Inside look at how diamonds are cut

Tour the Ritani Diamond Factory in New York City to see how stones are cut, as well as how to find the right diamond for your proposal.
17:52 | 12/07/17

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Hey everybody down and not here we're live in midtown Manhattan I've got Josh marrying as the VP of a company called tiny hosting us here thanks for having thanks for being here. Here's the deal it's not just holiday season it's also in key agencies and which I did not it was a thing. But this is all right look nearly half engagements happened between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day you guys deal. In high end jewelry and so your Eric walk us through that yes actually I don't kind of everything happens behind curtains if you wealth cell. From the rough diamonds here that we have over here. All the way to India finished product. Here that guy that there who are now looking for those rings for its special women in your life for women are looking for a special rings for your partners. This is the thing you do not get to see here's what you need to know before you go out and buy your readings in the next few weeks expect you to DO so let's start over here now exactly. Exactly Asus what makes her tiny union we actually customize every product that we have. Everything we have is made to USA. As such he made to order sort she pouring metal every day. Which is very unique from our competition where they just pull product off the shelf and just put in honoring this is what we're gonna show you behind the scenes yourself. If you would he would have rough diamonds. He can see this gentleman over there is actually marking these diamonds up. And creating a cat drying right over here in a corner. So we're doing is actually trying to maximize. The cut at the time and with enough rough. We wanna lose you know rough diamond in an epic you can interpret such it yet is it plays very tough battle so this is just this is incredible the model a model and so we make models of a larger pieces are roughly just so they can make that catchings and there's that don't make a misstatement actually cut right so they try and try again because once again if you mess that up. It's hundreds if not millions of dollars. Speaking of hundreds of them millions of dollars but let's not try to you may have noticed I'm not dressed in my usual author's entire. Rich Connie has passed not allowed me actions say to Wear some the product that they had here this is the stunning stunning thing agreeing to support his necklace if you're watching on base but. They want you yes. Just guess what eating carrots price and if you guess right you win right Josh. Yeah you don't get to keep it it right but Tom we can we can talk about off line a discussion we'll talk about it later case is this is a model gets cut. In that way it dads and that's actually these are actually real pieces of Raff here. He sizzle that smalley here and what we do is we actually then majored out exactly hours any cut and then we actually kind of laser. As I'd be hard to see but that's actually a black in you know basically what's left over after laser cuts this piece a rough time. Think it like a piece of wood he just ingredient right at least as black mark. And so takes expert publishers we're gonna see your pretty soon to show you what I returned this. This is incredible. And it is as you sit down with a laser and it doesn't get more precise and relatively new technology coming up for Tommy uses technology whether it's you know are seen sort purchase it seems to preview we do as we use technology it basically guarantee that local user. To the local retailers has won anything extra time Roubini is we each have over 200 local Jewelers were with us. Seeking instead of just buying them online at picking up at your business here house. Which of a local reach we can go in and tried on if you like the prodding him. Buy it if not you walk away this is one of the great things about gonna put this back here. About buying something special like this yet people don't just let me go in the store and pick something off the shelf they ordered work with someone develops something you are you seeing that more and more that this that we are as you can see and hear now we're showing different shapes yourself. It used to be where everyone used to get around it now rounds are still the most popular however. 50% of the other time in tutored me cough etiquette patents are now the second most popular cuts matter fact number two is here's wishing that diamond. Here that's exactly what prince hairy and engagements to miss mark on likely keep it relevant to the new site go out there and I happening there. And then around is still the most popular still the most popular that class at. Yet classic and the average price for that person catering is use your ballot 6000 dollars. Yet so it's it's not clear that we feel people are together a bit longer is there stating that special moment. And to show that here we can see here's actually what appears to have carried up to one Karen. Three cared all the way up to a ten carat diamond now. There might be one of those on your necklace or wearing you know net up. Pressure at all yeah lock very very carefully through this office and so the average size is actually right in between here about one point she cares to average sizing each coming percent of rated between the right there beside me wanting to you yap so. These to the building blocks re the first things first decision you'd have to make when you putting together something custom and that's that most people go where you go from here let's go to the polishing this is actually analysts witness that ray machine if you well to what the man can do with the craftsmanship that's. Right. Mills being very careful walking backwards and here I believe this is part of the business Nolan gets to see how it actually all of its eight we're going in I hear at what is happening. All right. Q and as well you go ahead please come on in this way. All right. The hum of work and the sparkle of diamonds everywhere where are we now we're actually in the polishing room. And this is where at his predecessor that expert craftsmanship every time he's very proud about. There were able actually show yourself as you see this gentleman over here is working on hang out polishing. That is real is actually made of diamonds you know that outside of a lazy the only I think at a time and is at a time so as you can see he's working away on its wheels. You'll spend weeks if not months has no baking this what's perfect. It takes years to get to this chair. And it's one of the last few back to say true apprentice master craftsman ships in America. Is not something you can study in school and then learn how to do this is something. This kill people acquire over a decade of the war that's exactly right it's exactly they're very proud of their work and this is like. A true artist. If you well I mean every dime in his unique is everybody knows and this is how he makes you need and you look at this look at what he's doing there is just amazing. Patients. I mean can you imagine that patients it takes to sit there for weeks and just make it perfect on that polishing and that is. Weeks again on a single stone thank can be spent that way I just gonna take a closer look now at these machines because for all the high tech talk about laser is. Oh really on in the last ten years coming into this this seems like a pretty old fashioned instrument reducing here right. It is it is it's very we got the same old school right. And it's you still need to have this partition this is craftsman behind behind the scenes it would perfecting that and that's what are our customers really lovely. Is that we do this with every single ring that we make. There every time he's looking through it now we're just taking a what are we doing you're taking a closer look at to make sure your polishing every angle on rain. We have to be excellent fathers. And also the accident scene being. Heavy comment because. I'm looking at no lines to be left. And jump on this facets of the and like this. The cutting area that I was beginning it's different the colors. And that's caught the diamond and having them finished with a facet. I go over the palace nonsensical the lines and that meal is made its Diehl Bryant view and an old soul. Who putts again one to different parts of diamond out of alignment. Among them how that goes on this. And reinforced its instability and an accident that caught the diamond. And then. On the palace and part of it people of the defining. How the I'm tired also but now the strongest this month because you don't want to put too much in the palace. You finished cutting get killed when a palace that you don't want it cut anymore. But through the content with the kind build outings to different kind sensitive. That they so let me show you. It's. By the media haven't we can't as an example of the wheel at a here. That that goes over here and put him he spends about 3500 students from minutes. That's how fast it goes. So how long have you been doing that. I'm forty years forty here. How is this the family business added you get into it and president moved to a family yes. And run nom I'm my own both. Family members pulled his the line that he. It. Real Kraft is and it. We're gonna let you get back to you got the island's future sharing your hands there. Defense Devi diamond. And doesn't get bullet you. Everyone needs. Would put itself every dime that. You make a lot of people happy radio or they eat so much for your time. So this is the polishing room dad right into the next that you've got is building blocks. He comes here it comes from Pakistan ranks yet cracked thank craftsmanship. And it's this phenomenon he can see what he's doing that we just. It's it's it's a wonderful tradition we bring. So what happens next here we'll come joint. Undergo. Senator and these are the fish products on Iraq over to this society. You can see what we actually it would turn those diamonds and you hear in his letter and it comes to an excuse is essentially happened between. Definitely so he can see several of these handcrafted rings the assemblies are actually going out to customers here in the next couple days I'll all the around the United States. Not which is just amazing so. We have everything here from halo cents to step aside they gets admirals very popular animals announced that a third most partnership straight times very country Hepburn. I fueling it and here we have some of the halo sent this actually going out I believe he's going to be proposing here next week. I already have their own story and that's where another retire customers modest because its role in Pasadena of the product that we bring to them just somethings and so special. Consumers got your let's just walk if we're talking about the catering to a special. It's entering here yet you talked about the size Audi seat price point to shape what else should people be asking what did you looking for great question says about the foresees its all around the clarity and cut. And cut as well actually the most important is a treat the sparkle. And you can tell what the craftsmanship you saw back there the amount of labor advocate making that cut to make it just perfect and ideal cut to really reflect the light. If not it just looks like a piece class. On Dexia color and so color scales are very hard to see on camera. And and a here. Here's actually color where he can see that this was kind of in the mid color range all the way down to what they call color Z. And so this economy color diamonds that look a little bit now. Something I don't wanna wanhatten and endangering them out of something it could be used in another piece of jewelry so immediate if that's your style which went ago for that's what you wanna go for the it's different price point moderates on an easy offer more CNET columnist and your colors range tend to be the most popular and finally the last of course is care wait. And Kerry which you saw earlier attack accurate scale going up to point five all the way to ten it varies. I'm very much different sizes but one point two terrorists have yet still is. About the average and wouldn't be securities examples adding it's drinks come in all different styles yes it's not just classic rock and van betrayal it's not these are different engage rinks here. The BC are different styles so. Matter of fact I could bring in mind. Had a merchandising react so talk about some of the trends as one. Three you for having me to tell us little that some of these trends. Absolutely a starting levee here is caring teacher earnings. See a lot of very little T bird site stones at adds a little bit more of a personalized touch that's not completely straight bands. There fancy centers admirals. Halos are most popular especially trending now in a time she turned hopefuls. And on flooded as popular as one of the most popular around at all it I noted that are coming in terms of like. Fashion and trends and it's the flying in the cameras tell us just to rattle but down but. We also have some of these east to last with fancy shapes that are trending slow steady friend you have very unique very different in that. We'll be looking for something different unique any can't we. Working with someone like returning people can make those decisions absolutely angle that we absolutely. Insane but to make anything happen. Indelible ends early turning as well and are also seeing an uplift an attorney and it's kind of replacing the N featuring ex pats looked more playing really. They have kind of an upcoming trends and then give a compare them if they want they can do like that as Al and I mean I mean there's nothing more courageous writing. I mean let's say it's an opposite guys if you wanna do it one point nine diamonds gold for it that's what we're here we're not gonna thing it's cancer you know reading now and then over here it's not just about in catering separate people early holiday shopping and this time a year to. Talk to me about some idiot thinks that had hear what's popular these days so we have here is are stacking angles. He's always find very late easy to put on. Mix jumped stones rubies backfires and some diamonds. We're very ants are geometric shapes apparent Huntley and he's very trendy right entities a lot of his backing to drain and the matter now I really like the clinking sound when I read Thomas up. Not just that would look like and they can always do exactly. Now we have these cute little stocking stuffer is of little sayings on them forever love Islam instantly grabbed her. Little quick shopping guests kinkle wrong. Can't currently doing it got all he can act. So here we have this little convertible rang its interlocking. Has little rolling pendant. And if you add on a chain you can also wearing Hazmat grants options options that but aren't the real deal that is absolutely stacking is really huge trends that's lovely and then it got some other things that yes they would react. So we have more geometric shapes of these little rolling dependents are really and it's. The organic movement. Playing off the sheets and adding some diamonds and centers. A lot of playing good like sheep and like geometric seems really speak to raise huge it's huge feels really organic as a little flare featured Hillary. McLemore trends in modern and that. We love to doing a local simply Amma diamonds are here we have black diamonds. Because the kind of more of elegance to women not so kind of trendy to talk about about different colored diamonds to exit here a lot more about that is. So. Well once I don't that a trained they had a ladder apparently a huge trend fair fashion jewelry. We see kind of ending featuring some Josh does best. And yellows. And king executes. Him in thanks to. Yes I think it goes back to that the personalization and customization effort on Israel known for we have all the colors of the rainbow so to speak out we can pull those out for yet at least you know. They're they're they're gorgeous so we actually sold a couple weeks ago I've really fancy color blue stone and so we do customer quest for all of our customers yeah back. And that few other things you're gonna take a quick look at highlight that you can treatment they can make again the more customizable work at pier rockets and so here we have her little to stone. Necklace. And I mean these are really cute. For holiday and a look at also do for you is if you wanted you can add ons these if you three tenants yet. Full. GOP's are stuck at a Tommy isn't my fees so this is a little's. Hampton blue cocktail ring and has little rose gold trend has a geometric cheaper on the he alone some diamonds. To frame it I think it's released on its angry playing there she not just about the color and playing with sheep and again I geometric kind of shape coming. And a little heart she sapphire. Some makes sapphire and diamond and playing off the speed and look that's really trending right now. These are really huge for us right now. Options are and list here's anyone interested knowledge this. Go to rich Johnny's website you can start there right and you guys partner with 200 it's been does not dismissal small mom and pop stores get the best of both worlds but online shopping that you also have this want this to customize appears before we go. Am I going to be at their guessed correctly dare I even let's talk about this us. It's six carriage I'm total carat weight loss centers on the you have there with two tapered big gets tougher talker with around seven carats. Two on at what price do you yeah. Hot that's been set you back about a quarter million dollars. Advocates of the very well cut and actually it's a near flawless diamond by the way. So as to clarity that's at the very edge of the scale it's pretty pretty trees. I'm scared to ask them about the necklace. I bet some years version went out there just a hundred carats and guess what those are primary you're right. That's that's exactly. You win the next plan. I'm up quite know how. No no it's going to be at. That is one of our special extraordinary items are taken right around just rambling now so I'm gonna go had to take these off and put them back in a safe place I think you so much out there for joining Esther Rea over here thank you Josh Thomas thinks happened has really appreciate it. Really appreciate it hope you appeared. Now blisters arrangement. Guys good luck with your holiday shopping Dick getting engaged congratulations. To issue a wonderful season of love and thanks for watching.

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{"id":51648044,"title":"Inside look at how diamonds are cut","duration":"17:52","description":"Tour the Ritani Diamond Factory in New York City to see how stones are cut, as well as how to find the right diamond for your proposal. ","url":"/Lifestyle/video/inside-diamonds-cut-51648044","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}