Cooking with chef Stephen Cusato

YouTube's 'Not Another Cooking Show' host Stephen Cusato schools an ABC News producer in the kitchen.
5:39 | 02/18/19

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Transcript for Cooking with chef Stephen Cusato
And continue detonated chicken parts Stevens who's side owes YouTube channel not another cooking show just celebrated its one year anniversary. With a fast growing dedicated fan base he's shows teaching people how to cook. So we decided to drop by his kitchen for his biggest challenge yet teaching meat so here we are too big moment for me. 32 years old I have no idea had to cook. So give him a lost cause there can help me out no I think we're going to be it was such a shape we're making his soda can make it really makes for Valentine's Day this is something that's on the later side. Which is something you why because. You don't know what kind of romanticism. And you. Jack handle whatever exact figure that couple jobs that Rizzo for people at home that don't know where's Toto is. An Italian dictator no worries right sits right this is sort of creamy here dish. Really delicious slimmest topped that with a nice arugula salads and Kristi mushrooms and I think it's work I really well for so let's talk a lot together. That's what must join to us was alone together have again we got our work cut out for us tonight Steve Tommy had a prep the veggies dried mushrooms first. Is reserved for these she turned criminal beat Pam or anything going and you know he's Pam and has to be tough enough for real cooking channel has place we'll or up. The greatest contributor to coat its assault. OK and then we're just can't take some fresh tie and he's confident that. Does human costs she's kind of absorbed spoiled for you may need just kind of get another quick coda and you want them sort of brown I think we're just because he to a 400. Fifteen degree oven and cook and just totally get nice color. He taught me how to chop cut key vote pointed point down down from the board or just looked up the back and don't put your hand if you guessed that way of death. Didn't we got some dried Marchini mushrooms into some hot vegetable stock. Whose drive for change in flavor of the stock and also rehydrate you and take that's not putting it back with the rest of reversible stock just have this sort of mushroom fortified start and then big moment available and tasty my very first slot mushroom. Thank you Mary and it's actually very good you know important trip. This new thing they call much from them love and so we have our rights half hour onion chopped. For Governor Christie mushrooms cooked we got our hydrated dried mushrooms a little bit of white wine that we're gonna use to cook this. And some butter cheese. Next we ended the butter oil and onions has its hands and we're gonna out of the race. And one half and cut look at places I was there we're gonna and. Remove from cooking. And he sent a beautiful. Your new club now he should try it didn't work dozens of cancer brings everything. And I think it actually goes quicker. But when the club and as soon got stuff we're Paul Chapman I think couldn't. None from Lyon has evaporated team and then we got the stock Georgia. A ladle and a half of the time. I'm not concerned. I hope you lake staring because there is a lot of stirring things better be successful does that mean if upset over civil servants long. When they could have just got a couple went and got me delivery is that you have a glass of mind yet to music playing our OK. Can you survive my carnival I would simply you know my phone and it just watch. You know they office are being thrown would on the Valentine thing you gotta create and funnel you the issue cooking with her. Relationship and seeing you cook for those who put these guys and here he 800 machines. Since golf. And after all that staring can talk shut the heat off from. From this burning for the album butter and then start training and parmesan. So I think we can sort of brings them back cougar can get depleted army national green pretty copping to sit on top lenders aren't up. So we've got some overlook. Four of some of these lettuce leaves them there. Pretty. BBB greens Richard add some nice color but look Karen thanks Finland and a shave those ships and there from little action color. We have more friends Chilean that they think they are paying him with just from different frightening conclusions white thread cut and I'm call. When you got some parmesan. Finishes and parmesan Nash. Simon. About half of our roast them Russians and something who all world. I'm just little Paul Simon plays and just kind of a little bit of the journal Clovis solved. And then he was finally time to eat that's a grade eight history that's really good thank you have you know. You minute I didn't mean to offend native Mary supervised but still. I don't think we did anything. That than a normal viewer can. You write and I like your point out keeping things simple and just letting the ingredients talk and it's just such a powerful there's really. The best way to up your cooking and his. Look a little harder for better hundred. Learning couple techniques and party had to do them right and practice. You should be a commission for that anybody with.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"YouTube's 'Not Another Cooking Show' host Stephen Cusato schools an ABC News producer in the kitchen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"61147420","title":"Cooking with chef Stephen Cusato","url":"/Lifestyle/video/cooking-chef-stephen-cusato-61147420"}