Backstage at Walt Disney World Holiday Services

Sneak a peek at the place where it's the holiday season all year long.
3:33 | 11/14/16

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Transcript for Backstage at Walt Disney World Holiday Services
This season at Walt Disney World resort. Last about thirty days but here at holiday service says its Christmas. All year long. He sent she spent and it share up holiday service says that. Questions. And and we do it took every six to five op ration. Actually we're working right now would you like to come some of the cast I've months and months to enter Heinz. Karen Hopkins and are we going everywhere safety glasses out of safety first right at and it literally let's in this. I'm sorry are at war. The team is hard at work they're working on him all different types of programs 27 story buildings. Fourth theme parks workers. Islands. And then it's our very own to space brings. And so this really taxed on all your along parts every Friday. Yeah why. Goes into the top half say. You know decade grant me first is creating another attack. He beat me it is. All around the beatings and grants for radian is going to be a different theme that you would decorate the wilderness lodge wilderness lodge is going to. Each morning on lines that nature. Some peace and that took all our. Learners. But this is Victorian so theory very different. We're going to the area we'll look at the space we'll look. That was designed by. And we will fall back to core into our thought process for debt rating that period for the holiday. Now when their keys in Bryant it. Three separate. All the to corps. Refreshed every year but it's totally replace we have a replacement cycle and it's about five years. This year of course there is patented its break to let me tell me about what Hitler and he did it's. Show me. Look at aviat sneak peek at what's happened at higher absolutely we do have a little sneak peek let me take out their violence filled. Hell we have a design work over here and I loved to show you. Songs pop. Home home of this. Different absences of the whole thing but one of them major themes want to make sure that happens is that our guests feel we'll natural. And there are real. Kind of we need to landmarks out on the street. And tell me a little bit about this year she and spectacular. Putting this over the town center area so be briefed garlands and his senate pieces will be the chandelier. And then you'll have tapered Garland and we'll come back into that three more boobs. You'll have crystal pieces and between them tens. And it will be just a magnificent. All the way down the street I can't imagine anything. South and toll in the holiday spirit and Chris Smith. Thank you so much for coming make you rich I parents great.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Sneak a peek at the place where it's the holiday season all year long.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"43525086","title":"Backstage at Walt Disney World Holiday Services","url":"/Lifestyle/video/backstage-walt-disney-world-holiday-services-43525086"}