Celebrating students who are pursuing college education

Host Nick Cannon gives advice on College Signing Day.
7:58 | 05/05/17

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Transcript for Celebrating students who are pursuing college education
Camp on I'm try to answer watching ABC news digital and we are alive today at the college signing day 27 teen event hosted by former First Lady Michelle Obama and MTV you'll be able to watch the of them and it's. Here on abcnews.com as well we park who streaming. And TV's. Coverage the actual event that we right now our backstage. This is the area where performers and guests. We'll be coming through before they speak or address the 200. Future students college students higher education students that are here today to celebrate. Higher education. Michelle. Obama has started this initiative it horror number of years but there's actually events going on across the country. Thousands across the country actually still celebrating. Higher education's that you can see right now her former Nick Cannon he's am seeing the event today. He's a first person out here today denounced the manner via. And so this video of him and a lot of other people. Singers. Actors models that are here today to address these students and and get them excited about the future. So stick with us here. Would it will be speaking with all of these performers that come through. And can also watch these of that as well where former First Lady Michelle Obama will be speaking. Good. I'd be happy. He has created. Oh wow I do my. And I'm. Maybe I'll. Could be like. I. Good Birtley. But the former currently well. Three down. Let me. I. So the event today here in New York city's in house at the public theater. You can yours he. Hosts. Canon. Performing cannon who in. Is doing some interviews head of the events starting at about 11 o'clock. We're expecting. And number of appearances. They'll be coming through here hopefully we'll speak with them including actress Keri Russell. Modeled well ahead to need to. Congresswoman and former conserving adding gift for its actress Zoe Kravitz and and ABC's own Robin Roberts as well we'll be speaking. At the event today a addressing these. 200 or so. Students that are continuing their higher education. But as he said this is just one of thousands of events like that's going on across the country today. And that former First Lady Michelle Obama has. It. Started these events the number of years ago. And it's continuing now her participation. And encouraging. Students to pursue higher education whether that's college or trade school. A community college. It ends we will be speaking at. CNN the hosts. In just a moment. Yeah. It. So Nick Cannon of course. Musician and coast to coast listed a number of TV shows that and he is and seeing today. And he himself went back to school bomb. To pursue his education. Even after becoming a performer. So this is something that's important to have an. And we are up next he they'll. A student exactly mechanic absent photos. Yeah. Beautiful. There so your hosting today a high schoolers and a tough crowd there they're probably cooler than any else out there are you preparing for that may have seen. So why now. The tougher crowd there local component we do stuff got a built it is today. Not really concerned. Because the celebration. And it's exciting I mean national college signed a broad. To us all by the wonderful mrs. Michelle. Everybody's excited that he's electric it's. Anything with farmer. Bite armour First Lady Michelle Obama to think that he. So we're doing as serious or Good Morning America where we are having celebs such as yourself give advice to students if you client tells students. I'm saying my advice is for the future what would you say. Since I'm still a student and say my advice to my. Fellow students would be. Enjoy have fun. Like to see this in the time embarked in in being different challenge itself. Good luck out there today thank you very much. That courses and C host for today's events. Nick Cannon giving his advice to giving advice to the students here. And excited to host today and not not nervous at all about those eyes those teams out there and.

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{"duration":"7:58","description":"Host Nick Cannon gives advice on College Signing Day. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"47233257","title":"Celebrating students who are pursuing college education","url":"/Lifestyle/video/celebrating-students-pursuing-college-education-47233257"}