Finding the Perfect Flowers for Valentine's Day

ABC News' Amna Nawaz visits City Blossoms with Francesco Bilotto to get a floral demo with owners Karina and Inna.
30:24 | 02/07/17

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Transcript for Finding the Perfect Flowers for Valentine's Day
Everybody. Life here in locked in mid town and now that is just one week the way he's got here and there. And how do we expect that can help you walk through whenever if you eat it ray are residents that wrote. That they had every Valentine's. Well be ready for don't know I'm not here today when you count me out import owners the I mean. And other Ian. He isn't here I have been trying to look. Look at him surrounding her being here gorgeous women balanced and they respect those who is gorgeous gorgeous. They think that anyone thinks. On my day and evening news break it doesn't have to look for it. Yes they're broke because it is the goat too but as an expert that would really want to think beyond the roads or maybe how you can in Dallas those roses. What I love about the blossoms analog networks out there as they see in it to another level with some of these stylistic approaches. With the still graphic progress. That this beautiful architectural sort of deeds go on that it is. And and just doing that simple cuts alone elevated to a more modern it's it's a classic and makes it more current. And I think that's a really nice thing that anyone could try to do but I can refer to your local wars about. Best option at an off of this really really really sophisticated simple but sophisticated and roses. The rate if you're sending flowers to someone at the office. Now I know a lot of people who get flowers in their office don't have room in their cubicles so think about where you're setting those flowers to his well. The only how to type and out of space that might be perfect for them and it's easy it's called on the subway here in New York. Because you know. It more difficult for the talent although impressive yet. We don't want me how how do people go about where they come and they ask for something like this is something to make themselves. And it definitely. A lot of people with a lot of scary that it will be a road. The U. There isn't pertinent. Its choice. Even now Pollard. And you. Let me you order. Isn't Christmas. Eve Pollard. And diversity of markets may get beautiful within your back and you can match colors that you with light. But the mortuaries didn't you aren't yet invented. It to begin the experts an artery right now criteria. Yet it also don't accurately it's important but it's very important. And don't be afraid of thinking outside of what we normally think as beans. Lou Yuri expect flowers card case against the background. And it hurts our integrations are back they had never gone anywhere but there's other ways you can do. Look at them. This court that would be my Valentine. But look at this is stopping these are carnations. He's been able orchids. And I think that is this an absolute stunner affluence and wouldn't you victory. This is. Relatively pretty easy to make it well. And I will show how. Hampton. And Carney he racked. It certainly. I. It really. Beautiful might. And the beautiful effectively. It's it's fair I think what a lot of people live Enid. You. Arrangement and people wonder how the way you. And Philly you some. It's like and get some rest or it won't mean. Yeah. Today I you hate it hate it arrangement we hope property red. The EP three it it human ears please without blue grass that I would be the modern and easy to me to. It. Different path with this arrangement you can't get actually short. And that those who probably US patents it. Do you think it's sort you get them in different. There. We're we're. So that way and actually all the flowers should be Scotland that AIMCO. Like. It. And the reason why this circuit is the parent went on the ankle and our. So beaten me then and an if you see through that alone lonely and found. And me and other car. And leave them. To create. A he picks me. And each literally. You. Clinically it's OK yeah yeah we are creating he has that might agree it is yeah. Oh at home although he's as you have under the sink from other regional and actually make that no right. And all the people that he isn't but it is frozen. If you brats me. And shape cart. It's a little bit buyer and that. Very open for the fact that there is. Something you walk into your something I'd just need to going to happen with the acting very. Local florists will happen is either we regret there reference you crack me you'll can be used in her. And we hope that you found kind wrap around me I'm Ian. The creaky he is analysts though you can do anything in your head yeah. Here. Think this. Sister is grateful for a dinner party for your centerpiece employer. Enemies in the and it what I love about. That the heartened some of the other things police. You know when you buy those flower arrangements must be made these market's there. I think it and a base right at. I've been don't think the constructive and put them a little bit slow but the greens and never know what to do with that woman that that that I actually learn from city blossoms whether that. And then also some of the looping and all of these leads and that's up the other big leagues yet they just you put amenities at home and they don't want it yet. Felt look at this this is specific there's going to be a mind blower okay Randy ready. To get a chair umbrella and not currently are okay asking each track is the heat losing a lot that I'm actually landing in the youth apparently. Decorating the arrangement with. This is why it is that this is being happy producer of a big East Africa. So usually you can't rule it. This way. And he ate very nice accent every statement. Also with you can't do it and went staple yes we think oh yeah. Kids only so yeah I think. And we keep hands. The current bid three and could be a beautiful beautiful accent. Worth its weight and arrangement. Hat to a different accident that was me. And yeah he is he today you get creamy. You're gonna inadvertently read look at it and eat and visit and visit right. The book artists like oh yeah is it. And how yeah. Can't you can't. Agree yeah yeah yeah. Acts on the lives in. Is it like yeah it's an expensive but it looks so expensive when it's finished you know what to tell it to me. It was all about the pain. That's what it is time. To look at it this way that. Pension and yeah we using basically small that he does he think we hear him. Time now live when you do you were apparently behind that we using clear with you show him we do bookcase. European spiral ski can both be their hair and we went straight enemy. That you can keep it could be. Parents of the flowers. I have sometimes been using different. And that he met the we that the we can't yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah finally yeah I act. I love that looks so clean and analysts. And that he did it and tackle them that there isn't it nice and clean and in locker room. And that's we kinda way. Our child but not believe that we. Aren't that good violently. Who will be or with the wild flowers of each and sometimes and it depends on the interior and defense of the clients hope that the client. Who I was many years with Hillary if there's you know there apartments we know what Aaron I like so we can accommodate that and. This little lot isn't even sure that I think he did me felt that the says roses Phyllis that you called earlier designers' choice right. So this as roses civilian work experience this little trick weapons program in an injury that was I think is yes or romantic. And yes I don't have cars. I think you come in he different colors here so we using basically all of them. It coming from pollen that literally. Is collar. A ligament in the figure roughly. I know you're only 32 years ago I opened. I didn't let thirtieth he and happy it not when he fine plot. Yeah because people aren't that Clinton. One I think we celebrate it on. It's poignant if having seen there. Days it seems I've that's actually good ears and you are a bona fide expert. We've definitely come to the reckless yet. OK so I can and if she's so is that he he may not that he EEE eight so easy in. Did we mind is. Eat. It does he. That people it's important that money and the cop in green and make it Collard. So that any change it and I thank you had any day. And Litton. Patton. When it comes that this kind of flowers they have to be not caught because they packed the small cockpit and being blessed with great. Creepy. And that keeps them alive longer and we kind of me. Are here is ridiculous I hate speech came from high. So you think a lot of what. What that he does it the consumer blush. So let Adam if you do and he wrote it and it isn't. Oh more openly oppose it would be content is viewer who a lot of people like that. To get that in this Eaton found actually. That you see quite violently locals over the last longer but each you can't that this. Open roses is nothing wrong with them engines definitely what area. It happens a lot in Valentine's Day two of flowers flowers come in museum on online yet they're lush and they're beautiful they're full and then they get delivered and there's mojo that people don't realize another supposed to open in front user you can and appreciate that Venezuela. Yeah if I remember that at home it's okay if they're a little smaller. So again angle. That we with them is here. We IE when we eat and eat me flower arrangement. Right to malign him. If it's Black Sea and contemporary here is frequently. While Ari yes. A lot different hours. I each week we'll bring you. But when it comes from the small. Only last arrangement. We eat people who happily grumpy. Powers act sleepy. That three different kinds and and Wheatley this arrangement when you see. It's not there. I think my END. Law. Oh and and me. The impression that both the lady right tightening in the middle poses outside so. Let hours. Would it. We see. In small arrangements what you see right. Formula and three eight that the court. All. More. Weeks squares it and I am. That's where we hear you. No not all great. So it can be important if it's via EE. Nice. Our report that can't check them out where apple where you. The injury and act quickly and it's beautiful happen without people he I think it would. Outlaw job. Also using the fact that working arrangement. And this is very easy to do well. Do CD cousin that he didn't. Not if you know. And yeah Atlantic yeah. Why you. Yes get candidates John. I don't fragment water changes. Daryn a little to you with water. We had particularly in Artest. Eat and understand. The latter path they lack it. You on the angle cock and he easy living here. We using it after. It right through it would cost a little bit he. Boulder all of the single handedly went down. Here. If we're to have a tuba look at it provides replica paper snow and I certainly didn't blue route you can view that we act. Paper towel and you can check. With a little bit of ire. Of any eat even now from rose very weak. Can be caught there and we get sick from that record with. Actually. Am book working here. Yeah movie. Quit the issue they are afraid of it out. And you can't use it perfectly to keep him. Because it's not colors is Angela people think about bread and eight rebounds and purple and. There it's not in. What white it's red white is a beautiful. Rested and in sort of like long lasting. Colored hat and to meet with and the red roses obviously possible. On Wednesday may go round that however operate roses are very big granola and mixing white red purple and arrangement I still think yellow roses are beautiful wardrobes are beautiful. But definitely there's a modern gals and guys out there these days. So. The herbal therapy color. Huge tolerance the world is absolutely it's wedding turns purple purple floral. Phoenix again did hit. A brick you don't. Well he's Brad Brad yeah. You as a community. They're there are different I mean obviously don't want anyone captives. You know Eminem might Susan. Let's look act yet but no color I think. This new got to know what your sweetheart likes the of the day and that's that's where the test them that you're sending someone who hates pink and floral. If you're not gonna get another Valentine's date yet. I personally my favorite colors light because I just love that in this. I looked texture I go more protection in color and so something like this were at the elderly rose. Work is ridiculous I dream to all of these. Rich opulent sophisticated morals bunched up in one statement. So Chris so Chris Perry pastor Eddie. Very New York that you hate sitting down with the cats and which is it and then you don't let me give us that you don't need your partner doesn't want. And really wanna give a plant like it or you. Okay and may very simple it lasts a while at the blue monitors the live a more sophisticated it's perfect for yes. The kind of life in the business person who lives. Me maybe even Mary for a very long time maybe she's like Nomar roses here that I think I think something like this is pretty amazing because first the vote. The pussy willows the lack of them were. World like this is enough and other artistic approach Americans that this pilgrims. It's just incredible in this city employer what you want in an office. It's its architectural elements of love the most about it it's it's memorable and probably last a little bit longer than you. Yet it's easy to hear in your treatment or and it's I. They ice we're. Thank you let me. And usually don't need water one IQ instantly that extra act. And in the history to suit the history of certain you really operate a retired about interest earlier. Those are probably. Gosh I think that's in the heavy retailers now carrying them as well but that's a really great. TI as well maybe you have a kid on the wants to make mom or grandma little Valentine's Day. They go to the local florist or are restored pick up some of the globe plans to make it in the last viewed it's obviously here that he lost them they. Pretty magnificent job Cree now once again that not Nasser every day expecting. Being in that yes. And and the care for those whose pretty easy just a couple of sprinkles water this night. Yet. That's when he that this act and the fact. That he's. An art. It's different it's a good at a coffee table that's hardly captures arguments we hear so speaking of here to. Is the best way to victory he. He's our living. Longer is there troops quickly gave her aspirin and water pennies for two seven all sorts of like you're gonna. I've heard so many of these but let. Not living there without we have special foods packaging case moreover this is broad powers. We not using them will make flower arrangement because the content that people knew what it was that these photos it's so that might be. Ultimately NG two weeks for me. He and that is what do you have any idea how they say it again Maria. I and hey hey happy hour and yet but I feel an English. People out of fire when the vehicle. More Lawrence's. Cleveland and local and that's what he if you want to separate add an extra cut well yes except perhaps I'm keep alive its exit meeting your plot just keep. Cannot be found was this is there's. At no well we need a little bit like you that you demonstrate an acknowledgment he had it has to be sharp knife. Am words that there are others are that not everybody in the primary I anybody packed. Night. It's an apparent hot prolong the life indeed. It's good enough it's our responsibility once we get and keep them. Waters also we also happen Lou. I don't want hippie flower pot can see here nothing that can be done what's your favorite lower. You know island frequently really it really isn't just a simple and elegant. I really think your Valentine's there'd be here through early orders weekend. Everything and of course wrote. Yeah. The Atlantic to the bloggers here now. How we keep an assortment. Three could be it. Right he had person you think he knows the actors Brea bakery and or bought nearly. Probably Lee. Very many different kind of light the argued that leave. But there are currently. And this is the eighty very beautiful flowers that hasn't very contemporary line. And it can be used in every arrangement. How is different Collor and that means they have. I mentioned with the arrangement we bend them we him with. Help from them. Mary Mary Mary Mary. And I think a lot of people up is belittling. The rain there. I like a flower. I am yeah. Our view apparently how. Is it. And what about Thursday is also a time of the year were I think people getting these what's the best alone or perhaps you have story. Hiring. A rose account only that many pay. Elliott let everybody in the ring yeah. Whatever power it is to be here. I didn't know growth probably would be the easiest way. And you can't even. And well prepared. EC thinking not lead to. Automated up but I know everybody at the end after he gave him Christmas New Year's and Valentine's I think I think yet read parents again so delinquents. If you think about popping the question. Let me borrow your diamond ring from living. Data and you might for yes you when you it to the people coming team that it. This. Plan he had Wednesday and I o'clock. Pacific time. I can't legally gotten that night consultation. We eat again I mean I was getting in yeah Aaron. Elaborately it upon. Can he not engagement proposal on a rooftop. With the aid scenery at all. This beautiful CE. What is land there and all of that way opt with the growth at all. That was in the evening and that was still beautiful and it's my favorite me forever act. And while no. Carrier yeah FBI. Yeah me yeah there it's. What can. He and another after after the flowers. Have gone. What do we make them live a little bit longer. Do you view dry here pedals that are. Massive does that I mean for me I know for roses I'll put them in an ice cube tray then drop a rose and each one and then freeze them and that'll serve it was like champagne or. We oh with and rose water in it got to do the spot but that's what way if you know. And then also over here Kapalua. People that outbreak. So Valentine's days another's identity. Taking over there thinking here. Room or get together to celebrate duly little dinner party. So this is an easy way career that you can. Their own party in minutes. It's really ask me just grab some canned all people are arrangements beautifully acted treatments little touches here and ask me. Make it through interviewing your eye scans service that is. Stunning egg show Alley but walk through some of the deep density is adding a lot of people like me would look at that they acted inevitable. I'm very clean them. That color blocking the ego is more expensive. Once again personally I think of them liked most expensive. If that's your zealotry. And that's a romantic sort of there friendship but. It's has like Bill Campbell. Nothing ones and good bottle of Kennedy and candlelight so that definitely definitely. Going back you know what makes a great after the hour. Three vote you're arrangement. You know everyone is. Sort of a professional photographer these days here there radio some of the extra fees. Just filled with beautiful boat builders are apparently taking that picture if both. Flowers. It is what I do is then put them. I can either send them to like us afterwards or freeing them you are now. You know factory wherever the flower arrangement that list for ever play the memory of who it's from its part here. Meaning it lives forever. You've got a good facilities galleries and as these beautifully abstract problems aren't yet just flower arrangements though it is so. Point point we're expecting. Where it is sort of are. So great great ways you. Can keep the limitless. Yes. Look any text and it at least now. Don't week the last minute when it the last minute. Even when it point Zoellick. Order your clothes. The world at last I am getting it began the best but I know that happens. At least report is and it can't be grains. It just gives you are cops gives you more parity. That the liberty and people ordering at. First comforts there were submitted you aren't what it there will be and I remember in the evening of February 18 it. Which you. Apparently acne it's great to different lines. I managed to history made its debut. Is usually. EP. There. I'm thinking you're calling the board asked what they recommend regular. Your college team. Or keep plant lately it's beautiful. Long acting right the it read coming beautiful views. Us. That way. I. I just a little bit. You know of course obviously because dinner at them in your personalized my homecoming game and as that. Yeah. Yeah. What many parts of the restaurant at a time you log entry and now and actually aware of the local governments and. And what you guys want Valentine's Day because. People are having this business assuming your husbands are gonna figures will flowers that you just. But beware if Pratt getting. It doesn't members. You know link accurately than you conference. Luckily I was it's not surprising thing you know. That's not how many silently validating its aren't up aren't getting powers. When you look. Yes. Roll up a couple of months. Ago. And an arrangement. But implicated are. Correct that I'm. Flower bouquets. My fear moderated and laughed along. And yeah. I'm like laurel. The the. Well. And is the right way yeah. But. There's no reason. Officers. Thank you. Up here and in the Motley I don't go. And eyes were unhappy ballot he learned one thing today tunnel out only your order. And you yeah. I have my favorite experts. And they get creative. Three day weekend.

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{"id":45326702,"title":"Finding the Perfect Flowers for Valentine's Day","duration":"30:24","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz visits City Blossoms with Francesco Bilotto to get a floral demo with owners Karina and Inna. ","url":"/Lifestyle/video/finding-perfect-flowers-valentines-day-45326702","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}