New Zealand bans assault rifles after deadly mosque attack

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces ban on all military-style, semi-automatic weapons.
2:53 | 03/21/19

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Transcript for New Zealand bans assault rifles after deadly mosque attack
Less than a week after a suspected white supremacists murdered at least fifty people at two mosques in New Zealand. The country's prime minister announced a ban on all assault rifles across the country hear some of what she said. It's time for the man Sammy easy availability all of these we patents masked theme. And today. They were. And with that I want to bringing you the pilgrim who's joining us in London. Even do you think the prime minister in you know does she have widespread support in the country for her plans. We've heard a lot of people who. Who support the sentiment the prime minister in this. And the shooter in this case the block those weapons legally and say they want to make sure that this kind of thing could never happen again banning. All semiautomatic. Military style guidance so they can't get in the hands of someone to do shooting like this again Kimberly. Yet I want she de explain to our viewers how this is happening so quickly especially since you know meaningful action around gun control is something that doesn't happen. Very fast or at all in our own country. Or. What it gives a look at a couple of things here that prime minister. Promised ten days or less government have some sort of gun reform she did this in six days since she was able come through on that promise. And she was able to work with people from different political groups to make it happen New Zealand is a much smaller country than the United States so. It's kind of if you can give it more and in the realm of the size of a state incident entire country as far as the size of government that there working with. And they were able to push this thing very quickly. Because they wanted to make a statement. About their view on guns in about making sure that a massacre like this doesn't happen again and it and this is going to be rolled out sort of in in phases so the first thing they're doing she announced that its it'd take 48 hours have a web site that will go up with a form for people who. Already legally own these guns. Then go and fill out the form. To schedule a time to turn in those guns to authorities now they don't have access to the Internet. You can also call your local police department. And schedule a time to turn the gun. As well but they want people to really go to the website because thinking that'll be the easiest way tech orderly. Get the in an orderly fashion get these guns turned in the other big thing here is this gonna cost a lot of money. And they're estimating some are between a hundred and 200 million dollars because it's a buyback program they're going to pay these people to turn in these weapons to get them off the streets. At and that compensation will be given them accidents guns are turned and that. A country so much smaller and the United States you think about how much more that would cost to do something. In a similar way in the US hit the numbers would be much much higher Kimberly I write even think you so much.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces ban on all military-style, semi-automatic weapons. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61840941","title":"New Zealand bans assault rifles after deadly mosque attack","url":"/International/video/zealand-bans-assault-rifles-deadly-mosque-attack-61840941"}