our house is on fire let's act like it. We demand climate change for justice for everyone we demand climate justice for everyone so young people. From over a 150 different countries are putting pressures on their governments. To do more to end this fossil fuel air and all of this comes ahead of the United Nations climate change summit. Which is all on Monday it's a very big deal on there were over 300000. Protesters at such industries in Australia. And there's protesters in all corners of the earth from the Paul to Senegal to Bolivia. And in London so I wanna go to Maggie really who's across the pond at the strikes there. Maggie. And even following protests all around the world learned Monday and right now where the thousands of people out demonstrating right in front of parliament and Kimberly receiving notices of this year's highs and these protests and also be painted people out there demonstrating nearly all of them are accidents of this commitment movement. Some of them are as young as. Ten years old look at this and that the they have been out here all afternoon on some of the many young people students are seeing all the way from 910 years old man of with a group of seventeen year old earlier this event it was worth it for them to skip class I'm just living out here fighting to make a difference fighting to make it seems that came right now. They're fighting for their contending he golden years to life. We viewed as we but he went with option. If we dates names and officer of the consequences when it not with it hasn't. Has been. And it's no. It's who you want to some some of the things we want slaves who action. And everything was the winning numbers coming from his protest for right now organizers say kids seem to be the largest climate protest in her. Around behind this huge. Kimberly. Thank you Maggie so awesome to see all of the young people out an inch or staying note here on National Geographic recently. Put out an article showing how the planet. Is heating up. Very fast they said by the time today's high school seniors turned fifty years old scientists predict the average number of days in the US in which the heat index. Is over 100 degrees will have doubled. Doubled so that means more devastating storms more wild fires and rapidly rising sea levels. That will displace millions of people unless something is done so now want to go to our map Siler who's out there in DC and check out the strikes there. Matt what's happening where you are lots of energy. Yes lots of energy Kimberly high. Got probably about 15100 people out here already and the crowd keeps on growing. One of the benefits of holding a rally in DC as both some of these other cities is. Route leaders are often able to handle microphone off has some pretty powerful people we're told Thomas Dyer who's challenging president trump is about to. Address the crowd. And about to march right up Pennsylvania Avenue to the hill and talked to. People like Alexandria a popular protests and several other representatives and QG a drain she got toddlers who got babies and teenagers who are organizing the event. And have you been able to talk to anyone specifically. Obama talked organizers who are hoping the crowd is going to get even bigger specially. Along the marching route and as they arrive on the hill and is expecting as many as 101000 people not quite at that point yet but. And we'll see. Today's young. All right Matt Siler right there in DC absolutely incredible thank you so much. Yes guys and as we told you that's happening all over the world so it'll be very interesting to see what the numbers are after this is Spanish.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"Climate activists around the world participate in march advocating for climate change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65752941","title":"Youth around the world walk for climate change","url":"/International/video/youth-world-walk-climate-change-65752941"}